Okay this is my first story so if you want me to continue please say so.



''Mom, you can't make us do this, please!'' me and my twin sister Alice pleaded our Mom Renee.

''We are all going to spend the day at the Cullen's place. This is kind of the reunion for Esme and me and Charlie and Carlisle. Now go down to your room and unpack. Emmet will help you build your beds.'' She said.

Uhhh. Whatever. This is what is happening. We moved from Phoenix to Forks.

Curious why?

My Dad and Mom decided they should move back to the town they both grew up in. We just to live here but we moved when we were 3.

The Cullen's are our family friends. What my mom told me and my twin brother and sister Alice and Emmett is that we just to love hanging out with the three Cullen kids: Rosalie, Edward, and Jasper. But of course we don't remember.

''I can't believe this!'' Alice said "We were going to go shopping at Port Angeles to get things to decorate our room and now we have to go tomorrow and hang out with people that we don't know.''

''Calm, Alice. I'm just as sad as you. Now let's get our things unpack.''

We made our way to our room and opened the door. Only to find out twin brother opening our boxes of clothes.

''EMMETT! What are you doing?'' I practically yelled at him.

''I was looking for..umm..some of my stuff. I though that I had accidentally put them in your clothes boxes.''

''Nice try Emmett. I would kill you, but I am just soo upset so we are not. Just help us build our beds.'' Alice told him.

''Ali, Belly (Not like your belly just a nickname) I can't.'' he said.


''Because I have to build my own, so just sleep in your sleeping bags'' he said.

With that he just left I turned to stare at Alice, her face will be funny if I just wasn't as mad at him right now. I went to pat her hair and she looked annoyed, not at me, but at Emmett.

''Ali, lets just get our sleeping bags, okay? Tomorrow dad will have to help us.''

''Fine, but he is going to pay, I don't know how or when. But look at them mess he made and now he just walks away without helping us. What a bad big brother.''

That night we got our sleeping bags and slept. That day I had a dream. The next day I just remembered a boy. No, a baby boy he was cute and I was there too, with Emmett and Alice and two other babies. One girl and another boy. Whatever.

Suddenly Alice was screaming and jumping up and down. Typical Alice, but if I remembered she was so upset yesterday and now she is so happy?......

''What, Alice?'' I asked, a little excited.

''I know how both of us can go shopping today, but without getting into trouble.'' she said. I was happy!!

''I need to make a phone call.''

Was all she said and went out of the room screaming ''MOM''

I sighed. I was mad she didn't give me a clue. I followed her and saw that Alice was at the phone with my Mom at her side looking happy..?