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A blue hedgehog with red and white striped shoes was relaxing on the rooftop of his best friend's house. He yawned and prepared himself for a day of nonstop sleep. He was usually (and almost literally) bouncing off the walls with limitless energy, sometimes dashing around the planet five or six times. His name was Sonic, the fastest thing alive, and today, the most exhausted hedgehog in the galaxy. He had the task of saving his world from global domination by a madman named Robotnik, a.k.a Eggman, and it totally wore him out!

He regretted his lack of energy that morning. It was a nice, sunny day, and he would've enjoyed running with the sun shining on his face. Instead, (thanks to Eggman) he had to rest up for anything else the Doctor might try. He groaned and leaped off the roof, dashing inside his best friend Tails' home to find a nice, dark place to sleep. He settled himself on a wing of Tails' plane, stored away in the garage.

Unbeknownst to the tired 'hog, a figure in the distant future was watching him intently.

"So the 'blue blur' does need to sleep," he scoffed. "I thought he was boundless energy." He leaned in closer to the monitor, tapping his chin. He tapped faster and faster until he finally clapped his hands together. A grin stretched out on his face.

"I believe the time is right," he murmured, "to give Sonic a glimpse of the future."

Sonic saw a bright light through his closed eyelids. They flew open, revealing light-green eyes.

"Whu- what?" he said groggily. The light grew brighter and brighter, too bright for Sonic to stand.

"Aaaaaah!" he exclaimed as the light consumed him. It disappeared, taking Sonic away with it.


Sonic found himself lying face first on swampy ground. He instantly jumped to his feet.

"Yuck!" he exclaimed in disgust. He glanced around his surroundings.

"Where, am I?" he asked himself. Everywhere he looked, he saw trees. He was in a forest that much he knew. He leaped up to the nearest tree and climbed to the top. Nothing but trees.

Suddenly, a ship moving at incredible speeds zoomed an inch above his head.

"Whoa!" cried Sonic, nearly falling out of the tree. He glanced behind him, but the ship had vanished. Another ship flying just as low came towards the blue 'hog.

"Maybe I outta hitch a ride on that ship and find out what's going on," he said to himself. When the ship came close enough, Sonic grabbed ahold of a handle conveniently on the bottom of the ship and took off on it.

On top of the very same platform ship, a young woman with pink ponytails and a white top and mini-skirt on was holding a microphone.

"Bonjour ev'one!" she said, "and welcome to my swingin' report show!"

'Report show?' thought Sonic. 'Is this a news ship?'

"My sources have spotted Purge and his Rhythm Rouges capturing innocent hikers and forcing them to dance. This is the same Purge that was last seen flying across the cosmos after he attempted to take over the galaxy."

'Who takes over a place by forcing everyone to dance?' Sonic stuck out his tongue in disgust. 'Even Eggman isn't that lame.'

"Ulala!" sang a voice behind her. "Sweet, sweet Ulala! Oh, how I've missed you!" The platform ship turned around so sharply Sonic almost lost his grip. 'Whoa!' he exclaimed.

"Purge!" cried Ulala. Standing on his own personal hovercraft was a man with crazy, white hair, pink and blue sunglasses, and a long, black cloak with the letter 'p' written on the side in white. Ulala reached down and pulled out her ray guns.

"You wouldn't shoot me, would you?" he teased, arms in a mock defensive pose.

"I'll do whatever it takes to rid the galaxy of you!" she replied, aiming the guns at him.

'I like her!' Sonic thought.

"CHU!" she exclaimed, firing. Purge's craft disappeared before the shot could reach him. He materialized behind her.

"Peek-a-boo!" he exclaimed, pulling out a ray gun. "I see you!"

Ulala turned around just as Purge pulled the trigger. A spiky, blue ball launched itself at Purge from underneath the platform ship. The laser blast shot at a tree, sending a swarm of startled birds flying. He almost fell off the ship, but Purge managed to regain his balance.

"What the-?" he exclaimed as the ball rammed into him again. Purge tumbled into the forest below him, only to be rescued as his craft flew under him. Purge helplessly clung to the edge of the ship as it flew away.

"See ya, Ulala!" he shouted over his shoulder. Soon, he was out of Ulala's sight. The blue ball landed on the platform ship next to her, uncurling. Sonic stood back up. Ulala immediately aimed her guns at the hedgehog, prepared to fire.

"Hold up!" cried Sonic. "I'm one of the good guys!"

Ulala cautiously lowered her rays.

"Who are you?" She asked him.

"Sonic," he replied. "Sonic the Hedgehog."

"Were you that blue ball that knocked into Purge?"

"Yeah." He sat down, yawning. "If I didn't act as quickly as I did, you'd be dead meat."

"Thank you, Sonic. I'm Ulala," she told him, but the blue 'hog was fast asleep. She smiled to herself.

"Fuse, I'm gonna head back to the station," she spoke into her headphone. "It's been a long day."