So, I'm having a bit of writer's block on my other stories, so I'm writing this to help get my mojo back. Also because I love Gaara and if I don't get some of these ideas out my head, I will never be able to finished my other stories.

First Naruto fanfic, people.

Full Summary: Sai, Sakura's boyfriend, only wants one thing and when Sakura won't give it to him, he breaks up with her. Broken-hearted, Sakura goes to a club and ends up giving up the one thing Sai wanted anyway to a devilishly handsome redheaded stranger. Now, Ino, Sakura's best friend, and Sakura have started a new year at a new college and Sakura meets someone familiar. Drama? You bet cha!

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Sakura sat on against the wall in her hallway, eyes red from prior tears. I thought he loved me. He said he loved me. Why didn't he love me? I loved him. I still love him.

Sai . . . . . .

Just then the phone rang. And rang. And rang. Sakura made no move to answer it. Ino's voice rang out from the answering machine.

"Sakura! It's been weeks and you've yet to leave your house except for essentials! We're leaving for college tomorrow! I'm coming over right now and we are going out tonight! I've already called Hinata and TenTen. You better not be crying when I get there! Love you, girl, see you in a few minutes!"

Sakura slowly got up, sniffling as she deleted the message and went to take a quick shower. She came out, feeling better a little. A small smile on her face as she did her make-up.

Downstairs, the door opened and then slammed shut.

"Sakura! Where are you?!"

Sakura didn't bother answering, instead she continued to blow dry her pink hair. Moments later, the blond popped up in the doorway.

"There you are. The girls are meeting us here and then we're going to this new club. Have you picked out your clothes?"


Ino cut her off. "Ugh, why?! Fine, I'll go do it. Hurry up with your hair!"

She left then, not leaving Sakura time to respond. The pinkette smiled at her friend's enthusiasm. No matter what, Ino was always there, and so were Hinata and TenTen.

Sakura finished with her hair and walked back into her room.

"Put this on." Ino threw her clothes at her and Sakura grabbed at them wildly before noticing what they were.

"What!? Ino, I am not wearing this!" Ino smiled at the first emotion she'd heard in her friend's voice in a while.

"Then why do you have it? Just put it on, okay? You'll look sexy in it and it'll turn every guy's head. Even gay guys."



"That's mean!"

"I didn't mean it that way. Just enunciating my point. Now get dressed, I just heard Hinata and TenTen drive up." Ino walked out of the room then, closing the door behind her. Sakura set the outfit on her bed, looking at it before sighing and pulling the towel from her body and getting dressed.

When Sakura stared at herself in the mirror, she didn't recognize the girl. The black miniskirt showed off her long legs and the black and green tank showed a lot of cleavage as well as making her curves completely obvious. The outfit was totally gorgeous and brought out her eyes, but her eyes were full of sadness. Sakura turned away from her reflection, not able to stare in the green eyes of the girl in her mirror any longer.

As she walked down stairs, she was met with a group hug from Hinata and TenTen.

"Wow Sakura, you look great!" TenTen exclaimed, pulling back from the hug and smiling hugely at her. Sakura's returning smile was small in comparison.

"T-totally, you'll have g-guys all over you t-tonight!" Hinata commented, blushing a little.

"Told you, girl! You have a great body, time to show it off!" Ino said, placing her arm around Sakura's shoulders and leading her to the car. "Now let's go!"


"Dancing, drinking, guys, what more can we want?" Ino said, taking a sip of her drink. TenTen giggled form beside her.

"Exactly, what more?" Then they burst into a fit of giggles, clearly both already intoxicated.

Just then, a guy with long brown hair walked over and smiled a very small smile at TenTen. "I believe it was fate that brought you here on the same night as I. Would like to dance?"

"Sure!" TenTen said excitedly, blushing and moving to the dance floor with him.

"He's cute. TenTen did well. Now, let's find you two some guys!" Ino said, scanning the area. "Ooo, Hinata, check out the blond at the bar!"

Hinata blushed horribly but still looked over in that direction. "The one in the orange?"

"Yes, isn't he a cutie?"

"Y-yeah, k-kinda."

"There's no kinda about it, now go talk him."

"What!? Ino I can't do-"

"Hinata, go talk to him. Trust me; he's been looking over here for awhile. Go use some of that sexy charm you have!"

"Ino. I'm not-"

"Don't argue, just go. Otherwise, I'm going to go tell him you like him."

"Ino, you wouldn't!" Ino got up and started for that way. "Ino, no!" Hinata got up and went over to the guy in the orange, blushing the whole way. Ino sat back down, smiling towards the pair.

"They're cute together, if only Hinata would accept the fact that she's beautiful. Seriously, that girl's self-esteem is too low." She looked at Sakura. "Now for you!"

Sakura looked around, trying to find anyone Ino suitable so the girl would go and leave Sakura to her own. "Hey, Ino, there's a guy over there checking you out." Sakura said slyly. Ino turned casually, looking at the boy with short brown hair. He was hanging out close to Hinata and Orange Boy, and was talking to them a little. He was laughing at the moment, his eyes flashing to Ino like he could feel her eyes. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"You're right, and what a hunk!"

"Kinda makes me think of a dog." Sakura commented.

"But dogs are so lovable!"

"Then go talk to him."

"What!" Ino turned to her, "No, I'm not leaving you here to drink all night. You're going to have fun too!"


"No Sakura, come on, let's dance!"

Ino dragged Sakura onto the dance floor and soon, Dog Boy joined Ino. His name was Kiba, they learned, and Orange Boy was Naruto.

Just then they heard a girl yelled and they all looked over to see two guys in a fight. One was a guy with brown hair and the other had red hair. Brown Hair spoke, waving his hands and backing up a little.

"Hey, man, I wasn't trying to do anything, just asking her to dance! Man this is troublesome!"

"Would you calm yourself, little brother!" The blond girl yelled at the redhead. He glared at her and she visibly shrunk back.

He said something but it was too low for them to understand. Another brunette guy walked up and grabbed Red's arm, saying something to him. Red closed his eyes, clenching his teeth before glaring at the original Brown Boy and then storming over to the bar.

"What was that about?" Ino said.

"My guess is, the guy asked Redhead's sister to dance and Red got angry. But, that's just my guess." Kiba said. The blond chick was now talking to the Original Brown Boy and everyone had calmed down as they started dancing again.

"Well I think it's kinda sweet, how Red stuck up for his sister." Ino said.

"He asked her to dance, not to make sweet love to him." Sakura laughed at Kiba's bluntness.

"How do you know?" Sakura said, not paying any attention to the two. She was currently scanning for any guy for her to flirt with. She felt like the third wheel. Just then she spotted a fairly good looking guy. It was the brown haired guy that had broken up the fight. He saw her looking at him and he smiled, waving a beer in one hand. She smiled, got a wink from Ino, and then walked over.

"Sakura." She said, leaning against the bar and ordering a beer as well.

"Kankuro. You don't drink those stupid fruity drinks?" He slapped a bill on the table, paying for her drink. She smiled.

"Thanks and no, not enough of a buzz."

"You're my kind of girl." He said, clinking their glasses together before chugging his. He looked at her and she smiled, chugging her drink as well.

"Alright, alright. You can chug one. How about another?" He bought two more drinks and they clanged them together, a little of the beer dripping down the side. Sakura gulped this one down as well, this time beating Kankuro. He shook his head, laughing. "I better not buy you another. You might think I'm planning on taking advantage of you."

"Yeah, and I better not chug anymore. You might think I would let you." He laughed again.

"You got spunk, you know that?"

"I've heard it before." She said, ordering three shots. She smiled sweetly before downing every one. They burned trails of fire down her throat but she didn't care. The buzz was sitting in and she was feeling better, more free. Wilder.

"Woah, slow down girl." Kankuro said, wrapping an arm around her waist. "We haven't even gotten to dance yet." He whispered huskily in her ear. She smiled seductively.

"Then come on." She led him out to the dance floor as an upbeat song came on. Kankuro placed his arms on her waist and Sakura was barely aware of his chest on her back. She felt his hot breath on her neck and she ran her hands over his, feeling incredibly sexy. They danced for a while, until Sakura decided her buzz was wearing off and she needed more alcohol. Otherwise, she'd feel like crap again.

"I decided I want one of those fruity drinks." Sakura said, turning to smile at Kankuro. He rolled his eyes.

"I knew you were lying, all girls love those things." He led her to the bar, buying her a drink. She sipped at it, actually tasting the pineapple and strawberry.

"Yes, I was lying." She admitted. He smiled.

"So, you had enough alcohol?" He whispered in her near, kissing at her neck. She froze, the action causing instant sobriety.


"Sakura" Sai whispered into her neck, pulling her closer by her hips. He kissed her neck and Sakura moaned.


"Sakura, I want you."

"Sai." Sakura moaned again, high on the feelings he was giving her.

"I want you so bad Sakura." Sai whispered, grinding his hips against hers.

Sakura moaned at the contact.

Sai's hands made there way under Sakura's shirt, moving up to her bra. Sakura froze like someone had thrown ice water on her.

"Sai." She said, evenly, moving away from him. He looked at her angrily.


"Sai, I'm not ready. I already told you, I want to wait."

"Well you know what? I'm tired of waiting! I want you now!"

"I'm not ready Sai!"

"Then I guess you're not the one for me."

"Sai! Are-" Sakura could hardly get the words out. Tears formed in her eyes. "Are you breaking up with me?" She whispered, looking at him with tear-filled eyes. He glared at her.

"Yes Sakura, I am. Goodbye." Then he walked out of her room, slamming the door as well as slamming the main door. Sakura fell to the ground, sobbing.

"Sai, Sai, why? Why? Was that all you wanted? Sai!"

*end flashback*

"Kankuro, get away from me please." Sakura said through a strange voice. Kankuro leaned back, looking at her worried.

"Sakura? You okay? Did I do somethi-"

"I need to go to the bathroom." Sakura said suddenly. She nearly ran away from him, squeezing between dancing bodies until she could no longer see him.

"So, what'd he say?"

Sakura whirled around at the voice. She had never heard it before, but it was deep, definitely masculine, and very enchanting. Like a predator mesmerizing its prey to come closer before it strikes.

It was Red, leaning casually against the wall and looking at his nails as he flicked his fingers. His gaze flashed at her and she tensed. Eyes, so sad, so painful, so….

Evil. Eyes full of hatred. Of murder. Of anger.

Yet she couldn't help but see the sadness, the loneliness, behind those jade orbs.

"W-wh-at?" Sakura stutter, dazed.

"What did he say to you to make you run? Call you the wrong name? Tell you some old line?"

"He didn't say anything." She said.

"What'd he do then? Cock a feel?"

"What does it matter to you?"

He shrugged. "It doesn't."

"I'm Sakura." She said, for no reason in particular. She just wanted to keep talking to this absolute stranger. She raised her hand to him, as if this were a formal meeting. He looked at her hand before looking back in Sakura's eyes. He stared at her before she lost her patience and rolled her eyes, annoyed. "You're supposed to shake my hand, say nice to meet you, and then give me your name in return."

"But what if I don't think it's nice to meet you?"

"Ugh! Would you just shake my hand and give me your name!?"

"Why? I didn't ask for your name. Shouldn't the giving of a name be at one's own liberty?"

"Then shake my hand!"

"What if you put a poison on your hand and you're trying to kill me?"

"Are you freaking kidding me?!" The look on his face said he wasn't. Sakura froze, her hand returning to her side limply. "Why would I try to kill you?" she asked quietly. "I don't even know you."

"Like that matters." He said, looking away from her.

Sakura studied him. His red hair and cold, jade eyes. She noticed that his hair wasn't longer on one side; there was a blood-red tattoo on his forehead. Love. The kanji for love. Such a strange tattoo to put in a strange place, she mused.

"Why'd you get that tattoo there?" Sakura asked allowed. He looked at her strangely.

"I didn't choose that tattoo and I didn't choose the spot."

"Oh." Something in his voice told her to drop it. "So, you don't want to tell me your name, you don't want to tell me about your tattoo, anything you do want to talk about?"

"Why are you even talking to me?!" He hissed out. She didn't shrink back like he had expected she would. Instead she met his glare and shrugged.

"I don't know. You're different."

"I think everyone can tell that. I haven't seen another person with red hair yet." If it was meant to be funny, he certainly hadn't said it as such. It sounded bitter.

"I meant on the inside."

"Trust me," Red's voice lowered as he continued. "You don't want to know how I'm different on the inside."

She repressed the shudder that wanted to go through her. "But I do." She argued weakly.

"Why!?" He hissed out.

"I-…….I-I don't know." She said, looking down.

Suddenly, her chin was trust up and Red's lips crashed against hers. He quickly dominated her, one hand twisting and locking in her hair as his other hand pressed her body against his. Reflexively, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer. Thoughts of Sai and waiting left her mind as he grinded his hips dangerously and roughly against hers.

"Tell me to stop." He hissed into her ear as he let her breath. "Tell me to stop now and I might let you leave. Say it. Now!"

"Stop." she mumbled, before saying louder, "Don't stop."

"Which is it?" he said though clenched teeth."

Sakura kissed his neck. "Don't. Stop." She mumbled against his skin and he grabbed her hand, pulling her outside. He brought her to an extremely nice car and kissed her violently. Then he pulled away til his lips brushed hers as his eyes bore deeply into her's.

"Where?" She thought for a minute, distracted by his capturing eyes and their closeness. Well, at least he wasn't saying her first time would have to be in a car.

"My house." She heard herself say. She didn't want to go to his house, didn't know what'd she'd find. Didn't want to think about what she'd find. Didn't even want to think about what she was about to do. She was just knew she wanted him.

He opened her door and she climbed in. He closed the door and quickly got in the driver's seat. Sakura told him where she lived, suppressing the fact that she was in a car, with a stranger, a obviously dangerous stranger, and she was inviting him into her house, telling him where she lived, to do something that she'd sworn she wouldn't do until marriage, and she'd probably never see him again. Luckily, his hand on her thigh, moving in lazy circles while occasionally squeezing hard was the perfect distraction for such thoughts.

They came to her house and she opened the door, locking it when they entered. Immediately, his hands on around her, his lips on hers. She moaned, feeling the wall on her back.

"Bedroom." She mumbled as his lips traveled downward. She felt as he bite down hard on her neck but didn't draw any blood. One thing was true, he was nothing like Sai. There would be no sudden memories to pull her back from this intendment. Not to mention that if she pulled out now there's no telling what he'd do.

He growled but lifted her up, her legs wrapping around his waist. "Upstairs, end of hall." She gasped out and he grunted, annoyed. He bit down again, this time drawing blood as he carried her to her room. He slammed the door, laying her on the bed before smirking at her and placing himself between her legs.

She pulled him closer, kissing his neck. She ran her hands under his shirt, feeling the muscles as he removed it for her. She ran her hands down his back, hearing him growl slightly. She smirked, empowered to be able to show some dominance over him. However, this was short live as all her clothes were quickly ripped off.

"I liked that skirt." She said, looking up at the tattered remains of the miniskirt. He smirked.

"Get a new one then." As she heard the zipper of his jeans, she was suddenly extremely nervous.


"Red?" he said, nipping her neck.

"You never gave me your name."

"What?" He said, annoyed that she was talking and clearly wanting her to finish whatever she was about to say.

"Um, I've never….uh…..-" Sakura blushed horribly and Red froze.

"Oh no." he muttered to himself, actually sounding sorry a little. He kissed where he had bite her earlier, lapping a little at the blood. Sakura shuddered at the odd feeling and he grabbed her hips when she brushed against him. "What do you want me to do about it?" He said, sounding more like the bitter Red, but there was a little concern.

"I don't know. I hear it hurts the first time. Maybe if you could be….uh, gentle?" She would have laughed were this any other time at the thought of Red being gentle. He groaned, annoyed.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" he hissed, but she wasn't sure if it was pointed at her, or if he was complaining to himself. "Alright….just…. heck I don't know. Go with your instincts." He growled out.

And go with her instincts she did. There was the initial pain, but it soon went away and she was filled with pleasure. Red was gentle at first, but when she got used to him, he was an animal. She was sure she wouldn't be able to walk properly tomorrow but she didn't care. Moans and growls were heard as they followed their instincts that night.

It was a night Sakura would never forget.

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