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League of Super Awesome Teenagers!

by: TrixieStixs

Prologue: The Last Day?

It was the day before Timmy Turner's eighteenth birthday, it started off as a relatively normal day, despite the fact that Timmy and his fairy godparents were heartbroken because, they all knew it was the final day together as a family. So, they decided to make the most of their last day together.

"I'm going to miss you guys…you know if there was anything I could do to keep you guys, I would." Timmy said with his eyes closing, trying not to fall asleep on their last day together.

"Oh, we're going to miss you too, sport," Wanda said, holding Poof, who looked like a toddler now in his purple overalls.

As Timmy drifted off to sleep, he hoped that this night wouldn't be the last that he would see and remember his godparents.

Timmy awoke the next morning, but something was off. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof where gone, but he still remembered them. He looked in his closet and he still had all the magical items he came to posses over the years.

"Did Jorgen forget to erase my memory" thought Timmy as he looked around his room that looked the same except for the fact that his fishbowl was empty. But, not a second after he finished his thought, Jorgen Von Strangle "poofed" into his room.

"Please don't erase my memory!" Timmy cried out at the sight of the giant fairy.

"Puny Turner, I'm not here to erase your memory," Jorgen bellowed with his over bearing voice. "The world is in danger and the only one that can stop it is you…again!"

"Where is Cosmo and Wanda?" Timmy asked, still confused at the whole circumstances that surrounded his eighteenth birthday.

"They've been fairy napped," Jorgen said in a rushing tone, "It's not safe to talk here we have to go to the place where I'm keeping all the fairies." As soon as Jorgen finished talking, they poofed to a place that looked a lot like a hospital.

"Where are we?" asked the confused Timmy.

"A place where fairies can't use magic," answered Jorgen.

"Why did you put all the fairies in a place where they can't use their magic?"

"Because, it's the only safe place from them!" Jorgen said in an unusual frightened voice.

"Who?" Asked Timmy, still uncertain about the situation.

"The thirteen evil fairy human hybrids." Jorgen said almost whispering as if they could hear him.

"Fairy human hybrids?" asked Timmy, not sure it was possible, "And where is Cosmo and Wanda?"

"Ok so maybe I don't know if their fairies but they're humans with some type of magical abilities," said Jorgen, looking frightened "And they took Cosmo and Wanda because they locked them away before they where your Godparents."

"Wait, what can I do about it?" Asked Timmy not sure about the task at hand. "I'm just a kid with no fairies!"

"But Turner, you have saved the world on countless occasions. You are the chosen one!" Exclaimed Jorgen.

"That was for the Darkness! I don't think I can stop this." said Timmy with a grimace on his face.

"I'll let you keep your fairies if you stop them," said Jorgen in a last ditch effort to get the teen to help him.

"You've got yourself a deal!" said Timmy without a second thought as he shook hands with Jorgen, making it a deal. "So do you know how to stop them? Do they have any weaknesses?"

"Um, well, we really don't know anything about them. We have pictures though!" Jorgen said a little embarrassed.

"This is going to be tougher then I thought," Timmy said to himself, "I'm going to have to form a team."

"A team?" Jorgen said, confused.

"Yes a team!" said Timmy, quite sure he could get the task done with the right people. "And everyone on the team gets a rule free wish!"

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