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Am I in heaven?

Am I dreaming?

Did Edward really just show up in Florida to confess his love for me?

Am I kissing him?

Almost as if he could read my mind and wanted to answer my questions, I felt his hand on the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. At this point I figured if I were dreaming that I'd better make the very best of this situation and go all out.

In doing so, I grabbed two fistfuls of his beautiful hair (my God my daydreams of how soft his hair would feel balled up in my hands did him no justice) as I practically climbed his body to deepen the kiss. I heard him moan into my mouth which in turn made me moan back loudly in to his. My entire body felt flushed as my heart pounded so loud it reverberated through my head and ears.

I sucked in a deep breath and felt Edward's tongue snake into my mouth. I'd kissed Edward before but never had I felt such emotion and want in his kiss. Knowing that he was standing in front of me, completely sober, mind you, initiating a kiss that I've wanted for so long now made my knees go weak.


Edward must have felt my shift in balance because suddenly he squeezed my torso tighter to him. I was almost completely off the ground he was holding me so tight.

All too soon he began to soften his kisses, taking his hands off my back. I felt him slowly run one hand up to my hair, followed by the other. He stopped his motions for a second and opened his eyes, telling me softly to open mine.

"Isabella, open your beautiful eyes for a minute."

My eyes fluttered open and the look he was giving me was enough to make my knees weak all over again.

His eyes danced with amusement. "Breathe, love. Breathe," he cooed.

I took a deep breath before whispering, "Are you really here? Did you really just say that you love me, too?"

I heard him chuckle softly, stroking a finger down my face. "Yes, I'm really here and I'm really standing in front of you confessing how immensely in love with you I am. I mean really, how could I not be?"

I choked back my tears of absolute happiness, "I have to be dreaming."

"What can I do to convince you otherwise?"

I quirked an eyebrow, "Hmm...I don't know. Kiss me again?"

He sighed deeply, pretending to think about my request. "That I can most definitely do," he said, his voice full of lust, before lowering his lips to my own for another searing kiss.

I started to tug on his hair again, trying to smash his face to my own even more than it already was when I heard, "Woo! It's about damn time, Bellabean!"

My limbs froze and I heard Edward groan loudly against my mouth, "Emmett, fuck! Will you please shut up?"

I peeked my eyes open to see not only Emmett standing there gawking but my mother and Rosalie as well.

Emmett smacked Edward's shoulder, causing me to stumble back a bit. "Pshhh...my litttle brother finally grew a pair and you think I'm not going to be the first to congratulate him?"

From the corner of my almost completely closed eye, I think I saw Rose elbow Emmett causing him to make an 'oof' sound before my mother ran over to the two of us, practically bouncing with happiness.

"This is amazing! My little Isabella with Esme's Edward. She always said this would happen! I can't wait to call and tell her."

I cringed, "Mom, please. This is so embarassing. Can I please talk to Edward...alone?" I looked to Rose for some support and she quickly cleared her throat, suggesting the three of them go inside so Edward and I could have some privacy.

Emmett and my mother surprisingly went along with Rose's suggestion and begain filing into the house but not before Emmett got one more comment in. "Did you hear that, Rosie? She wants to be alone with Eddie-boy!" I put my head into the crook of Edward's arm when I heard my mother warn Emmett that'd she'd whack him with one of Phil's bats if he kept trying to embarass us.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I heard the back door close but quickly had to suck in another breath as I noticed that Rosalie had yet to go into the house with my mother and Emmett. She slowly approached Edward, a look of pure determination and strength adorning her flawless face.

She whispered venomously to Edward, "Now, I'm only going to say this one time and one time only Eddie-boy, so listen up."

I saw a wave of sheer terror flash over Edward's face as she poked a perfectly manicured finger to his chest. "So help me God, you had better not hurt her. And if you do hurt her in any way I won't be so gentle when I come after you this time around. I won't be just kicking you in your family jewels...oh, no no. This go 'round," she stepped even closer to get her point across, "This time they'll be in a fucking jar in my room, got it?"

Edward swallowed loudly, "Yeah, Rose, got it."

Rose smiled angelically and said, "Good. So long as we're clear."

Edward answered back just as sweetly. "Crystal."

Rose winked at me and slipped back into my mom's house without another word.

Edward and I both watched her go back into the house. He turned to me once the door was closed. He nodded towards the door and said, "Well, that went well."

"Yeah, it was just...awesome," I answered back sarcastically.

He chuckled as he pulled me into another bone-crushing hug. I snuggled into his chest, enjoying the fact that I could breathe in his scent freely without him thinking I was a complete whack job.

Edward took my hand and led me over to some of the chairs Renee had arranged on her back deck. The view from the porch of her house was absolutely stunning. The floor of the porch was made of traditional wood but the surrounding banisters were all panes of glass. You could see the view of the beach even when you were sitting down in a chair.

Edward waited until I sat in one of the chairs before scooting another over with his foot, never taking his hand out of mine.

I looked down at my lap nervously, before looking back up at Edward through my lashes. He sat down quickly, leaning over to whisper in my ear, "I love when you look at me like that."

I swallowed nervously and stammered, "Like w-what?"

He smiled my favorite crooked grin before saying, "Like you want me."

I coughed out a nervous burst of air. "What...what are you talking about?"

He shrugged before tucking a wayward lock of my hair behind my ear. "So, wanna talk about your note?"

I shook my head vigorously, "No, I want to talk about why you flew clear across the country to see me after reading it."

"I already told you why. I love you and I couldn't wait for you to get back to tell you."

I blushed furiously, squeezing his hand tightly. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing you say that."

"Good. I plan on telling you about a dozen more times to make up for lost time."

I furrowed my brow. "What do you mean?"

"I've been waiting to tell you that for quite some time now. I've just been too scared and then you were with Jasper and-"

I scrunched my face up as my heart started quickening its pace as I interrupted him. "Wait a minute. Are you sure about all this, Edward? What about Tanya? I mean if you've been in love with me for 'quite some time now' like you say you have been, then how could you have willingly gotten back together with her? Plus, I mean, she cheated on you, Edward and I saw with my own two eyes how much that hurt you. What if I'm just your rebound?"

He looked at me like I was crazy, "I could care less that she cheated on me, Bell. She did me a favor, trust me. I never should have went back out with her. In fact, I never should have been with her in the first place. I'm ashamed to it admit it now but I was milking that situation as much as I could so you would feel bad and hang out with me instead of Jasper."

He took a breath and went on. "And while we're on that subject, Isabella, I could really say the same thing to you about all of this. You dated Jasper knowing you were in love with me so what's the difference? I'm telling you with all my heart that I, without a doubt in my mind, know how I feel about you. I may have been confused then but I'm absolutely sure now."

I couldn't really argue that I had been trying to replace my feelings for Edward with my feelings for Jasper but I knew that it was a tad different. Edward had girls chasing after him left and right and even though it did always bother me, I had never felt the need to date anyone. His relationships were always completely superficial and never lasted long enough for me to really notice. It was really only when Edward lied to me about Tanya and broke my heart to pieces, that I even entertained the idea of starting a relationship with someone else.

Edward squeezed my hand to break me out of my train of thoughts and went on, "And trust me when I tell you that I've always known that you were special, Bell, but at the same time I've always known that I'm not. I mean I am such a screw up and I'm probably going to Hell for even pursuing this," he motioned between the two of us before pinching the bridge of his nose, "but I'm tired of trying to stay away from you. I'm tired of denying myself when I get that urge to kiss you or hug you or tell you how madly in love with you I am."

As if to prove his point, he leaned over and pressed his lips to my own. Even though we had kissed not too long ago I still felt bewildered that he would want to do it again. I think he meant for the kiss to be gentle and innocent but I couldn't help myself when I pulled his head closer with my free hand and deepened the kiss.

Edward pulled away after a minute, resting his forehead against mine. "So, do you believe it yet? Can you trust that I mean it when I tell you that I'm head over heels in love with you, Bell?"

I sighed. "You better, Cullen. Or I'm kicking your ass and going to college far, far away from you."

He threw his head back in laughter. "I'd like to see you try, Swan. Come on, let's go walk on the beach."

He took my hand and led me down the stairs to the beach. We walked and talked, just enjoying each other's company. Later on that night, we decided to hit up a local carnival with Rose and Emmett.

Edward insisted on playing that game where you try to knock all the bottles down even though I told him it would never happen. He rolled his eyes, throwing a twenty down on the counter and getting a basket of baseballs in return.

"It's all in the aim, Bella. You'll see."

Needless to say, forty dollars and a pissed off Edward later, we were standing in line for the ferris wheel - empty handed.

"That shit was rigged," Edward spouted off as I pulled him into a hug.

Rose laughed, standing next to Emmett who looked a bit nervous to be riding the ferris wheel.

"I tried to tell you, Edward," I started to say but was effectively cut off by his 'shut it' glare.

I giggled to myself, squeezing his torso tighter.

The guy at the front of the line started letting everyone on and Edward and I climbed into one basket, while Rose and Em climbed into the one next to us.

I could hear Rose telling Emmett to stop being such a baby as Edward pulled me closer to him. The ride started and even though I could hear Em clearly panicking below us, the view and being there with Edward made up for it big time.

"Is this real?," I whispered to Edward as we reached the top of the ride.

Edward kissed my neck below my ear, whispering back, "It has to be. I can't bear the thought of waking up from this dream."


I looked up into his big, green eyes and felt that familiar magnetic pull to kiss him. Our mouths met and I felt like fireworks should have been exploding over top of our heads, the moment felt that perfect. I wanted to remember this for the rest of my life.

Edward sighed pulling me tighter.

And for some strange reason, I started giggling uncontrollably as I thought about the last time I had been this happy.

"What's so funny, Bell?," Edward asked, an adorable smile playing on his lips.

"I was just thinking about the last time I've been this happy. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like this memory so much more, trust me, but I know the last time I really smiled like this was when-," I tried to say but giggled again instead.

"Oh God. You're giggling just like you did when you made Esme and Renee take all of us to that *NSYNC concert!"

That did it. That was exactly the time I had been thinking.

The memory of an angry Edward and Emmett, arms crossed over their chests, as Rose and I bounced around like maniacs singing along to every single word to every song they performed bounded through my head. I had bought their CD and listened to it every single day, all day for a whole month. I listened to it so much that Edward and Emmett could recite every song, word for word - a fact that they both hated.

When my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday I said all I wanted that year were tickets for Rose, Edward, Emmett and myself to a concert. Renee, being the flighty mother she was, had no idea what *NSYNC was and happily obliged my wishes, buying the tickets that same day. I knew without a doubt, that once Esme informed the boys of what Renee had done they would throw fits and try to get out of going so I conned Rose into making Emmett go.

Rose and I had been fast friends when I defended her against Lauren and Jessica. More so, Emmett had been following Rose around from that day on, as well. So I knew if Rose asked Emmett to come he would go, but not before begging Edward to go along as well.

Even at ten years old, my mind was devious.

"I can't believe you guys actually came with us!" I managed to get out before falling into another fit of giggles.

"Oh like you had nothing to do with that," he laughed, before pressing a kiss to my temple. My heart fluttered again as he began to sing softly in my ear.

...Girl when we started, baby, we were friends...

My mouth went dry at the sound of Edward singing an *NSYNC song to me. Sure I was ten years old when the boyband phase was in full swing, but every one of their songs still had an impact on me when I heard them now. The songs brought back fond memories of the four of us - Edward, Emmett, Rose, and myself - and the memories were some of the happiest I have.

...But that's not how this fairytale is gonna end...

I wiped a fallen tear off my face as I listened to Edward sing. It wasn't fair really, that this gorgeous boy with his crazy hair and piercing green eyes could sing, too. I mean it wasn't enough for him to play the guitar and the piano, he also had to be awesome at singing as well?

...See I was thinking then it clicked one day...

And to sing me this song? Off the top of his head. He was just too perfect for words at this point. We were almost to the bottom of the ride, but he kept singing, getting louder by the second.

...That no one else has ever made me feel this way...

People began looking at us as we inched closer to where we would be let off the ride. I could see Rose's eyes glimmering with excitement as Emmett bounced up and down like a kid in a candy store. I wasn't sure if he was so happy about Edward singing *NSYNC in public and the future jokes he could make at his expense or if he was happy that the evil ferris wheel ride was almost over.

I figured if he did try to make fun of Edward for serenading me a la Justin Timberlake, I would tell everyone in Forks how big of a pansy Emmett Cullen was when he cried over the big scary ferris wheel.

...The next time I saw you girl, I knew I had to try...

The ferris wheel operator looked at Edward and I like we were high as he opened our basket door and Edward led me out by the hand, never stopping his singing. Rose and Emmett bounded out of their basket as quick as they could to witness the rest of Edward's impromptu show.

...To tell you everything I was feeling deep inside...

I smiled brightly, I'm sure blushing ten shades of red but loving every second of what Edward was doing for me. He twirled me around as he sang again.

...And listen good 'cause what I say is from my heart, so if you're ready...

Emmett and Rosalie jumped behind Edward helping him to sing the chorus. I giggled again seeing Rose dancing inbetween Edward and Emmett, singing at the top of her lungs.

...You see I toss and turn when I'm alone and I just can't wait 'till you get home...
...Waiting for your call 'cause tonight we're gonna do it all...
...Girl, it's just the two of us...

I clapped loudly at the three idiots I called my best friends and ran to tackle them into a hug. It seemed like the whole boardwalk had stopped to look at us but I didn't care.

In that moment, everything was perfect.



"Now, no sneaking off to the girls' room, do you hear me, Emmett Dale? Edward Anthony? I mean it. No monkey business!"

Bella laughed quietly at Edward and Emmett's shamed face as Renee wagged her finger at the boys.

"Five minutes, girls. Then bed," she warned before kissing us both on the forehead and heading for her room. Why did she have to start being a Mom now? Five years with no parental guidance and all of a sudden I had rules to follow? Psh.

I would have broken the rules but Edward insisted we follow them. Goody two-shoes, but still hot.

Emmett immediately pulled Rose outside on the porch so that they could say goodnight to one another and Edward and I could have some alone time as well.

Edward pulled me onto his lap, smoothing my hair down as he kissed each of my eyes.

"That was some show tonight," I whispered as I felt his lips feather my eyelids.

"You're some girl and I knew you'd like it."

"I loved it," I corrected as he chuckled.

"I love you," he murmured before pulling me into a kiss.

We hadn't meant for it to be anything serious but the second our lips touched it was like the whole room became charged with an electric current. I wasn't able to get enough of him as I pushed myself closer and closer to his body. My hips bucked involuntarily overtop of him and I felt him moan into my mouth.

The sound was enough to make me jump him right there.

"Edward," I moaned out, as his fingers danced over the slight bit of skin on my back that was exposed.

"Bella," he said as he left a trail of kisses from my neck to my ear.

Before we could go any further, we heard Em and Rose come back into the room and I hopped off of Edward's lap, grumbling.

"Patience, love," Edward cooed in my ear.

I nodded my agreement and kissed him chastely before heading to the guest room with Rose. Before we were out of the room I heard Emmett growl to Edward, "Just think, Rose and Bella are going to be in the same BED tonight, Eddie-boy. I'll be joining you in boner land."

I started laughing as I heard Edward hit Emmett with a pillow and tell him he's fucking weird for saying that.

I love those boys.


As Rose and I were getting ready for bed I could tell she was dying to ask me something so I rolled my eyes and told her to ask already.

"So? What are you guys?"

Hmmm...good question. We never really talked about the whole boyfriend/girlfriend label. I was only going on an assumption that that was indeed what we are. I mean, you don't usually tell your best friend you're in love with them, right? I mean it had to have meant something big, doesn't it?

"I...don't know," I admitted.

My panicked thoughts filled my head until I heard the buzzing of my phone. I scrambled over to pick it up. It was a text from Edward and my heart did a little pitter patter.

1 New Message

I forgot to ask you...will you be my girlfriend?
I love you.


I hastily began to type out my reply.

1 New Message to Edward

Like you had to ask...of course!
I love you, too.


Not even a second after the message went through Edward was in the door and lying next to me. He grabbed my face and kissed me squarely on the lips.

"Now I can go to sleep," he said quietly, before kissing me again.

"Well thank God for that, seeing as I was trying to sleep before you just barged your skinny ass in here," Rose barked out, trying to supress a giggle. She just loved being a bitch to Edward - she wasn't trying to sleep.

"Just 'cause I'm not beefed up on steiroids like Mr. Universe in there doesn't mean I'm skinny," Edward argued.

I agreed quickly, leaning up to give him one last kiss before bed.

"Good night, girlfriend," he said quietly.

I smiled and blushed. "Good night, boyfriend."

"Ugh, gag me. Goodnight Dickward. Go to sleep!"

I giggled as he walked out of the door, closing it quietly behind him.

"Bella?" came Rose's voice after awhile.


"I'm glad things worked out for you two," she admitted quietly.

I sighed contentedly. "Me too, Rose. Me too."

And even though I knew I still had to have an awkward conversation with Jasper and maybe with Alice, too, I was content to fall asleep with a smile on my face.

I was going out with my best friend.

My boyfriend is Edward Cullen.



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