I sense that someone will hate me for this…

So, for the weekend I started rereading my FFs, judging, critiquing, but I really didn't get to far.


Well, there's been a great difference between my writing styles. See, normally I do first person and this was the first story I ever attempted to do third person.

And honestly, I don't feel as if I've mastered it enough to continue this story.

The idea of writing in third person is still too new to me and I can't keep in the same style. All during writing this, I kept going back to first person only having to rewrite a whole paragraph three or four times.

And now, after rereading what I've posted, I've decided that the annoyance really wasn't worth the quality.

There are much too many errors and I could be more descriptive here, less here. It's just all a jumbled mess of mediocrity. I'm embarrassed that I let people read such a weak draft of this. I had a pretty good start, or I think I did, but as the chapters went by things got too rushed and my story's suffering for that.

So, here's the part where everyone will hate me. As you can tell, I'd decided to discontinue this story until I can remake it and fix all the…errors. *shudder* I'll probably take it down after a few days…

Sorry you guys; I know you were into this…I just can't do it…

~Only if you wish it~