Pete: Oh, transpo-- My truck is still in Lake Michigan.

Myka: God that was cold.

Pete: Word.

Did you guys ever wonder about the events leading up to Pete's truck being 'in' Lake Michigan? Haha. I did, so I'm going to make it up! This would take place between 'Resonance' and 'Magnetism'. Here's the teaser:


Myka saw him throw it in slow motion, knowing full well that the mahogany box was still in the truck with Pete at the other side of the bridge. She stopped dead in her tracks, the Tesla forgotten at her side as she witnessed the inevitable happen.

It was like watching the reverse of the straw that broke the camel's back. The small stack of yellowed paper hit the thin ice without a sound. Ten seconds later, a loud hollow splash followed.


Without even a look to her fleeing suspect, Secret Service Agent Myka Bering jumped from the wooden bridge into the frigid lake water.


Have I left you in suspense?