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Thinking/on the phone:..........

Inner: whats with all the......

______________Chapter_one__the_move_ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________







"Whoops that was my last one Sakura said as she glanced at her poor alarm clock",she stared up at the ceiling and thought

"Oh well might as well buy 20 more I get them at dollar store anyways"she said giggling a bit, she always knew how to crack her self up . Sakura was pretty happy today since of course school was going to start today.

I have a weird feeling today" Sakura's inner said. "Your probably exaggerating like you always do " Sakura said as she got out of bed shuffling to her closet. "Oh shut up" her inner whined.

She finally got to the door where she saw a note "what the hell" Sakura said as her eyes popped wide open, and non of her clothes were there. She needed her uniform for school after all she had school today .

She saw a note and quickly snatched it off of a coat hanger where her school uniform use to be.

The note said:

Dear Sakura I am sorry for such short notice but guess what sweetie...

"No way"! Sakura said as she pranced around her room with the note , then tripping over a box."owww" she said attempting to get up.

Then she finally got up and continued the note:

It turns out your father and I have been offered a company we could not refuse, so it means you get to move to your own home back in Konoha like we promised.

I hope you meet up with all of your friends there, and Sakura the movers are coming at 9:45 am

"Oh shit thats in 20 minutes Sakura exclaimed.

"You and your swearing where did you learn such language" her inner said trying to mature.

"I learned it from you" Sakura said with a smirk (it was rare for her to smirk)

Sakura quickly came back to the real world and realized now she had 10 minutes "Ahhhhhhh" Sakura shouted as she put on a white ed hardy tank top and some denim short shorts along with some white flip flops.

"Uhhh I didn't even take a shower" Sakura complained as she quickly ran into the bathroom to get her hair brush.

Which surprisingly was still there and not in a box (Sakuras mother and father packed her boxes while she was snoozing off to dreamworld she was a heavy sleeper after all )

"Finally" Sakura said as she ran out of her room and down the stairs to the front door. The movers were there and oddly they greeted her and quickly went to work. Sakura quickly realized her mother hired the best movers in Suna.

Her family was wealthy after all, Her parents owned a big company. But there was a downside to that too, Sakura constantly moved from place to place, but luckily her parents said she was old enough and responsible enough to live on her own. (which was hard to believe from her point of view) she was a rebel (well she thought she was) and she had a pretty short temper which she tried to hide but failed quite often.

Sakura then realized the movers were staring at her since she blanked out. "cough" Sakura said with a grin. She than realized the movers were done.

She then quickly ran to the truck where the truck driver told her to go when the movers were done. She then realized her cell phone was ringing it was Ino her best friend from Konoha.

When Sakura was little she got teased a lot , but Ino helped her get through it. But now since she was in high school puberty was gracious to her and gave her the perfect appearance perfect body, porcelin skin , and odd pink hair .

"Hellooooooo" Ino yelled

"Sorry Ino I just blanked out for a second, what did you say" Sakura replied.

"I said your going to miss the first week of school, you wont be able to meet the hot guys" Ino said drooling through the phone.

"Ino stop drooling seriously I can hear you through the phone, and don't worry I'll be there soon" Sakura said giggling a bit.

"Ok Sakura and by the way once you get back Hinata, Tenten and I are having a sleepover/party for you" Ino said squealing through the phone

"Alright where is it going to be" Sakura asked.

"Well I thought maybe....... we could have at your new house"Ino said as she sheepishly smiled through the phone (sakura was aware of that)

"Fine but you and the guys owe me"Sakura exclaimed.

"ok ok as long as you agree, but what do we owe you"Ino asked with a grin.

"I dunno just a favor, I guess" Sakura said

"Alrighty I got to go I'm helping my mom in the flower shop see you soon bye!" Ino said as she hung up the phone

"bye?"sakura answered. Surprisingly the truck was already at her new home. "I must have talked for a long time" she thought to herself.

It was a Maison (not surprised) it was a modern design with a indoor pool.(so lucky)

She opened the truck door and looked around. She heard the birds chirping. She saw the front door was open. Then she noticed the mover were unpacking for her.

"Why are you unpacking for me "? Sakura asked as she noticed one of the movers heads popped up and looked at her.

"Your mother also hired us to do this" the mover said with a smile." And were done anyways"said the mover witha smile, he turned around and started to walk away as the others just followed close by.

"ok thank you ...!" Sakura said as she headed up the stairs then turning to the left .

She opened a room which she thought was hers and surprisingly she was right it was a very light shade of pink with maple furniture in it.

"uh it's too dark in here" Sakura said walking over to the curtains.

She opened the blinds where she saw a guy on a motorcycle that just crashed into the gate."OH MY FUCKING GOD" Sakura screamed as she quickly ran downstairs to the finally got to the gates where she saw the guy struggleing to standing up.

"Oh my fucking god my poor gate" Sakura said as she traced her finger in the dent, not paying attention to the dark haired guy.

"so your not going to give me any pity" said the dark haired guy chuckleing a bit.

He took off his helmet shakeing his head.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD HE'S SO SEXYY" Sakuras inner exclaimed

"shut the fuck up" "Sakura said to her inner returning to the real world.

"oh sorry are you alright " she said glanceing at her two thousand dollar gate.

"hn yeah I'm alright … I better get going and I'll pay for the gate, my name is Sasuke Uchiha..." he said walking away.

"it's alright you don't have to pay for it,even though it was your fault"Sakura said mumbleing the last part and looking at him.

"What do you mean it's my fault " Sasuke said with an eyebrow up

"Oh never mind bye! " Sakura said as she lightly blushed and headed back in.


"Shes an odd one she didn't drool over me or Scream from seeing me hurt but oddly enough I remember her from somewhere " Sasuke thought

"Shes a hot one too I wonder if she going to our school" inner Sasuke said with a huge grin.

"Oh shut the fuck up I don't like her I don't even know her" Sasuke shouted at his inner.

"ok what ever you say "Sasuke's inner said going back to his slumber.

Then Sasuke went back on his motorcycle and drove away.



Sakura slammed her door then thought "Do I know him?"

She then quickly ran upstairs "Whatever might as well go call Ino"

She said picking up her cell phone and walking to her room.


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