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Chapter One

Six months ago Kagome had gone missing.

The group had been battling Naraku and his minions, for what seemed like the hundredth time, and to be completely honest it could have been. The group had lost count a long time ago instead they just went through the actions of the fight, praying to the Kami's that they all survived and finally best the hanyou who plagued them, but somewhere deep down they knew they would fail yet again.

In the midst of the fight, Kagome had been taken. At first no one noticed, but once all the limbs had fallen and the blood had settled it was obvious to the small group of friends that an important part of them was missing, and that part was Kagome.

It had all happened simple enough, a few well-placed tricks and illusions by Naraku and then the sweet miko was gone. He had tricked Inuyasha by threatening Kikyous life, dangling her suffocating body in front of the white haired hanyou. He had tricked the demon slayer using her brother as a pawn, and with her lapse of judgment and clarity the hanyou fooled the monk and fire cat to follow after her. They all left Kagome to stand alone in the middle of a battle, out of arrows and severely winded. She screamed, but was met with nothing.

Her friends were so caught up in the pain that surrounded them they failed to notice the small miko backing away frantically from the hanyou they all thought they were fighting. Her hands held before her she screamed when no pink light came forth, instead of her name shouted in fervor like normal when she called for help, she was answered with a cold chuckle from Naraku.

And then she was gone.

Naraku's laughter faded into the distance, the last wave of lesser youkai surging forward to distract the small band of friends just long enough for Naraku to disappear.

When the last youkai fell, his body splitting in two and falling to the ground in a bloody heap did they notice;

No Kagome.

With worried screams and hasty accusations the group shot off in all directions, searching for their lovable miko. Their searches lead far into the night, farther than any of them would have normally dared to walk alone. As the night carried into morning they had fallen to their knees in exhaustion but didn't dare sleep, not until they found her.

The group searched for weeks, only stopping occasionally to sleep and eat. With the same results as always, no Kagome. They were heartbroken, they had lost her for what seemed to be forever.


The group now traveled in a heavy silence, it hung over their heads every day reminding them of what they had lost. They decided to keep on their quest, the undead priestess leading them through the dense forest. She hardly spoke, the words that left her mouth were cold and lifeless only telling them where to go. They missed her, they missed Kagome. They missed her laughter and the way that when they camped she would fret if everyone was alright and comfortable. They missed her unique foods and the way she would play a game with them whenever it was safe enough to run around their small camp without fear of being attacked. They missed her unconditional love and compassion and the way she forgave and gave everyone a chance.

The thought of Kagome spurred them forward, it gave them hope that they would be as happy as they were with her once again. It had been six months, six long and trying months. They themselves were shocked to find out how much had changed, the way that they had changed.

They were starting to heal, they started to joke around again and share stories about their favorite miko. They smiled together but deep under the surface they all felt the pain of her absence knowing full well that it was their faults to some extent.

"Do you think we have enough food?" Sango leaned forward, searching through the big yellow backpack, she was merely seeking a way to break the silence that pulled on all of them uncomfortably.

Inuyasha was resting against a tree with Kikyou mere inches away from him, their hands rested against one another gently but hardly touching.

"Keh, probably." Inuyasha shrugged, eyeing Sango as she continued to dig. "Don't worry about it, if we need more I'll just go kill something."

Sango nodded, leaning back again with a sleeping bag pressed against her back, she was waiting till it was time for sleep, until it was safe to escape the deafening silence. The air was charged with something, it was comforting but still very exciting. No one could understand what it was, but it told them somethingwas coming.

Shippou was the first one to notice it, the smell. It was familiar, it was pleasant and soothing. It was . . . motherly. Without a word or thought Shippou got up and shot off into the forest, a hopeful smile tearing across his face. Quickly Shippou headed towards the scent that filled his dreams and kept him from crying at night.

Barreling through the forest, breathing hard in hope and excitement the small kitsune saw a woman in a midnight blue kimono sitting against a tree, he stopped dead in his tracks in order to stare at the beauty in front of him.

Her midnight black hair fell past her shoulders; the blue shine lit up when the moonlight reflected off of it. Her face was perfect; she had large lips that fit on her face with closed eyes Shippou knew were light blue. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight contracting sharply with the dark kimono was one the royals wore, form fitting but light. Shippou knew this woman, he knew her well.

It was Kagome.

Shippou suddenly flooded with joy, his eyes started to pool as he took the steps he needed to get closer to the woman who he had missed so dearly. Shippou was just about to open his mouth and speak, to see if it was all real. His eyes trailed down her face and neck, landing on the bulge in her stomach. "Kagome?"

Turning her head and gifting Shippou with the smile he had only been able to dream about, Kagome spoke. "Shippou, are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to help a pregnant me to her swollen feet?"

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