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Prompt: "The toilet has never flushed louder then when you sneak home drunk and try to avoid your parents hearing you puke."

Requester: fortuneladyicey on LiveJournal/w nymph on FFNet

Series: Eyeshield 21

Clean Toilets are Such a Blessing, Aren't They?

Kobayakawa Sena had always known that joining the Deimon Devil Bats football team would have led him into situations he had never experienced before. Indeed, they had never failed to drag him into something new.

He never thought that their exploits would lead him to meeting face-to-face with his own toilet, however.

It had all started after a particularly hard match had resulted in a hard-earned victory. Both teams had gotten together afterwards for an aftergame celebration...and after Hiruma had brought out the punch, everything had gone woozy.

Leave it to Hiruma to spike the punch "just for fun," as he had remembered the blond-haired demon cackling to an inebrieted Mamori as she downed another cup, giggling. Knowing him, he had done so to get more blackmail for his Devil's Handbook-as if he had needed more, Sena wryly mused as he knelt over the sparkling white toilet in his bathroom.

He had never truly appreciated how clean his mother kept their toilets until the point came that he had to meet it face to face. He felt slightly guilty with defacing it, but, the toilet had probably seen worse than the undigested contents of his stomach, right? It had probably seen, well...the undigested contents of his and other's stomachs on multiple occasions. This should have been nothing new, right?

At least this toilet got treated specially well. There were other toilets out there stuck in appalling conditions-Sena felt like puking again just thinkng about them, and indeed, he let lose another round of the liquefied remains of his dinner-how much had he eaten? Surely not this much...

Regardless, it was probably best to flush the toilet before the smell got out...and he did so.

The toilet let out a loud, gurgling roar as everything inside it's bowl was forced down with a rush of swirling water, the sound seeming to echo in the teflon-coated surfaces of the bathroom. It rattled in his ears and made his head feel as if someone had slammed a pair of cymbals right next to it. He had never heard it so loud before...his parents were sure to hear.

"...you've had enough, haven't you," Sena whimpered quietly inside the toilet bowl. "You're totally getting back at me for all the stuff I've dumped in you, arent you? Hiiiie~...I'm really sorry! Honest!"

The toilet only let out a noise that sounded almost like an ominous gurgling chuckle as the puke was finally forced down the U-bend.

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