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Dutchess age 5\

'The sun beat down on my hair. Feeling the warmth of a summer breeze. The rays descending upon my body. The waves a distance memory. Thy shall not wonder. H-'

A bucket of water splashed all over my face, smudging my poem.

"Hey!" I yelled angrily. I lived at an orphanage and was sitting under a tree in the backyard. No one talks or even looks at me.

I looked up to see Nate and Zach laughing at me they didn't even realize I could hear them. "Dude, nice one!" Zach said gasping for air.

"I know what a freak!" They were going to pay for that.

I stood up. "Don't call me a freak." I whisper-yelled at them.

"Oh, what was that? I didn't see anyone."

That's it.

I couldn't take people treating me like this anymore.

I raised my hand like I used to do back in the circle.

"Nate, now she's like some bitchy wizard." We'll see who the bitchy wizard is after this. Dark clouds loomed into the sky filling it with blackness.

"Um, Zach what's goin on?"

Ms. Evenary walked out side to look at the sky. She then looked over at us.

"Don't mess with me," my voice was filled with venom. Lightning came and hit my hand. Then shot out striking Zach in the chest. He flew back yards hitting the orphanage wall with a thunk.

Zach didn't get back up.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!!?" Ms. Evenary yelled at me.

Who said a girl didn't know how to play?

I am five years old.

Born, lived, and driven.

I was a mental killer. I could just kill people with out even wanting to.

Get me mad your dead.

Ms. Evenary ran inside and came back out with an older guy, around 17 maybe. He ran and tackled me to the ground. "Let go of me." I warned.

The anger was too much for me to hold on too.

I exploded.

Fire filled the air.

I got up.

And ran.

Dutchess age 10\

Five years later I am at another home. I was adopted two months ago. The family has a dad and six boys.

Dad: Matt – Age: 45

Brother 1: Andrew – Age: 13

Brother 2: Eric – Age: 14

Brother 3: Stephen – Age: 12

Brother 4: Drake – Age: 10

Brother 5: Mitchell – Age: 15

Brother 6: Brendan – Age: 17

I sat in my room looking at the night sky out the window. Five years ago on this day I blew up an orphanage. Killed 100'ds of kids. Ruined lives, dreams, and hopes.

Stephen walked into my room. "Hey Dutch, dinners ready." In the family Stephen was the nicest one.

I walked down the stairs three minutes after Stephen left. I always wore black in mourning to everything I caused. A plum collar around my neck and wrists. (Picture is like from the movie Orphan (in Google put orphan movie or go to this address).) (fanfiction wont let me put up the whoel adress so go to google put in Orphan movie and you can see her collars on her neck and wrists.)


"Hey, you're late by three minutes!" Matt teased. I looked at him straight in the eye and then sat down not even making a creaking sound from the floor boards.

Today they were having spaghetti. Today I was having again; nothing.

"Why aren't you eating?" Questioned Eric. He worried too much for his own good.

I just sat there staring at all of them. I never had said a word since I met them. They don't even know what my voice sounds like.

"Dutchess, you have to eat something." Andrew sighed. I got up to leave.

"Wait a minute!" Eric grabbed for my wrist. The force between us made my wrist collar come off in his hand. Looking down at my wrist you could see deep cut marks from where I tried to kill myself. I could never live knowing I killer 100 of people. "What?" I could hear Eric whisper.

All the other brothers had crowded around me making escape impossible. "Get away from me." I whispered.

I snatched back my wrist collar and ran to my room shoving them out of the way.

Eric POV

I grabbed for her wrist. Something came off in my hand. I looked down to see her wrist collar.

I always wanted to know why she wore them. I looked at her wrist. I could see deep cut marks all over them.

"What?" I whispered shocked. I didn't even know her that well and I already feel like she's my sister. "Get away from me." I heard her whisper. My brothers were all crowded around us. She pushed us all away running up to her room.

"Dad?" I asked turning around for the fist time.

"Did you know?" My dad was sitting in his chair looking shocked as we were. "Did you hear her voice thought? Even in a whisper I could tell she could sing." Brendan our musically talented brother told us.

Drake POV

Ever since I even saw Dutchess I loved her. Even though she is my sister. So being the lover boy I am, I walked up to her bedroom.

Opening the door I could see her figure shaking on the window sill. "Hey are you ok?" I asked kneeling beside her.

She looked at me with her Ocean blue eyes. "Do I look ok?" She asked in her musical voice.

She got up and turned to me. 'Do you want to know the truth?"

I nodded my head at her.

"This may take a while." She took my hand and dragged me down stairs.

Mitchell POV

I heard Drake coming back down the stairs. What surprised me most was Dutchess dragging him down the stairs.

They both sat down in the lounge.

"Sit." She told all of us. Our dad left to go for a walk after seeing her wrists.

Once all of us were seated she began. "Do you want to know the truth?"

We all nodded. "Fine."

"Seven years ago my family was killed." I stiffened which made Dutchess look over at me. "Let me clear this up for you then. Seven years ago I killed my family. I discovered a power I couldn't control, so I was sent to an orphanage. Did you hear about the orphanage exploding five years ago?"

"Yeah, what does that have to do with this?" Andrew wondered out loud.

You could barley hear her but a faint word escaped her mouth 'Everything.'

"Five years ago I was writing a poem, the same poem than is hung on my bedroom wall. Two boys named Zach and Nate decided it would be fun to throw water on the freak so they did. It ruined my poem and that's why the beginning is hard to read. It was soaked in water. So anyways, um…after that happened I got mad at Zach for calling me a bitchy wizard so I shot him with lightning and he got knocked into the wall. Died on the spot.

Ms. Evenary got a 17 year old boy to tackle me but I was so angry that I exploded killing all 125 kids and adults at the orphanage."

We all stared at her in shock. This little fragile ten year old was a killer. "What's under your neck collar?" I asked since we already saw her wrist.

She got up. I was thinking she was going to run to her room but she actually started taking off more collars I never even knew she had.

She removed …

The Left wrist collar we already new about.

A write wrist one.

Both leg collars.

And her neck collar.

All revealing deep cut marks. The neck one was the most painful to look at. And deeper and she would have been dead.

"And know you know." Dutchess pulled back on all her collars and walked away to her room.

Two A.M.

Dutchess POV

I gathered all my things in a small suitcase. Good bye Rogers' family and thank you for everything.

I passed Matt's room. I could hear him snoring. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Grabbing a water bottle in the dim light I filled it with water, took other snacks, and snatched survival gear. This in my case was an Army knife and backpack.

Turning around to grab some paper to write them a note I saw shadows lingering in the hallway.

I stood motionless waiting for them to leave. But they never did; they were waiting.

I peaked around the corner to see all the brothers: Andrew, Mitchell, Drake, Eric, Brendan but no Stephen.

I felt a cool hand cover my mouth and snake around my waist.

Stephen pulled me into the basement with all the boys following.

Stephen let go of my mouth but pulled my onto his lap so I couldn't get away. "Why?"

They new I was running away. "Because." Was my smart answer back.

"Because is not an answer Dutch." Eric pointed out.

"What are you, my teacher?" I shot back.

I tried to get up to make a dash for is but Stephen's arm around my waist was too tight. "Why?" Drake asked again. "I don't belong here."

"Yes you do!" Drake yelled at me causing looks of confusion to cross the brother's faces. "Do I?" I asked truthfully.

While they were distracted I shot up knocking over Eric in the process and ran.

I could hear their voices yelling after me. I will meat you again, I promise.

Dutchess Age 13/

I stood in line to get a ferry pass. Today I would be seeing my fake uncle. I couldn't wait. He was my father's best friend and didn't even know I was alive when my family died.

"Hello Sweetheart, how can I help you?" Asked a lady in her mid forties. "Can I please have a pass to the next ferry going to New York?" I asked in a sweet little girl's voice.

"Sure Honey. Where are your parents?"

"There dead and I'm going to see my uncle." I told her not even breaking eye contact.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sure. That will just be $35."


I got my pass and sat down to an elderly looking man.

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