"Good morning!" the lecturer said chirpily once all the students had filed into the room.

Elphaba raised an eyebrow at the not-before-noon tone of voice that had breached standard etiquette protocol, and wondered if this woman could handle the group. Only five of them showed up - apparently Toscano's parents would rather pull him out of Shiz than force their precious son to get along with anyone different than himself. She didn't care, though. One down, three to go.

Violet Eyes, Elphaba didn't know her name, was sitting in the very back left corner of the room, a cast covering her broken arm. Elphie had to hide a smirk at that. Violet Eyes deserved a broken arm.

Mavery Winston appeared to be fine, but Elphaba had noticed her limping when she walked in. And Celix, the only boy in the room, had a bandaged forehead. It served them all right.

"Now, the first thing I want you all to do is write down what happened, in your own words, and hand it in to me. If you need paper or pencils, come get them. Begin now."

All five students started writing, and roughly ten minutes later they'd all finished.

The professor collected and read them all, then handed two back. "Miss Azine, you'll need to rewrite your account without the use of profanity. As well as you, Miss Elphaba."

Galinda's jaw dropped slightly. "Elphie! Really?" she scolded in a whisper. "Profanity?"

Elphaba just snickered and quickly rewrote her account, handing it back when she was through. Azine, so that was her name, did mostly the same, but without a snicker. She just looked angry.

"Miss Galinda, you've written that you were walking back to your room from class when four students pushed you into the wall, is that correct?"

Galinda blushed and nodded, wishing she could hold Elphie's hand.

"And Miss Mavery, you've written that Miss Galinda was provoking you with insults about your mother?"

Galinda gasped, more scandalized than she could ever remember being. "That's a lie!" she shrieked, on the verge of panic, tears welling up in her eyes. "I don't even know her mother!" She did not want to cry. Not in front of these bullies.

Elphaba stood, sending her chair flying into the wall behind her with a crash, and pointed one finger menacingly at Mavery. "You tell the truth, you lying little bitch, or being expelled is going to seem like a distant dream compared to the hell I'll put you through!"

To everyone's surprise, the lecturer just stood and watched as the argument unfolded.

Mavery looked to the front of the room. "Aren't you going to do something? She's threatening me."

The lecturer shrugged. "I also would like to hear the truth, Miss Mavery."

Elphaba stepped closer and Mavery scooted her chair away. "Oz, all right!" she shouted. "Just don't come near me!"

The room was silent, until Elphaba finally prodded, "well?!"

"She wasn't saying anything about my mother, she wasn't saying anything about anything! She just deserved a good ass-kicking, all right?!"

"And why do you believe she deserved a good 'ass-kicking'?" the lecturer asked calmly.

"Because she's all cozy with the green freak!" Mavery said as if it should have been self-evident.

Azine spoke up at that, her voice cold and sharp, but not raised. "Because they sin together." Her violet eyes seemed to glow. "Madame Lecturer, they share a bed. I do not wish to breathe the same air."

Both Elphaba and Galinda flushed furiously, in disbelief at having their private life thrown into the open like that. They hadn't told anyone of the change in their relationship, nor had they shown any affection in public.

Elphaba opened her mouth to speak in her own defense, and Galinda's, but the lecturer held up a hand to forestall her.

"Miss Azine, may I remind you that you've been sharing air with your mothers since you were born."

Azine's eyes widened, then narrowed to slits as she stood up, and the desk behind the lecturer burst into flame. "How dare you make such vile accusations against--"

A sheet of ice overlaid the fire almost instantly, and the lecturer interrupted the girl with a booming voice. "YOU WILL SIT DOWN AND CONDUCT YOURSELF AS A YOUNG LADY SHOULD!"

The ground shook with the force of the timbre, and Azine lowered herself back into her chair, more shocked than frightened.

Elphaba sat back down as well, awestruck. Galinda tossed her hair and giggled. Mavery and Celix were staring at Azine with a mixture of curiosity and contempt. The room was completely silent until Elphaba cleared her throat.

"Our room has two beds."

Galinda stopped giggling and shot her a fierce look. Why was Elphie trying to hide stuff? Was she ashamed of what they'd done? Was she having second thoughts, doubts, reconsiderations? Oh, this was just awful.

"What?" Elphaba asked, blinking at the look on Galinda's face. "It does."

"Oh Elphie," Galinda cried, her heart breaking as she got up and ran from the room in tears.

Elphaba stared at the closing door, confused as hell. "I was just stating a fact."

Azine took a slow breath, turning to Elphaba. "You idiot," she said slowly.

"What in Oz did I do?" Elphaba asked, throwing her arms in the air.

Before Azine could offer an acidic remark, the lecturer stepped in. "I believe Miss Galinda is under the impression that you're embarrassed of whatever your relationship with her is."

"Oh, that's just great," Elphaba lamented, rolling her eyes. "This is your fault," she hissed at Azine. "If you weren't so busy being a hypocritical martyr--"

"Why are you still sitting there?" Azine asked coldly. "I thought you were supposed to be brilliant."

"Not in the social graces!" Elphaba said in frustration, banging her fist on the desk and then storming out after Galinda. "Galinda!" she called, poking her head into empty classrooms down the corridor until she found her girlfriend, crying in the science lab. "Galinda, what in Oz?" she asked, her voice much gentler than a few moments before.

Galinda, surprised that Elphie had followed her, looked up. "Why did you come after me?" she asked, wiping at her eyes and sniffling, trying to be brave.

"Why wouldn't I have come after you?" Elphaba asked, moving to her side and taking her hands.

"You said our room has two beds."

"It does have two beds!"

"Don't yell at me, I'm already upset!" Galinda cried.

"I'm sorry," Elphaba said quickly, dropping her voice. "I'm sorry. Why are you upset, though?"

"You didn't want anyone to know what we did," Galinda whispered.

"Because it's private," Elphaba explained. "But I wasn't trying to deny it anyway, I was just... I don't know, it just seemed like the thing to say, for lack of anything with more substance and direction. I didn't mean for you to think I was embarrassed of you or anything remotely of the sort. If you want me to march back in there and, and kiss you, I will." She paused. "You don't want that, do you?"

Galinda couldn't help herself, she giggled, and slowly shook her head. "No Elphie, I don't want that," she said, some of her vivaciousness returning along with a huge wave of relief. She didn't know what she would do without her Elphie. She threw her arms around Elphaba's neck and squeezed. "Don't ever scare me like that again!"

Elphaba staggered back a little with the sudden force of the hug, but caught her footing quickly and squeezed Galinda back. "The lecturer is bat-shit crazy, don't you think?"

"Elphie, your language!"

"She is," Elphaba laughed. "But she's good. Really good."

"Do we have to go back?" Galinda asked, pouting a little.

Elphaba placed her lips against Galinda's ear and whispered into it. "Yes, little girl..." She kissed just below her girlfriend's earlobe. "I promise if you're good, I'll make it worth your while..."

Galinda's knees gave way and she sagged in Elphie's arms, her breathing quickened. "Elphaba Thropp," she exhaled. "How improperly indecent!"

Elphaba grinned and picked her up, hips to hips, her hands squeezing her girlfriend's cute little ass to hold her in place. She kissed her soundly, leaving no question as to second thoughts, and then set her down, making sure she wasn't swooning before she let go. "Let's get back before they send out a search party."


When they got back to the lecture hall, everyone turned toward them, and Azine stepped out of the cluster to speak. "We've agreed to leave you both alone for the remainder of the year. We'll revisit the agreement when second year starts."

Elphaba wasn't sure, but she thought she saw a smirk trying to emerge. She didn't even bother attempting to wrap her mind around the change. She just shrugged and took Galinda's hand. "Great. Can we go now?" she then asked the lecturer.

Galinda melted, squeezing Elphie's hand, feeling a little bit like she was flying.

"Yes, and if there are any more incidents such as last week's, you'll be in this room writing essays until your hands cramp and your heads swim, is that clear?"

"Yes, Madame Lecturer," they all mumbled in some way or another.

On the way back to their room, Galinda whispered, "I like how you're holding my hand..." and when they were inside their room, she moved close to Elphie and asked, "was I good?"

Elphaba put her arms around Galinda, kicking their door closed with the toe of one boot, and laughed. "You hardly had time to be good. We were dismissed as soon as we got back."

The blonde pouted, going up onto her tiptoes to kiss her girlfriend. She started to trail kisses down the side of Elphie's neck, but Elphaba stopped her gently.

"Careful," she offered a reminder. "You're likely to burn me."

Galinda shrank back, her pout more genuine this time - pursed lips and a petulant expression. "This isn't fair," she complained. "I can't do any of the things you do to me, or I'll hurt you."

"Hey," Elphaba said, sliding her hands up and down Galinda's sides, then bringing one up to stroke her cheek. "I like doing things to you. I don't need any more than that." The truth was, she would love to feel Galinda's tongue on her, anywhere and everywhere, but that wasn't realistic and it wasn't Galinda's fault. There was no reason to make her girlfriend feel bad about it. And she wasn't lying, she did like doing things to Galinda. She loved doing things to Galinda. And it was also true that she didn't need anything else. Fantasizing and needing were two very different things. She was quite content with the way things were, as a reality for the two of them. She was... well... happy.

"Of course you don't need it, but you want it, don't you?" Galinda asked longingly. "I want it. I want to taste your skin, I want to-to-to put my tongue between your legs and please you with my mouth, and taste you."

Never had anyone said something so entirely stimulating to her, and her knees nearly went as weak as Galinda's had earlier. Only steely determination kept her from wavering on her feet, and the hand caressing Galinda's cheek traveled quickly down and snuck beneath her skirt, rubbing up the inside of her thigh. Dextrous fingers pushed aside the fabric of her panties and easily entered the now gasping girl.

Gasping indeed, Galinda was surprised and wet and gripped Elphie's shoulders, clinging to her for dear life. Never had she imagined doing this standing up, or so quickly, or without kisses and touches first, but Elphie was masterful. Only a few quick thrusts and a swipe across her nerve endings, and she was lost. Vocalizing wordlessly, in a sea of pleasure too vast to comprehend, starting tight and loosening in waves. Her body positively hummed with ecstatic vibrations, thighs clamped on Elphie's hand as she released. "Elphaba," she panted, laying her head on Elphie's chest.

Elphaba held her, and kissed her head. "I do love you so," she whispered.

That made Galinda smile, and she nuzzled even closer. "I love you too," she said. "Have you changed your mind about marriage yet?"