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*Hyuuga Compound*

Hiashi wasn't certain why his vision was having difficulty as his last exam should've fixed that. His eyes moistened with tears that tried to ebb the burn of his bloodshot family inheritance. The unknown source of annoyance refused to clear, reducing him to wearing the spectacles his "doctor" prescribed. He wasn't too pleased by what came into painful clarity. It looked like a ceremony, which appeared matrimonial in the abundance of flowers and people in formal dress. He himself was in a robe that hadn't been worn since his own wedding.

The room hushed as the bridal chorus played on a piano, coercing everyone to see the female being honored. Hiashi didn't bother to crane his neck around like everyone else, since doing so felt like it'd make him no better than the few peons that managed to be invited by mere acquainted ship. He turned his attention to his side, noticing he was sitting with numerous clan elders. Some of which never left the clan compound, unless there were situations of dire clan concern. In addition, the elders never allowed anyone to sit beside them at special functions; forming inquires to his location and purpose.

Movement from the aisle made his eyes expand with confusion and dread. There was Hinata; decorated in a white as snow dress with a veil that contained dozens of purple flowers. Hinata getting married was definite, as all clan members were required to before producing offspring. He wondered who the chosen individual was, but he wanted to vomit as his vision moved south and noted the obvious abdomen bulge a pregnant woman would have; complete with a purple sash to support the child's weight.

"Who is the irresponsible father," he thought, directing his attention to the end of the aisle.

His expression turned sour, despite his engraved grimace. At the end of the aisle in an orange tuxedo was Naruto Uzumaki, with his senseis at his side. The rage he felt reached its' boiling point, making him wish to butcher Uzumaki before the ceremony could be finished and recognized by village law.

The function took another turn for the worse, as Taro Masahiro appeared to be presiding over the ceremony.

"Before we begin, does anyone have reason why these two shouldn't be wed," Taro asked, while doing a scan of the room.

Hiashi's logical side noted his objection would be a far better time to end the mistake. That way, he could privately have the mistake eliminated within the compound walls.

"I," Hiashi began, but felt a small sting of pain in his throat.

His body went limp, making his seat catch him like water in a ladle. He didn't know why he couldn't move, though a glint of metal in Taro's right hand made it all too clear. He'd poisoned him. Masahiro enjoyed making things difficult and probably planned this entire event, since it was the best way he could strike at him.

"I now pronounce these two Husband and Wife," Taro said, which made the male's blood ignite in a fiery inferno.

"I Object," Hiashi shouted, as he sat up in his bed soaked in a layer of sweat that made him worry he might've started to dehydrate.

His night robe was near see through and his sheets looked like he spilled a pitcher of water. The stern male looked at the night stand beside his bed, surprised by the number of empty chocolate containers.

"Alright, say no to the chocolates before bed," he assured, rising to clean himself in his master bathroom.

He skulked to his destination with his eyes closed. Sleep eluded his exhausted body, but that dream was the only encouragement he needed to stay out of bed. A splash of cold water from the sink made him shiver for a moment. His body adjusted to the change in temperature, though his mindset couldn't adapt as easily. Contraire to popular belief, he wasn't without emotions. The Hyuuga had worries and troubles; as all humans did.

He wasn't troubled in regards to the bet he made with Tsunade, since he won regardless. The decision of who his daughters married wasn't solely up to him. There was a vote on that matter, once all the suitors were allowed to court their prospective female. After which, he and the clan elders took into consideration the person's reputation, economical security, heritage, and ninja rank. All that considered; the elders would never choose Uzumaki as he held none of these qualities.

"I'm not worried," he whispered, but noted a twitch in his left eye.

Hiashi didn't know why, yet he somehow felt like he had just tried to lie to himself. Uzumaki wasn't a rich ninja, nor in possession of any notable standing. He was still a Genin, an orphan after the Kyubbi attack, and had the worse grades at the Academy. The list of negatives weighed heavily against the male, though a small knot caught in his throat as positives tilted the scale.

Uzumaki was the protégé of the great toad sage Jiraiya. Despite the obvious downfalls of the older male, Jiraiya had trained the 4th Hokage; Minato Namakazi. This made Uzumaki's future brighter as a ninja. Renown was the great equalizer in choosing a suitor, since great deeds linked to the clan were highly desired.

Hiashi remembered his first time seeing Minato at the ninja academy. He was the quiet blonde in the back of the class. Who would've thought that a clanless ninja could become one of the greatest Hokage's the world had ever seen.

"Wait a moment, blue eyes, yellow spiky hair…could that mean," he stopped himself from digging further.

Hiashi looked himself in the mirror and decided to remove the dirt from his mind as well as his body.

"I'm not worried," he internally shouted and felt a craving for his stress relievers as a spray of cold water met his face.

*Hokage's office*

Tsunade yanked on her index finger, since the joint was agitated from the continuous abuse she showed it. She knew that physically she didn't show her age, but that didn't mean she couldn't feel it. It was aggravating to know that her body was beginning to fail her in minor ways, but at least it was sturdier than the tools she used. She peered over the right side of her desk and saw the genocide committed against the pen population over the last few days in the trash.

Granted, she felt relief to see a desk top that was miraculously empty. Every single scrap of parchment had been signed, delivered, and archived. The bureaucratic nightmare of her day was finished, and the afternoon was barely beginning.

Tsunade put the period on the clearance for foreign entertainers, allowing access after a brief inspection. It felt like she could get into the spirit of the festival, despite the previous days.

The past few days were nothing other than paperwork, planning, and receptions with foreign officials. Each year the list of rich investors increased. However, that wasn't a bad thing; if a village hoped to flourish in future generations. Tsunade rolled up the latest scroll and let her right hand slide down to the lowest drawer on her desk for her liquid respite.

There was a moment of panic in her heart as she searched for a full bottle of sake, among the graveyard of empties. She frowned as the night before she completed the three foot pile of paperwork. Through the use of dozens of shadow clones, which she used to meet with officials, and deliver messages to clans. It made sense now why her sake supply was diminished, since she commonly drank when stressed; her clones without a doubt doing the same. It also explained why she felt partly hung over from the day prior.

She chugged the alcohol with a smile and caught the time on the clock over the door.

"There are six hours before the commencement ceremony, I could stop by the Mitshro Sake vendor and collect a holiday shipment,"

The Mitshro brewery was a mysterious group of hermits. It wasn't fully known where they resided, but the group made some amazing wines. Tsunade planned to restock her drink of choice, but again had to fulfill the numerous roles of her office.

She groaned at the tedious tasks she was burdened with, but knew it wasn't the worse time of her life. Traveling around the country dodging debt collectors was far worse than a cushy job with steady income. Complete with mansion, utilities, and amenities.

"Things can finally quiet down," she thought with a small smile.

She leaned back in her chair and let the warmth of the sun rays ease her settling personal problems. It was ironic to think about it, but the attack on Naruto and Hinata was the most fortunate thing to happen to them. True, they were in danger, but that was something all ninja lived with. However, the forced time together rebuilt Naruto's heart and hopefully opened him up to a new kind of relationship.

She was still in shock at the way he asked Hinata on their first date. A woman deserved to be swept off her feet when she waited with incredible patience for something. Though, Naruto asking was enough; based solely on the blush Hinata's face burned with the remainder of the evening.

"I remember being that hopelessly in love," she thought, but felt a twinge of pain.

Tsunade bit her lip, still carrying that unsealing wound. It was true, people did die every day. When it was someone you loved with all your heart, part of you perished with them. Her lapse of face didn't progress for too long as she sensed something. It was just paranoia, yet past experience with this position meant someone was on their way to complain and spoil her respite.

A knock on the door proved her correct, though she figured it couldn't be too bad as the door wasn't broken down. The older female considered if it would be too childish to jump out the window, but knew it was better to deal with the issue at hand.

"Come in," she offered, but was surprised to see Hatake Kakashi enter with his lips pursed; by what she guessed.

"Tsunade-sama, I would like to know why I am not the one protecting Naruto tonight," he asked, with contained frustration at his removal from guard duty.

Tsunade put on a frustrated grimace, since the alcohol diminished her inhibitions. There was no need for her to explain herself, since it was her job to select ideal ninja for assignments. However, the male was overprotective at the moment. The loss of Sasuke definitely placed him into a defensive state for everyone close to him. Kakashi was qualified to perform guard duty, but the village required he undertake a different role for the night.

"Kakashi, do you believe I would intentionally place any ninja of this village in a situation they couldn't handle?"

"No, it's just that my request to protect Naruto wasn't denied until recently."

"Kakashi, do you know who was assigned to protect him?"

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

"Do you feel that Yugao isn't a capable Anbu to provide security?"

"No, Yugao is a splendid Kunoichi, but I'd like to know what is more important than Naruto and Hinata's safety," Kakashi stated with his normal laid back tone, though it seemed to crack at the edges.

"Kakashi, I require you at the Hokage estate for the banquet."

The male's visible eyebrow arched in confusion, since he normally avoided celebrations. He wondered why now of all times she'd want him there, since it wasn't a mandatory party. The past several years he always would spend his day off lounging in bed with his hands on the latest Icha Icha Paradise installment, or a female should the opportunity present itself.

Tsunade read his facial expression with trained ease and continued with an explanation.

"Danzo's death has created several holes in this village. One of those: is the entertaining of diplomats and businessmen who consider their future deals and investments in Konoha. Danzo was well respected for his involvement in the 2nd ninja war, and personally knew both the 2nd and 3rd Hokage. I require a ninja of similar stature to entertain the investors," she explained, and watched Kakashi's brow furrow.

Kakashi had done many things in his past, which earned him both respect and notoriety. He was still the youngest ninja ever to reach the rank of Anbu. He was also renowned for his feats in battle, his knowledge of over a thousand jutsu, and his bingo book position under the copycat nin. Though, it was the stories people wanted to hear most that he enjoyed talking about the least. This personal confliction caused the male to find the swiftest way out of his predicament.

"Why didn't you ask Jiraiya to fulfill this suicide mission?"

"Jiraiya declined to attend, since he created a few problems the last time he entertained," Tsunade spat with no deficiency of spite.

Jiraiya was a wonderful entertainer with tales of both professional and recreational conquest. These awe inspiring stories won him the attention of a well endowed land owner. This created quite a problem when he slept with her that night and left her to realize it was a one night stand; especially when she was the only supplier of lumber to Konoha Village. True, ninja could create their own wood using jutsus or do the harvesting themselves from the nearby forest. However, Yamato was the only one with that ability and he'd probably die from the quantity they used building homes, businesses, and extending out the wall. The later wasn't a good idea either, since the trees around Konoha purified the underground water supply to the entire village. A few years of deforestation would have them all drinking swill.

Jiraiya's mistake resulted in a massive loss of village funds, since Lady Matsuki's scorn manifested in a 100% cost increase per bushel of wood.

"Does it regard our lumber deficiency," Kakashi's asked, since rumor did spread fast in a village when someone was solely to blame for a particular incident.

The one eyed male scoured his mind for any other options, but huffed as no one came to mind. He wanted to protect Naruto, but Konoha would always come first.

"I'll be sure to clear my schedule," he replied and sensed that this wouldn't go over well with Anko.

"You're dismissed, and Jiraiya you can stop hiding," Tsunade informed.

It would've gone unnoticed to many ninja, but the older female had developed a sixth sense when it came to her teammate. Even intoxicated, her aversion to perversion allowed her to detect his gaze.

The audible gulp of the male made her grin, knowing it made him uncomfortable that she could do that.

The toad sannin felt his heart pulsate at being caught. He intended to stop by to get her approval on something, though now had the matter of Naruto to discuss.

"Tsunade," he responded, and jumped through the window.

"You can always use the door."

"Sorry, some habits are hard to break," he laughed.

Tsunade didn't want to imagine what he was implying with that remark, but she was curious as to why he was dropping by. He constantly found other matters to keep himself out of the village, which was probably to ease the pain of losing his only student.

"What did you come here for," she asked, wanting to get whatever he was there for done with. She had a minimal amount of time and wanted to use it to drink her stress away; before the glad handing of officials brought her it right back.

"I'm glad you asked," he replied as he produced a book from inside his clothing.

Tsunade shared an eyed bulged expression with Kakashi. However, their reasons were polar opposites. Kakashi's stare was of admiration and awe. Tsunade's was of repulsion and anger. The rage she projected at her teammate made him prepare one of his trademark exits through the nearest window.

"What the hell are you bringing this to me for," she demanded, since there on her desk lay the newest edition to his running series. Icha Icha Paradise 3.

Taro couldn't believe he needed to bring his "work" along with him to the Hokage's tower. The hentai manga he created after reading the Icha Icha paradise books was a side project; to perfect his drawing skills. It also severed to replace his doctor salary. His distaste for it hinged on the fact he was playing lap dog to Jiraiya's specified deadlines and meetings.

He knew this was a defining moment of idiocy. Showing something perverted to a woman who abhorred the very idea of perversion didn't bode well for either of them. However, if the book wanted to sell in Konoha it needed consent by the village elders. Though, with their inability to function; Tsunade was the only choice.

The trip to the Hokage's was difficult if planned to endure alone, but he was glad he wasn't forced to propel himself. Shizune had been kind enough to reach him at the front door of his business, at Jiraiya's request. She obtained him outside the Rising Sun Cathouse, which had become his temporary home; a situation that required immediate remedy. Taro started to grow bored with the day to day exotic exchange, which diminished his interest in any personal physical endeavors.

Shizune pushed harder to force him up the incline, yet didn't feel too much of a struggle in pushing his weight around. She wished Jiraiya would've sent someone else to obtain Taro. However, she recently didn't care as much.

Taro was repulsive, belittling, vulgar, and caustic on a daily basis. Though, there were brief moments he proved himself tolerable. She would've compare its' rarity to a shooting star, only you didn't get the reward of a wish. This insight only began after the question game he played with her. It was innocent, and provided an abundance of information for both parties. It also taught her that he was attentive when someone talked to him. Unlike the men she ran into on her trip with Tsunade.

"Why has Jiraiya-sama requested you to meet with him at the Hokage tower," she asked, curious at her request to obtain him.

"It's a business meeting, nothing too important," Taro responded, as he stretched his underused extremities.

"I see, do you have any plans for the festival," Shizune asked, as they passed under several banners with the past Hokages' names upon them.

"The usual: eating, drinking, and making some money while at it. You," he responded, while keeping a thick envelope secured in his lap

"Meet with high ranking officials and clan members that pay their respects to the village and Hokage." she said with a tone that projected the bad taste in her mouth.

Every year, officials would bring a deplorable entitled son along. Who'd either be: a complete jerk, boring, or a lecherous swine. She was glad she hadn't said that part out loud, since she hadn't wanted to insult her pet.

Tonton was in a more formal vest that had the kanji for respect upon it.

"Officials are like poisonous plants, good to know about, bad to have any contact with," Taro said and shook his head as he remembered all the people he'd been forced to play host to in his life.

"Experience with the upper classes?"

"Clan head, business owner, Hyuuga clan doctor," he dead panned, since all of his positions required him to cordial welcome people in one form or another.

"I'd do anything to avoid this night, it's the only time I wish Tsunade-sama wasn't Hokage," Shizune replied, but clamped her jaw shut at her comment.

"What am I saying" she wondered in the way she freely spoke to Masahiro.

Their conversation ceased with their arrival at the office doors.

"What the hell are you bringing this to me for," shouted through the "sound proof" door.

Both of them rolled their eyes in unison and knew that Jiraiya had arrived, since he was the only person who brought out both Tsunade's passion and rage.

"Wonderful job Jiraiya, you're like a seven year old with a fire jutsu," Taro thought as he turned the door handle.

They opened the door to see a deadly purple aura pulsating off Tsunade. The other occupants in the room seemed a bit shaken by the eerie feeling the aura gave off. Though, Taro chose to ignore it as there were other matters on his mind.

"That's quite the passionate rage Hokage-sama," Taro said, noting how the murder frenzy decayed into a confused disgust.

Tsunade huffed at the intrusion, but if she hadn't wanted to be disturbed she should've locked the door; or have guards on duty. Jiraiya sighed in relief, since witnesses arrived before he was brutally assaulted. Tsunade took a controlled breath and decided to be diplomatic with the pervert.

"Jiraiya, I have investors to meet with, this couldn't wait until tomorrow?"

"Wait, this is one of my most prized works."

Taro looked at the pair arguing and couldn't stop from analyzing the interactions. The relationship was nothing more than friendship, but it had the potential to become something more. Though, there were only two directions it could go from its' current state. One: They clarified it could be nothing more. Two: They fucked each other to get rid of the tension and saw where it went from there.

"Are you done fighting, some of us have plans for the night," Taro stated, as he propelled himself forward and expelled the contents of the envelope on the desk top.

"Perfect timing Masahiro, behold: Icha Icha paradise episode 1 the manga," Jiraiya said to magnify his work.

Tsunade growled at the fact her teammate made a fortune on such smut. However, it was her job to pick up the slack where the elders figuratively screwed her. She sighed, and flipped through the pages.

To her surprise, there wasn't anything that made the work overly perverted. In fact, for the first half or hundred pages there wasn't a single naked female. There were playful misunderstandings and the occasional slip of clothing, violence, but nothing too offensive. In fact, the drawings and emotions were impressive. Her brow furrowed when she came to a page where the hero had managed to find safety in the basement of a widow's house. They came to the agreement of settling the debt he owed in an intimate manner.

Her face turned sour as she notice the proportions depicted matched her own. A murderous glare at her teammate caused him to slowly slide toward the door, but when the heated glare rested on Taro he felt slightly better.

"I'll allow this to be sold," Tsunade spoke between gritted teeth. "After the festival and when you change the widow's appearance," she shouted the end, since it was a low blow to draw her as a widow. She didn't know if it was Taro's doing or merely coincidence. She never read the book so had no mental image of the female described.

"Change it," Jiraiya pleaded. "How could you ask for such a piece of art to be changed?"

The cracking of the blonde's knuckles was more than enough for him to withdraw the previous question.

"Any other complaints" she asked, expecting Taro to raise some issues as he always did.

"No, Tsunade-sama, though, I would like to request Shizune's assistance for the rest of the night," Taro said, earning stares from both females.

Shizune hadn't expected someone to ask for her assistance, but with how Taro seemed to abuse anyone who worked for him she knew it wouldn't turn out well. Her gaze turned to Tsunade, but she looked surprised for some other reason.

"What are you playing at Masahiro, No complaints, no attempts to complicate matters," she thought with genuine worry.

She considered what kind of trickery or manipulation Masahiro could be up to, but the sheer fact he was being respectful filled her with apprehension. However, if she allowed Shizune to be with him there would be no chance he could pull anything without her being made aware of it later.

"Request granted," she affirmed, not missing the betrayed look on Shizune's face.

Shizune didn't want to spend the night with disgusting officials. However, being with Taro wasn't much better. It was like trying to decide between swimming soaked in blood with a hungry shark or piranhas.

"Let's go," Taro ordered.

"Hai," Shizune responded with a frown as she wheeled him out.

"Wait," Tsunade requested and walked over to her sole family member.

Shizune was shocked when she received a hug from Tsunade, but when she began to whisper she knew there was a reason in letting Taro's request be heard.

"Keep an eye on him Shizune, I feel Masahiro may be up to something," she ordered in a hushed tone.

Shizune nodded her head and pushed the cripple to wherever he requested.

Tsunade rotated on her heel and needed some time to vent before dealing with idiots.

"You're both dismissed," Tsunade ordered and watched as Jiraiya headed for the window and Kakashi to the door.

She didn't know what it was about the position, but being the Hokage just seemed to turn people into old people with stress. Her gaze turned to the written work on her desk, but realized that the paperwork Taro left was gone! Tsunade scratched her head confused as to where it could have wandered off to. Though, the soft shut of the door made it obvious where it went.

"Tsunade," Jiraiya said to get her attention. "We need to talk about Naruto after the festival, something has come up."

Taro and Shizune returned to their point of origin at the Rising Sun Cathouse, which made her shiver with the thought of being stuck there for the next twelve hours. She knew this was going to come back and haunt her somehow. Rumors in the village rapidly spread, which would swiftly lead to all male attention toward her to wane. Though, she hadn't been on a date in several years. She felt miserable to know she lacked a personal life outside of work.

"Hell, I'm in hell, eternal fire, suffering and anguish," she thought, dreading to know what Taro had planned for her to help with.

"So what do you need me for?"

To her surprise Taro popped his knuckles and turned his wheelchair around so he could look her in the face.

"I want your opinion on something," he said, while struggling to reach into his back pocket for his wallet.

"What," she asked, seeing him remove a business card from a slot.

Taro held the item out to her and waited for her to take it. Shizune looked over the small bit of paper.

The Bamboo Spring and Spa

Owner: Taro Masahiro

"My opinion on what," she asked, since the card was a bit vague.

Taro rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth to prepare for what he had to do. It wasn't going to be easy on him, but he needed to be…nice.

"Given our earlier conversation, you didn't want to go with Tsunade to greet some boring half wit officials," Taro said, noting the look on her face that showed he'd hit the nail on the head. "So, as a gift for being supportive in my physical ordeal, I'd like to return the kindness by rejuvenating your lost vigor," Taro stated, looking straight into her dark black eyes with his single white ocular orb.

Shizune felt a bit flustered. For one, she didn't know in what way he wanted her opinion on his business. Second, he was able to read her emotions with unsettling ease.

"Show that card to Gaman; tell him that Masahiro recommended the Hokage package,"

Taro moved forward through his business doors, which were held open by a pair of females with masks over their faces.

"What do I do after I tell him that?"

"Relax," Taro replied with an expression that wondered how that wasn't self explanatory.

Shizune solidified with her mind lost in thought. She didn't even notice Taro vanishing into his business.

"Did Masahiro offer me a bit of kindness," she wondered.

Shizune didn't get many days off. Actually, she couldn't recall the last time she went on vacation alone. It could possibly be a cruel prank by Taro, but it would be unkind to not take him up on his offer. She turned and walked off to the address on the business card.

Unbeknownst to her, Taro returned and watched her walk away.

"Alright, Phase two of fantasy night, begin," he thought, as he headed to his office.

It was a small price to pay to send Shizune to his business. Her being occupied allowed him to not only impress her, but also ensure no one close to Tsunade would inform her of his current endeavor.

*Hinata's Room 4:00 pm*

Hinata checked herself in the full body mirror once more to ensure that there wasn't a single imperfection in her outfit. She wanted to look perfect, which made her straighten every wrinkle and retie her wrap for the tenth time. The kimono she had still looked beautiful on her, but felt like it was far too tight; despite the fact it was fitted to her body by an Aburame worker.

She had plenty of experience getting dressed up for festivals and clan meetings, but for some reason her hands refused to remain steady. Her nerves felt shot, causing her to fumble with the ties and scrutinize each and every wrinkle. She was in serious need of help, but lacked the composure to invite someone into her room to assist in dressing. She was an adult and should've been able to finish dressing herself, yet thoughts of worry filled her mind and made her heart ache.

"It's still wrinkling," she thought with a numb agitation.

Hinata knew what the problem was. She opened up the front of the outfit and noticed her sling bag having a few wrinkles on the more durable fabric. She had been unconscious during the Suna/Sound invasion, which was the reason she kept supplies on hand. The protection it brought was comforting, but kunai and shuriken were bulbous and difficult to keep flat. It also limited her about a couple of each.

"I wish someone could help me dress," she whispered, but realized she did have another set of arms now that she knew a few jutsus.

She ran through the hand seals and with practiced ease, as a fluid copy of her appeared beside her. It did its' best to flatten the bag to her body as she wrapped her Kimono as tightly as she could.

"I hope Naruto-kun is having a better time than I am," she said to her clone, which nodded in agreement.

It was probably just her imagination, but Naruto always appeared to have an easier time preparing for things. Though, she knew there wasn't much he could do to prepare with meeting her father.

*Naruto's Room*

Naruto wasn't sure what it was, but he couldn't stop his palms from sweating. He faced far more dangerous circumstances than this, yet it somehow felt worse than anytime he fought for his life. His outfit felt comfortable, despite the obvious amount of sweat he dripped into the top part of his clothing. He was in his pants, but topless as he hung the top up to allow the sweat stains to evaporate.

His nervousness about it being his first date wasn't making matters easy. However, it was the only issue. His pants were comfortable, but he couldn't find where to keep his ninja equipment.

The carry pouch for his leg was too bulky to squeeze beneath the Hakama, but he wasn't about to wander the village unarmed. Especially when this was the night he was most frequently attacked.

He wasn't helpless without his ninja equipment, but as many people learned on the Suna/Sound invasion day; it was always better to be armed. He began to consider a smaller weapon pouch, though he still didn't have anything small enough to manage.

"Guess I need to use those sealed weapons," he thought, as he began to rifle through the things he had.

The blonde grimaced, realizing that his sealing kit was something he left at his apartment. The only consolation he had at realizing his mistake was that he had blank paper and an ink set on the desk to work with.

*5:00 pm Konoha Village*

Hinata looked over her outfit and the nervousness the date brought spread through her entire body. It felt like she had worms on her skin with a swarm of butterflies trying to push out of her stomach. She was about to embark on the most vital mission of her entire life. Naruto-kun would be with her for maybe five hours, which could be the true defining moment of their future relationship.

It was all or nothing; and she didn't enjoy those possibilities.

"I need to be both enticing and loquacious," she thought, but felt herself deflate at the use of formal words inside of her head.

She poked her fingers together and kept taking quick glances at the body mirror. The kimono proved to be a different color than when in the low light of the building. It was an orange red in natural light, which did flatter her skin and matched perfectly with the black obi that she had wrapped around her waist. She had decided on colors close to what Naruto always wore, hopefully he'd enjoy them. It was possibly a poor choice of color, since the Kyubbi had an orange and black coat of fur. However, that wasn't her greatest concern when she purchased it.

It bewildered her to think she could make such an oversight, though she didn't care so long as Naruto thought she looked good. She blushed when she remembered how mature he appeared in that kimono combination of black and silver. It was quite flattering and made her blush remembering it. She had to smirk at the mere fact he was in different clothes, showing that he was trying.

"He's trying so hard for me," she thought, slipping on her tabi and sandals.

"Kami-sama, please help me to not mess this up," she prayed, while double checking the clock.

She had a few precious minutes left and needed to partially fill her stomach, to not overindulge too feverishly while going around the festival booths. Hinata made certain she could access the food pills inside her sling bag. It was difficult to get her hand in from the top as it was rather tight, but eventually obtained one. She tossed it into her mouth and made a swift exit to reach the front of the Hyuuga compound.

She stepped out into the hallway and came face to face with Naruto as he exited his room. Her breath caught in her throat, which made her make a high pitched squeak. Naruto's azure stare focused on her face and he himself was at a loss of words. Hinata Hyuuga was in a red orange kimono, with a white flower or plant pattern he was intrigued by. In addition, she had on make-up! His eyes were drawn in to the coral lip stick she had put on, which forced him to take a double take.

Hinata returned his stare and wasn't sure how it was possible for him to look even more handsome. The view she had from the side at the store didn't do him justice. He looked taller in the formal clothes and the blue and silver combination worked for him. She felt light headed from just seeing him, but only felt more awkward as his cheeks carried the pink hue of a blush.



They both spoke at the same time. Neither could say another word as they looked away and attempted to compose themselves. Hinata felt like she'd catch fire with that comment. Naruto had never used that word to describe her, but was also caught up on the fact she spoke so blatantly.

"Evening, Hinata," Naruto greeted, trying to break the tension of their mutual insecurity.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata said, but trembled on the end of his name.

"So, glad I don't have to meet you at the Hyuuga compound."

"Um, Hiashi-sama requested we show up."

"Alright," Naruto stopped and took a deep breath to temper his resolve. "I'll walk you there," he said, with a small tremble in his normally indomitable confidence.

He held out his hand and noticed the panic that set into his date's face. Hinata didn't expect things to move so quickly. Granted, they hugged and carried each other on missions, but that was in a different context. That was contact for survival. This was physical contact out of want.

She hesitated at first, but when Naruto's expression appeared to be hurt by the rejection she clenched her teeth and took his right hand with her left.

The pair began their walk to the Hyuuga compound, both sizzling with the redness of their cheeks.

*5:30 Hyuuga Compound*

Naruto had to pull on the collar of his haori, since it felt like it was giving him a rash with how it clung to his neck. He wondered if he was even wearing his clothes correctly with how uncomfortable he felt. On the walk over it made him feel like he was suffocating, despite the abundance of oxygen in his lungs. It was crowded in the streets, but they somehow managed to keep their hands together the whole walk.

Naruto enjoyed the feel of Hinata's hand in his, yet wasn't sure why it made his heart race. It was probably a combination of his worry about the date and being attacked by the village populace. It wasn't obvious to Hinata, but he saw the glares people shot at him and her as they walked.

Today he didn't want to focus on the hatred he received from his fellow citizens. He wanted to honor the 4th; the greatest kage of all elemental nations. There were only two Kages that ever stood their ground against an eternal demon. Though, the 4th was the only one credited with killing the most powerful with his noble sacrifice.

That was the story told to children, but Naruto was all too aware of the truth. The 4th couldn't kill the Kyubbi, but sealed it inside an orphan child.

"Hope things don't go like the last few years," he thought, and recalled being chased off in his younger years by adults that knew the truth.

Not to mention, the times he got sold food at an exorbitant price and then after eating realized it was poisoned. It was stupid when he was the jail and not the Kyubbi, yet there was something that troubled him more than his own demise.

No one was certain what would occur if someone succeeded and killed him. The Kyubbi could die with him, or escape as the seal weakened with his death. The later would lead to Konoha's ruin, since they were without a seal master. Naruto rolled his eyes as he remembered his sensei Jiraiya, but with him so rarely around; it'd be definite that the village be destroyed.

He shrugged off the dread of that and kept up his surveillance in hopes to spot Hiashi before he located him. Currently, he and Hinata stood outside of the compound gate; still holding hands.

"Dressing up to show how important Hinata is and physical contact to show a level of trust," he recalled, yet couldn't help but feel intimidated.

He looked to their right, noting the glare of two sentries. The males' stares only intensified as he turned toward his date and offered an uneasy smile. He wondered if they thought he had some devious plans for Hinata this night, yet he couldn't even bring himself to think of more adult situations without burning like a red hot coal.

There was a creak of the large wooden doors opening, which overshadowed the soft pats of footsteps. Naruto peeled his attention from the beautiful female accompanying him and felt an overpowering sense of dread when he saw the head of the clan Hiashi Hyuuga; appearing displeased to see him. The male's expression of disgust and superiority caused his weight to instinctively shift into his back leg, prepping a hasty retreat.

Naruto glanced at the incredibly beautiful female that gripped his hand tightly at seeing her remaining parent. Naruto's wash of fear was eliminated the moment he realized she was scared. He needed to be brave, even if only to prevent her from worrying. His stance became one of self assurance, yet the dozen of Hyuuga that left the fortress all stared him down.

Hinata blushed at Naruto's actions, which made her happy he was there beside her. Though, she wasn't going to voice the discomfort caused by his tightening grip.

Hiashi saw the physical attachment they had and knew it was a matter he needed to resolve swiftly. They were early to meet at the Hokage's, so there would be no harm in taking a second to prevent a future issue. This current problem required his attention as a parent and clan leader.

Hiashi abruptly halted, turning on his heel to offer the elders a bow. They remained stationary as he walked straight for Uzumaki. He glared at the male, dissecting him with a stare that threatened harm to anyone who wished to court a female of his clan. Uzumaki was adequately dressed for the festival, though his concern didn't lie with his ability to dress appropriately.

"Even if a dog is dressed up and told to stand on its' hind legs, it was still just a dog," he thought, continuing his stride.

Hinata shrank with her father's approach, sensing the focused menace he targeted Naruto with.

Naruto felt the uvula in his throat crawl down into his stomach to hide from the male. Hiashi was about two feet taller than him, which made him appear far more intimidating than he expected. The male's serious stare put a chill in his blood, though he was able to endure and matched the man in an impromptu starring match. Besides, Hiashi's glare couldn't compare to the fury he felt when Jiraiya was dumb enough to insult Tsunade.

Hiashi reached a distance that Naruto would be the only person to hear the words he uttered.

"Uzumaki, my time is limited so I will only say this once," He said, awaiting a reply to know he was listening.

"Okay," Naruto responded, in a tone that slightly broke.

"I'm intimidating him, that's good," Hiashi thought, and picked his words carefully. He needed to portray his desire to protect his family without seeming over emotional.

"I expect Hinata returned here before 11 and in the same condition she is now, if not, I don't need to remind you how much a juken strike hurts."

Naruto's spine went rigid, since he had no idea that a date could be so dangerous. At least that's what he now assumed. His brain decided to dip into the plethora of knowledge his superiors gave him before he came over.

Treat the Hyuuga with respect; it's something they highly value.

"Hai, Hiashi-sama" he said without losing eye contact or quaking.

Hiashi was surprised to hear sama after his name, since he expected the male to give him a nickname like the other adults in his life. He huffed, realizing his scare tactic would be considered emotional. Though, he currently didn't care much if it were.

"I'll expect our agreement to be honored, Uzumaki," Hiashi stated and continued past.

Naruto watch all the other Hyuugas follow their leader to wherever they planned to go. He felt enough relief to inhale as they passed, and was thankful no one else wanted to speak to him.

He finally felt Hinata slowly caressing his hand and waiting patiently for his attention to return to her.

"Jeez, is he always that scary?"

Hinata didn't answer that question, but her uneasy expression spoke plainly enough.

"What did he say," she asked, frightened by the number of things he could've stated.

"Just about what time to have you home by," Naruto said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Shall we," he asked, oblivious to the physical contact they maintained.

The clearing of someone's throat made their attention divert.

The couple turned and felt surprise to see Neji in a Kimono similar to Hiashi's. It was relieving to see he had clothing other than his gi. He decided to go with an all black kimono, which was standard for these festivities. His female companion on the other hand, decided on something a bit more tight and shiny. TenTen was in another one of her foreign outfits, though this one had a few special modifications.

She had decided to go a bit more extravagant, since she wanted to make it obvious that Neji and she were on their first date. Despite his refusal; when she asked him out. Her clothing choice was reminiscent of the pink vest she used to wear, but some modifications were done to make it into a dress. Its' length reached halfway down her thigh, with a slip that lured the eye narrowly to her hip. It had a forest green fabric seam on all the edges, which complimented the gillyflower colored fabric of the rest. The center zipper was removed and replaced with a diagonal zip up that started at the left of her neck and ended just below her right arm. It was complimented with a pair of buttons that looked like rose buds tied together.

She topped off the entire ensemble with her usual balled hair, but covered them with a new purchase. They were gold circular covers that had a vine and leaf pattern, which matched the gold leaf earrings that dangled from each ear.

Naruto felt like his eyes were about to bulge out, since it was the second time he noticed how feminine some of the females he knew actually could appear. He was confused, why did it take a special occasion for them to make their physical beauty blatant. He decided to keep his mouth shut and offered a wave to the pair as they approached.

"Naruto, Hinata-sama," greeted the older Hyuuga.

"Neji, TenTen," Hinata greeted and wasn't sure why they were both there.

Though, it was refreshing to see Neji opening up to someone. Even if, he looked miserable being out for a social call.

"Hinata-sama, I had hoped to speak with you before you left," Neji began, considering the best way to word his proposal.

He was silent for a few seconds, due to the difficulty of finding the correct words on the specific subject. This deadlock was instantly compensated for by his teammate.

"We wanted to know if you'd like to go on a double date," TenTen asked and had to smirk at the pale eyed male's tremor at her words.

Hinata blinked her eyes and was relieved to know it was just something innocent. She hadn't told anyone about her date with Naruto beside Sakura, and Hiashi. On the other hand, it was probably obvious with how happy and nervous she was the day prior. TenTen most likely spoke to Neji and figured it out. It was both a letdown and reassuring to know she'd have others there. Hinata went to the festival before with her teammates, but that was far from a romantic date.

She had a few ideas of where to go, but the extra company would help to offer ideas. Not to mention, allow her moments of respite to eat more food pills to avoid fainting.

"Alright," Both Naruto and Hinata agreed after a quick glance at the other.

The group began off, with Neji at the rear feeling like an idiot at how simple that truly was. TenTen linked her arm in his as they trailed behind the other pair that cautiously held hands.

"I'll let that be for now," Neji thought, as they traveled to the Hokage tower.

*Konoha festival grounds.*

The sun had just passed behind the Kage monument, allowing the sky to drift into a shroud of darkness. The village's entire inhabitants seemed to have gathered onto the streets, making it a struggle to navigate through the mob. Naruto and Neji had done the gentlemanly thing and pushed their way forward to allow their dates to follow closely behind them. It took nearly twenty minutes to reach a place that TenTen found optimal to see the Hokage's tower.

Naruto had enjoyed some festivals while he was about with Jiraiya, but he never was able to celebrate in his own home. This made him wonder why everyone wanted to try and push to be close to the tower. He didn't have much time to question the situation, because of other matters. They stopped after their human trail blazing endeavor. However, they hadn't anticipated the crowd to collect around them as people pushed and pulled. TenTen found herself pressed against Neji's back with her arms wrapped around him, while Hinata found herself pinned face to face with Naruto.

Naruto stared into his companions pale purple eyes and had not a single doubt his own blush rivaled hers' as she gazed upon a blue ocean. Hinata felt shocked to be in close proximity to her long time crush, which grew worse as the crowd squeezed them together. Naruto pinched his leg as hard as he could to prevent himself from getting a nose bleed. The size and malleability of Hinata's breasts became quite apparent, as they conformed against his chest. With the distinct memory of them in his hands only making things worse.

They weren't the only ones who were having problems as TenTen found herself narrowly wrapped around Neji. To make things worse, his shoulders were pinned by people beside him. This caused him to lose balance, but was able to compensate by grabbing two handfuls of his teammates exposed thighs and arching his back.

A series of controlled breathes was all either male could do to buy time; to calm themselves after the intimate contact neither anticipated. Neji felt idiotic for not taking precautions, but it was the fact TenTen continued to squeeze him in her arms that made him nervous. He wasn't comfortable with touching and he wondered how he couldn't be clearer about that. Neji's personal issue faded, when he noticed Hinata and Naruto's hugging. It probably was an accident, but was still inappropriate.

Neji tried to move closer to pull Uzumaki away from his family member. However, he only managed to lose balance and grab further up on his "date". TenTen gasped at his forwardness, rewarding him with a slap to both his hands.

"I didn't think I'd need to worry about that with Neji," she thought, but decided to be a bit more on guard with the male.

To everyone's relief, the crowd settled and allowed them to have personal space.

At 6 o'clock the lights on top of the tower turned on to illuminate Tsunade in her ceremonial robe. She smiled down at the mob of civilians and shinobi alike, since it was one of the few times of the year everyone got to celebrate victory and remember those that were lost.

"Citizens of Konoha, let the celebration of the Fourth Hokage, begin," Tsunade shouted to the audience below.

The night sky suddenly erupted into a beautiful display of colors. Fireworks chased away the darkness, causing several of the people in attendance to gaze in awe and wonder. It was the start of a wonderful night and it was time to party.

*Rising Sun Cathouse*

Taro rubbed his hands together, finally able to focus on his business with the gaggle of villagers outside. He was overjoyed to be in a secure location, since festivals always seemed to bring chaos in Konoha. He always thought of it as some sort of ironic sense of humor Kami had. If there was any celebration; then something horrible was bound to happen soon after. It was the reason when something went his way he began to feel nervous, like a target was just freshly painted on his backside.

The pain of his casted leg was evidence of the good that came with the bad. He managed to wipe out a "traitor" to the village and was financially compensated for it. Though, he would've gladly traded his fiscal reward for his ability to walk. The prognosis on his leg was promising, plus with Danzo gone he felt like a possible hazard was averted to some degree. History wasn't on his side, since he considered previous complications of late.

"I treat a Hyuuga of some disease, my office gets coated with paint, I eliminate a threat to Konoha, my leg gets broken, I save the last of a dying clan, my house gets blown to pieces, I help the same Hyuuga win a fight against her sister, my grandmother wants me to return to the Masahiro clan house," he thought, the frustration now evident in his pragmatic expression.

He rested his head in the palm of his right hand and considered the possibility of just hiding away for some time. Maybe somewhere that people wouldn't dare search for him.

Taro Masahiro looked about his office and stretched his sore left arm over his head. The repetitive action of missing with so many kunai left his shoulder stiff, yet he knew that was also due to him no longer being in shape. Though, that was the disease that afflicted all business men like him. He retrieved a black ledger from his desk top and rolled out of his office door. The door closed slowly enough, but this time he made certain to lock it by pumping his chakra into a seal that was on the door knob. People breaking into his things lately left him more paranoid than usual. Violation of his personal property was one thing, but he was exhausted by the growing bill the destruction of said items caused.

He sighed as the amount of ryu notes he'd need to rebuild his home made him pale.

"Forget it, that's an issue for another time," he assured himself, and made for the event room with a ledger securely in his lap.

The halls looked practically abandoned, which was what he demanded of all the workers who were off duty. It needed to look like his business was closed; otherwise people might walk in on the private event. He reached the embellished double doors and knocked with a specific pattern, which caused the door to immediately be opened by Anzu; who was acting as a guard for the event. Her outfit was merely a tight and shiny purple dress, which definitely disguised her well among his active workers.

The green haired female allowed him to pull forward enough to close the door and push him to his private booth. Taro analyzed the turnout of individuals who frolicked at the promise of a night they'd never forget. It amused him to peer about the dimly lit room and note men of all statures enjoying his hospitality as a group. There were foreign dignitaries, businessmen, Land barons, even the fire and earth daimyo were in attendance; all of them drinking imported wines and specialty brewed alcohols.

Several of the males appeared uncertain of the reason they were invited, or to what the night would entail. That lack of knowledge explained the uneasy tension throughout the room. The thick miasma well seated in confusion, felt menacing in nature as he located the Daimyos in attendance. Both males were older gentlemen, and looked concerned with only having a single bodyguard sitting beside them.

The rising sun cathouse wasn't as carefree as the ignorant masses took it for. Weapons weren't allowed, except for ninja on crowd control duty. In addition, if someone of importance did attend they were limited to a single protector. It might've appeared reckless to only allow a single guardian, but it served a dual purpose. Officials occasionally wanted to kill a rival and word did travel fast when someone frequented certain establishments. However, most officials were cowards and wouldn't send out their only means of protection as an attacker.

To further discourage this behavior, there was equipment confiscation at entry. This didn't do too much, since all ninja were versed in killing with their bare hands. However, it did discourage it; as anyone fighting bare handed was naturally at a disadvantage against security workers armed to the teeth.

Taro could sense something was amiss, which made his eye notice the green haired female by the fire Daimyo generating an aura of anxiousness. Nepheenee had both her hands on the table and seemed to be in an unofficial starring contest with the guard by the earth daimyo. Her gaze was one of protective instinct for the precious person near her. The earth Daimyo's guard projected a gaze back that felt like a cold piece of metal against one's throat.

This was ironic in the power the male's stare held, since he didn't appear to have eyes. Nothing could be discerned, as his entire head was wrapped with bandages. Though, you could feel the creepy gaze despite that. Taro wasn't certain why, but he got a shiver just from looking at the male from the side. It was an interesting strategy to bring someone so sinister along, since no one would want to attack anyone who made their blood run cold with only a glare. Intimidation tactic or not, his customers safety came first. Taro signaled with his left hand and three of his guards in the crowd applied more security to the fire daimyo. His workers moved swiftly, making no attempt to go unnoticed. Nepheenee saw the trio of finely dressed females take a seat at a table beside them; their garb told her they were there for business purposes. She finally relaxed in her chair as her husband poured her a glass of the sake on their table.

Anzu weaved Taro's wheelchair through the tables and brought him to the center stage where the event would begin. Taro double checked his watch and timed his introduction perfectly to start at six twenty. The room silenced as a spot light cued his customers to pay attention, since he usually made an announcement before the party began. Taro cleared his throat to try and project more.

"Lords, gentlemen, ladies, I appreciate you choosing to attend this night. Tonight will be a show I promise you will never experience anywhere else, and as always; all refreshments will be free for the next hour," he asserted, and with a wave of his hand his workers started the event.

The lights in the room faded down to darkness and the only thing lighted was the stage.

Taro entrenched himself at his private table and put down the work he needed to accomplish. He huffed at the fact he was trying to perform clan work when he was supposed to be resting. Though, it made him happy, and you regenerated faster when in a good mood. Though, it was at the last minute. Koharu had set the date for when she wanted the information, but he was sidetracked with being in the hospital as both doctor and patient.

He began to crunch the numbers of the village population until he heard the voice of Jiraiya and immediately felt regret that he invited the male. While it was an honor having a legendary sannin in attendance, he didn't want to have questions asked about the manga work for Icha Icha Paradise.

"Was there a reason you didn't argue with Tsunade about the manga?"

"I only pick fights I can win, a simple change and we see profit in less than a month, otherwise we'd have to wait until the elder council was reinstated."

"It was supposed to be a master piece, why couldn't she take it as a compliment," Jiraiya asked and took a seat in Taro's booth.

Taro instinctually inched away from the male. The material he had was sensitive, since it contained information regarding every clan.

"My experience has shown that women don't appreciate it when you draw them in the nude," Taro said with an uninterested look as he continued to perform basic and complex math.

"Besides, I have something far better than drawn images."

"It's not the same," Jiraiya stated, with his mind set on one specific body type.

"You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," Taro confirmed without even raising his head.

*Lime Scene*

Everyone in attendance felt their hearts skip as the lights all died, but when they returned; there illuminated by a single spot light was the 5th Hokage in her ceremonial regalia. She was in her grey wrap top, blue pants, green jacket with the kanji slug on the back, black high heel sandals, and her red hat only the Hokage wore.

Every one of the men felt their hearts catch in their throats, since this was a death sentence. Each person knew the Hokage hated perversion and they were all about to pay the price for their choices.

"What do you think you're doing," she shouted, with eyes that spoke of unimaginable fury.

Nephenee tried not to smirk at the fact all the men in the room looked like their dicks had crawled inside them. Though, if this were an emergency she wouldn't let her husband be hurt.

Liliyan took a deep breath and took off the hat from her head, which she licked excruciatingly slow along the edge. Everyone's heart beats proceeded as she tossed the item onto a nearby male. Several customers felt like the heat in the room began to rise, while a few cautiously inched toward the marked exits.

Liliyan let her arms go limp and the cloak slid to the floor. The males were shocked to see lady Tsunade in such a fashion, but several of them couldn't help their anticipation of see the forbidden fruit.

Liliyan felt every hair on her body stand on end from the chill of the room's air, though the additional lights that highlighted every inch of her chased it away. That and the slow rocking and swaying of her hips caused her defined rear to sway and pop.

Her expression looked focused, since she was hesitant of making a mistake. However, the veracious hunger in the crowds eyes; ignited an excitement she wasn't used to. Any part of her body that she dared to shake, flex, or sway drew the attention of all. It was a definite change in how men usually looked at her, which made her wonder if this arousal, was what attractive females felt.

This new found stimulation inspired her to spice up her routine and picked a grey haired skinny male was glasses as her target. The man was the first to be sitting right at the edge of the stage and she decided to reward his bravery. Lilyan strolled along the walk to be in front of him at her elevated position.

She extended out her leg and hooked the male by the back of his neck, bringing him closer, and keeping his field of view pointed upward. Liliyan decided to delve deeper into her repertoire of movements she was instructed in. Her hands snaked under the wrap about her mid section. The grey top came loose and fell off her shoulders as she tilted back and allowed her intimate lingerie to be exposed.

The bra was blue in color, but it barely could be considered clothing with how little it covered. Her large breasts poured out of the sides, daring to be fully exposed as she continued to move and lean. However, the micro bikini top kept her nipples hidden from view. Liliyan held her position for a moment and made certain she had caught the top in hand. Her gaze looked down to the male she had captured and intentionally bounced, causing him to wash red. She tossed her top over his face and wanted to laugh with how he steamed from his blush.

She was surprised when a wave of ryu notes began to fly at her like torrents of rain. She barely had started and already these men were losing their minds. Her next move was sure to drive them crazy as she rubbed her hands from her neck down her voluptuous breasts and into the edges of her blue pants. These were specially designed for this work, since she was able to "tear" them away. She decided to try her own special position, which involved her bending forward and showing her rear as she tore the item off.

She felt a breeze of air, caused by every male gasping at the exposure of her firm bottom. Not to mention, the fact the micro bikini bottom held so tight many men stared in hopes of seeing a specific outline. Their chance vanished as she stood back up and the spot lights directed her to another part of a stage with a pole emplaced.

Jiraiya felt his jaw go slack as he remembered his one glimpse at such a treasure. It took him a second to recover, yet still couldn't pry his stare away.

"Masahiro, can I borrow twenty thousand ryu?"

"Let me guess, in singles," Taro laughed as he continued his work. "The bar can make change, I promise she doesn't bite" he affirmed, but quieted noticing something in his paperwork.

Liliyan's path was hindered by all the men in the audience. It made her think of hungry wolves snapping at an animal just out of reach. They were hypnotized by her beauty, though chances were they did want to "eat" her. This resulted in them nearly toppling over each other to slide money into her micro bikini as she walked. She felt like she'd be overrun, but noticed how they cautiously kept civil; due to all the guards on duty. Fear subsided and permitted her to have some fun.

Liliyan grabbed the pole in her right hand and began to walk around it to size up her audience. She kept her face neutral as she examined, since a smile could be easily misconstrued as attraction. In the mass of males her attention landed on an older looking pervert with a huge head of white hair and broad shoulders. He seemed rather certain of himself, but his hands betrayed him by rolling ryu notes. The man appeared nervous and that empowered her.

She tucked her leg around the pole, making sure she was secured. She did a complete rotation around with her leg pointed outward. Men shouted and smirked at the perverted spin the bottle routine and glared in envy, when she stopped pointing at Jiraiya. He was flustered, since he worried any moment he'd be narrowly beaten to death. She stepped down from her pole and put her arms around the pervert's neck.

Liliyan glided her hands down his chest, before taking the bills from his shaky hands and pulling them straight. She leaned forward, which made the male's mouth go agape. She guided the money between his teeth and pushed his jaw shut to hold it.

She felt wild and decided to give the quality service the Rising Sun Cathouse was renowned for. The Tsunade impersonator wrapped a leg around the male to prevent him from escaping. Her hands braced Jiraiya's head and pushed him face first into her abundant cleavage. The male felt her wiggle his head between the soft mounds of flesh and mesmerized all his senses. He came up for air five seconds later and looked like he died happy. She held him up with her leg and delicately lowered him into a nearby seat as he appeared to have fainted. Liliyan turned and received several gasps as the ryu notes were secured between the valley on her chest.

"Come on, let's celebrate your Hokage," she shouted, causing dozens of men to place money in their mouths hoping for the same pleasure.

Jiraiya looked like his spirit had left him. As a ninja someone could tell when they touched something that was a henge, but that wasn't a henge at all. The female looked, felt, smelled, and sounded like Tsunade. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, she was Tsunade.

*end Lime*

Taro looked up from his tabletop and shook his head at the depravity he witnessed. Granted, he had no place to judge when he owned the establishment that encouraged such behavior. However, he was more surprised in the amount of money that was being tossed away. These men probably broke the backs of their workers for income, yet they'd throw it all away for minutes of instant gratification.

"To each their own," he thought, while he tired to understand the discrepancy in the village population files.

"Odd, Uzumaki existed within Konoha for a few generations, but after the Kyubbi attack they disappear from public records," Taro thought, while thumbing through Konoha's past ninja population charts.

Every year, Konoha took account of their ninja, clan, civilian, and prison population. Copies were made and given to both the Hokage and village elders, while the Masahiro clan held on to the originals.

Taro was double checking an "issue" Koharu had foreseen happening, but he was far too interested in this missing piece of the puzzle. It confused him to think there was only ever a single Uzumaki within the village at a time.

The last one documented was a casualty of the Kyubbi attack on Konoha several years ago, but something was amiss. Usually, when a female married she'd take the name of her husband's clan. There was no indication of this Kushina being married, nor any proof she had adopted a child. Taro tapped his finger on the table to help him think of the possibilities, but logic was failing him.

"Kushina Uzumaki, Died on October 10th, Naruto Uzumaki, Born on October 10th, same year, but where is the connection. There needs to be father…unless Uzumaki had an asexual blood limit. No, if that were the case there'd be far more of them," Taro thought, while continuing to place pieces of the puzzle together.

He tired to recall all the schooling his father drilled him with as he remembered the Uzumaki clan dossier they made.

"Uzumaki, origin: whirlpool, defining characteristics: long red hair, red eyes, prone psychotic fits of rage, peculiar chakra systems." Taro recalled, but noticed that Naruto Uzumaki was a genetic anomaly.

Blonde hair in a clan of red heads only meant he could get that from the father. Thankfully, Konoha had such a limited number of blonde males, which narrow down the choices. Though, of all those potential fathers one in particular stood out.

Taro laughed derisively as he figured out something that eluded a majority of Konoha. This did make him wonder why Koharu trusted him with this information, since she no doubt knew. She probably thought he'd be too focused on the villages impending doom to take the time to notice.

He picked up the chart for the year of the Kyubbi attacked and stuffed it away. The information could prove humorous at a future time, though it could prove to be toxic to Konoha and anyone close to Uzumaki. If Naruto was related to the 4th Hokage, there would be hundreds of ninja wanting to kill him. It would place Konoha in grave danger and he wanted to save the village not destroy it.

Taro stored the document and decided to doubled checked the population prior to when the village was attacked. To his great horror, what Koharu noticed was correct. He even attempted a third time to see if his population growth rate was flawed, yet it was entirely correct. Therefore, in two generations the hidden leaf would begin to wither. He needed to discuss this with Tsunade the next morning.

A shout got his attention to turn back up to the show, which was still going smoothly. Someone had gotten a bit over excited when his worker "accidentally" let some of her intimates slip free of their restraints.

He attempted to return to his work, but some hands on his private table made him close the ledger expediently. It was sensitive information and could cause some horrific problems if brought to the light. Taro raised his head and found two people he instantly recognized. A fake smile manifested on his face as he knew how best to respond.

"Tsubasa Takahashi, Nephenee Takahashi, what be your pleasure," he asked in his professional tone and signaled a server to bring over some high quality sake