The flight over the Labyrinth on dragon back was even more than Sarah could have ever imagined it being. Kyriill had sensed her delight and done a few flashy tricks; a barrel roll, a loop-de-loop, and several other stunts that all left Sarah whooping with laughter.

As they descended to the Castle, the appeared to be a great number of carriages arranged in front of it. Sarah smiled grimly, not only was she arriving back to the Castle in style, but she would have an audience.

After they'd landed, and she didn't have to worry about distracting Kyriill, Sarah asked, "Would you mind if I stayed up here until we found where the party is? I really want to make an impression."

He chuckled softly. "A'course ye do, lass. Ye are t' Queen, ent ye?" He lumbered forward in his swaying walk. "I could gie a little grrrrowl doon't ye think?"

Sarah laughed and leaned forward to hug his neck, "I'm sure that would be fine. It'll definitely make an impression."

They passed through the entrance, the goblin guards not even thinking to stop them. And even if they had wanted to stop Sarah and Kyriill, it was their Queen riding atop the first dragon seen in over five thousand years. What were they supposed to do about that?

The sounds of the ball in progress reached them first as the strains of the melody that Sarah and Jareth had danced to in the peach induced Dream. "Kyriill, hurry! This is our song! Mine and Jareth's."

Kyriill sped up and butted open the doors just as the heartbreaking refrain began. He bellowed out a roar that made his earlier one seem like a mild cough. Sarah stared out, her most imperious expression firmly in place, and then slid gracefully down from her perch on his neck. Giving him a grateful pat, she strode towards the other end of the hall, where Jareth lounged comfortably on the throne.

The only sound in the room was the last strains of melody as the magic of the song came to an end and no one cast a new one. When even that ceased, the room seemed to hold its collective breath as Sarah mounted the steps to be even with her husband.

He rose to greet her, a smirk on his face that she could see right through. He might be displaying a cocky arrogance but inside he was feeling a mix of confusion, hope, and a little fear as to why she was back. She smiled at him, and if anything he tensed further.

Leaning in, she brushed a soft kiss across his high cheek bone, and then, leaning in a bit farther, whispered in his ear. "Sarahiana Ab Llewyen." Shivering slightly at the effect of saying her true name out loud for the first time.

He shuddered too, from her breath on his sensitive ear and the knowledge that finally they would truly be husband and wife. He returned her chaste kiss and leaned in as well, their bodies meeting in a line of fire that both could not deny. "Jarethanion Ap Llewyen."

They stared deeply into each other's mismatched eyes for a moment, before Jareth turned away. Sarah turned as well, linking hands with her husband and staring serenely out at the crowd of on looking nobles.

"Honored guests," Jareth hardly needed to call out to gain everyone's attention; there wasn't a single eye that wasn't already watching the proceedings. "Please allow me to introduce Lady Sarah, Queen of the Goblins."


And the continuation….

"So Jareth, this is your Lady wife, the Dreamer Sarah?"

Jareth nodded calmly in confirmation as Sarah shifted slightly, feeling a little uncomfortable in the presence of the High King of the Underground.

"Well she's certainly a pretty little thing." And with that the High King seemed ready to completely dismiss her. Sarah was instantly infuriated. A 'pretty little thing' was she? Well she'd show him!

Her magic swirled in response to her fury and suddenly it was as if she was lost within herself. There were instincts to hunt, to kill, to mate, but all else was locked away and fighting to get out. She looked up, with a much wider range of vision than she felt was right, and saw the Enemy.

Hissing, her hackles raised, nearly doubling her size. Crouching down, she was just about to strike when suddenly the Mate stepped between her and the Enemy. She yowled her displeasure at the Mate but then purred happily as her scratched gently behind her ears and lifted her into his strong arms.

Rumbling voices talked over her as she settled comfortably in Mate's arms. As she relaxed, suddenly all her human thoughts were free again. Her eyes widened slightly in shock.

She was a great big cat!

She peered up at Jareth and meowed slightly in confusion. He looked down at her and smiled, "Ah, there you are. Well my Queen, it appears that you returned just in time. I'm sure that the dragon told you the potential consequences of changing for the first time out in the Labyrinth."

Sarah nodded slightly and shivered, fluffing her fur slightly in agitation at the thought. Forcing her mind away from the subject she turned her baleful stare on the High King and was surprised when he flinched away slightly. Again, she looked askance at her husband.

"High King Odin's other form is that of a sparrow. You my dear are a fairly large bobcat. His instincts are telling him that you're going to have him for lunch." As Sarah licked her chops purposefully, staring once again at the High King, Jareth couldn't contain his laughter.

When the High King staggered back a few steps, Sarah joined in with a quiet chuffing sound. And when the High King bolted from the room, Jareth had to sit down or risk falling down, so all consuming was his mirth.

Sarah purred quietly to herself. Maybe this marriage wouldn't be so bad after all.

And several months later….

They hadn't talked about children. Sarah knew that Jareth liked children in general but wasn't really sure how he was going to react to finding out that he was about to have very specific children of his own to have to take care of.

Hesitantly she walked over to where he was sitting in their study, reading up on some dry, dusty laws she was sure. Leaning down she kissed him gently on the cheek. "Jareth?"

"Mm, yes love?" His response was a trifle distracted, and Sarah decided wickedly to use that to her advantage. "Darling, I'm pregnant."

"That's nice…wait," His eyes leapt from the scroll to her smiling face, "You're pregnant?!" She nodded happily, "You're sure?" She nodded again and was surprised by Jareth leaping from his seat and sweeping her up in his arms.

As he twirled around they both laughed in helpless joy. "We're having a baby! I'm going to be a father!" Sarah had never heard such happiness in her husband's voice.

He set her gently onto her feet and knelt before her, pressing his face against his stomach his hands gently running along her sides. "Hello in there, little one. I'm your daddy and I'm going to be the best daddy in the whole Underground, you just wait. And your beautiful, wonderful mother will be the best, kindest mother in the whole universe. She's giving you to me after all, how could she not be?"

Sarah giggled slightly at his silly cooing. "You know, right now the baby isn't even the size of a bean?"

He gazed up at her with mock serious eyes, "Maybe, but that's our bean in there, and he or she needs to know right from the start that their daddy and mommy love them completely. And besides," he stroked her side again gently and said in a more serious voice, "I can feel the life growing quietly, deep inside you. It feels like dawn on the first day of spring, warm and washing over your face reminding you just how wonderful the world is."

Sarah blinked back tears. "You know, I think you're right."

Jareth peered up at her from his crouched position, face and palms still resting on her abdomen. "Right about what, my dear?"

"You are going to be the best father in all the Underground."

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