The League of Super Awesome Teenagers!

By: TrixieStixs

Chapter 9: Appointment… With Death! (Part 2)

"You look like I did
You resist me just like this
You can't tell me to heal
And it hurts remembering
How it felt to shut down" Paramore- "Careful"

A young boy, about the age of nine, excitedly shook his arms that held a magazine. The boy had greasy jet black hair that was messy and uncombed, big almond eyes with dark brown colored pupils, he was also wearing a black and white striped shirt with blue jean pants. The boy then began jumping up and down as he asked an adult women, "Can I please have the Surgeon General board game for my birthday?!"

"Angelo, isn't that game for kids ten and up? You're only going to be nine," the woman said in an almost playful chastising tone. The woman appeared to be in her late twenties, she also had jet black hair like her son. Her hair went a few inches past her shoulders some of her hair even curved to her mouth which was showing a warm and welcoming smile. Moving up on her face to her eyes that were a lovely shade of sky blue that gave the boy a wink. The woman then playfully rubbed her right hand through her sons messy jet black hair after saying the statement.

Angelo then just wined, something most little boys do, "But mom, I really want it!" He then began tugging on the yellow shirt his mother was wearing, as he pleaded with her.

"Well, we will just see what happens Angelo, I'm not making any promises," Angelo's mother said with a sly grin on her face.

One week later… Angelo's birthday.

After opening about ten presents, most of them clothes, Angelo had yet to get the Surgeon General board game. One present was left it was about the right size for that said board game. Angelo then quickly tore open the wrapping that was covering the present, only to reveal a white box containing nothing but, more clothes. Angelo then had a defeated look plastered on his face as his father asked, "What's wrong Angelo? Did you not like your new clothes?"

Angelo's father was a rougher looking individual with short brown hair, he had given Angelo his dark brown eyes and he also had a distinguished chin. Angelo's father was the opposite of his wife look whys. Angelo's mother had pale white soft skin, her husband on the other hand had tough tan skin. Angelo's mother personality even seemed more inviting then her husbands.

"Oh, it's not that, I'm really happy with all my new clothes," Angelo answered his father's question. Though Angelo wasn't lying, he sure wasn't telling the whole truth at least that's what his face said.

"Hmm, I guess you don't want this last present then, huh?" Angelo's mother said with a smile as she pulled a gift she was hiding out. She then placed the present in front of Angelo, who tore into it like a wild animal. The boy then grinned from ear to ear as the box revealed the board game Surgeon General.

The boy couldn't contain his excitement as he ran over and hugged his mother before saying, "Thanks mom… this is the best birthday ever!"

months later…


Angelo turned his head to see what made the unsettling sound as he looked out the window and saw a twitching dove. Angelo then opened the window, which now had a crack going down the middle of it. Reaching down he picked up the dove, which was bleeding slightly. He quickly then ran into his mother's bedroom dove in hand.

The door flung open as the young boy raced into his mothers room, the boy was greeted with violent coughs from his mother. "What is it?!" His father scolded him before continuing, "You know that your mother is very ill." The look on the man's face was a mixture of both anger and fear.

"But… but, I found this dove and… and," the boy tried stuttering out.

"But nothing! Yo-"

Before the man could finish a soft crackly famine voice interrupted him, "Jim… it's fine. Can you give me a glass of water?" The man then simply nodded and rushed out of the room. Angelo's mom then set up and with her right hand called him to her before asking, "What did you want to show me honey?" The woman's voice cracked and was a lot weaker then what Angelo was used to.

"Mom, I found this dove, and it's really hurt. Can, I make it better?" The young boy hopefully asked his mother, who's lap he was sitting besides.

The woman laughed, and then coughed violently, before answering with a smile, "Of course you can! Come here Angelo, I want to give you something." The woman then pulled out a wrapped box and gave it to young boy.

"What's this for mom?" Angelo asked as he grabbed the box with his hands and looked down at it with curiosity.

"Just open it silly," The woman said with a smile and a cough.

The boy then shredded the paper wrapped around the now exposed black box. He then slowly proceeded to open the box's top. Joy now filled the boy's face as pulled out the shiny new stethoscope. The excitement could be heard in his voice as looked up at his mom and said, "Wow mom, now I can really be a doctor! I don't know what to say,"

The woman just smiled and said, "Just tell me you're going to be a great doctor someday,"

"I promise!" The boy said with a smile before hugging his mother.

Weeks later…

A dove is seen flying into the sky as a casket gets put in the ground.

Years later…

"I'm not going to tell you again," A slurred voice yelled out to a young man about the age of seventeen. "You are not getting me to help you pay to become a doctor! I have no idea why you want to become one of… them? They couldn't even save your mother!" The pain in the older man's voice could be heard very clearly. The man physically looked like an empty shell of the kind but firm person he used to be. The bottom half of his face was covered in a scruffy untamed beard, and his eyes had deep dark bags under them.

"But father, I need to become a doctor. It's the thing I was meant to do with my life. I, I made a promise to m-" but before Angelo could finish his thought his father slammed his fist onto a nearby table.

"No! No, means no Angelo!" The older man yelled out, his fists were tightly clinched as he then told his son to, "Just go to your room!"

"You are going to regret this dad. I mean it, this is the biggest mistake you'll ever make in your life! Why is it so hard to listen to me? Is it that hard?" Angelo didn't even let his father respond as he stormed off towards his room his fists clinched as well.

Angelo's father then poured himself a drink as he sat down on his favorite recliner. The man let out a long sigh as a sour look appeared on his face, that face could be seen again as the sight suddenly changed to an old news paper clipping. The headline of that article read, "Doctor Death Takes Another Victim" the camera then panned out revealing a "torture chamber" of sorts. It was filled with a bunch of creepy stuff; like chains, skeletons, acid, standard serial killer goodies really. A load thump was then heard as Angelo turned over to see a pink hat wearing boy crash to his knees. "Turner, so nice of you to drop in." The man wickedly smiled as Timmy let out a loud gulp.

Wide-eyed panic swept the young adults in a flash as they all looked at each other wondering what to say at the bizarre event they had just witnessed. A.J was the first to speak in a shaky voice, "What, just, happened?"

"TIMMY'S GOING TO DIE!" A girly voice screamed out in panic.

"Girls, calm down, Timmy's going to be just fine. He's gotten out of tougher situations then this." Chester said calmly, trying to calm down whoever was panicking.

"Ugh, that was Dwight," Molly said as calmly as she could, trying to hide how worried she really was. Timmy may have broken her heart, but he was still the person Molly trusted the most and she wasn't about to let him die.

Dwight just sheepishly half-grinned as she nervously responded, "Sorry guys, I'm just worried about Timmy."

"We don't have anytime to worry Dwight. We need to come up with a plan," A.J said as he began to pace around the room like a possessed man.

"I'm not even sure we have time for that," Trixie said, a hint of worry in her voice.

"Let's just franticly check every room?" Molly suggested, a logical response it was as the others nodded in agreement. Even A.J, who reluctantly agreed, though by the look in his face seemed like he could come up with a better plan if time was not of the essence.

Cue random seventies tune as the gang franticly began going through doors down the hallways of the abandoned hospital.

"Didn't you wonder how I decomposed half of my victims' bodies into their skeleton form?" Angelo Valitino said, an evil grin plastered on his face from ear to ear. Timmy didn't respond as the psychopath went on, "It's quite easy actually. You see, the first step is strapping them down onto a surgical table." Valitino then pointed at Timmy before continuing, "As you can see Timmy, the first step is complete. Now for the second step, here is where things start getting interesting, kid. First, you fill up a bathtub with hydrochloric acid." Timmy then looked over to his left, there was a bathtub there. Timmy's face then finally had a look of fear on it as Valitino went on, "Then you move the surgical table with the victim on it over to the tub," Valitino then grabbed the table, at the end where Timmy's feet were, Timmy was laying on and slowly moved it towards the bathtub filled with hydrochloric acid. The wheels on the old surgical table made an unpleasant squeaky noise as Timmy moved closer to his certain doom. When Valitino finally made it to his destination, he looked down at Timmy and said the final step in this horrible recipe of murder. "Then you just dip the victim in the acid by flipping the table on its side, the acid does the rest. So Timmy, I have to ask: are you ready to die?"

"Stop right there you son of a bench!" Molly yelled to the crazed doctor, as the rest of the gang heroically stood behind her. The adrenaline coursing through their veins made it so Dr. Death could not see the inner battle they were fighting within themselves.

Dr. Death just laughed before informing the teens, "You're to late, all I have to do is flip this table and your poor little friend Timmy Turner will be engulfed in acid."

Trixie then gave the doctor a sly smile before saying, "It's never to late, TO KICK SOME ASS!"

"Less talkie more fightie," Molly said in an incoherent tone before looking over at Dwight. "Dwight, it's time for battle formation number five!"

Dwight began to shake and let out a loud gulp before pleading, " Oh-No! Please, anything but battle formation five!" Dwight's pleas where in vain though as Molly picked him up and wrapped him up into a ball with the blue baby blanket that he was still carrying. Molly then softball tossed Dwight into Dr. Death as hard as she could. Dr. Death chuckled before throwing some acid at the ball as it speed towards his stomach. To his surprise though, the ball was still coming towards him with the same amount as before. It seemed he didn't even slow it down a little, Dr. Death's face was full of surprise as it was to late to dodge the projectile headed his way. Dr. Death let out a sound that sounded like a balloon that had quickly lost all of it's air as he held his stomach and fell onto his back. Trixie then hopped over a few things as she sprinted to where the doctor and Dwight were, in what seemed like a matter of seconds she had unwound Dwight from the baby blanket ball and tied Dr. Death's hands with it. Trixie even seemed to have made a acid shield of some shorts by completely covering his hands with the blanket, not even one ounce of skin was showing from the murderer. She then put her right foot on the hands of Dr. Death which were behind his back now, as he lay face first on the ground. Trixie then looked down at him with a triumphant and cold smirk before telling him "So Angelo, I have to ask, are you ready to die?"

"Guys… a little help here." Timmy said, in a half hearted giggle as he wiggled around trying to get as far away from the acid bath as possible. "I'm kinda just inches away from death… if anyone cares. Yes. No. Maybe?"

The others, besides Trixie, ran over and helped their leader who was still in potential danger. After getting Timmy off of the operation table, the group collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Timmy was the first to speak as he rubbed his wrist where his restraints were "I could of gotten out of it myself, but thanks for the save guys." Timmy pretty much tried to put all his cool points into that statement.

Dwight was first to answer the leader of the group as he picked himself off the tile floor and rubbed his head. "Dude, why are your pants wet?" Was the only question he asked as he struggled staying upright from his impact with Dr. Death.

"Oh, ugh, some acid must have got on it during the struggle I had with Dr. Death," Timmy nervously answered.

"But why aren't your pants..."

Before Dwight could finish his thought A.J interrupted him by saying, "Dwight, we can talk about Timmy's pants later. Right now though there is a killer tied to a chair, thanks to Trixie, that we have to deal with right now. So would you kindly get your priorities straight."

A loud crack could be heard a few feet away from where to two gentlemen were having their conversation. It seemed that Molly had just punched Dr. Death square in the jaw, "That's for almost killing Timmy... and this is for me!" She delivered another punch before looking away with a pout at the man who was bound to a chair.

"Maybe a little less enthusiasm Molly," A.J just said with a slightly shocked tone to his voice.

"Molly I think you actually aren't enthusiastic enough. I'm personally going to enjoy sending the scum of a man back to hell!" Trixie almost sounded psychotic as she got really close to Dr. Death's with a wicked smile.

Dr. Death just gulped in response to the teenage girl.

"Uhm, excuse me Trixie... but ugh... we kind of have no idea how to kill him yet." Tootie kindly informed the popular girl with an uneasy smile on her face. Causing Dr. Death to gain his composure back and began laughing evilly.

Molly just shook her head before telling Tootie, "Tootie, new rule, don't talk where the bad guys can hear you. You kind of tend to kill the mood."

"That doesn't mean she isn't right," A.J added talking to himself before thinking out loud and saying, "His soul is probably in an item like the last one we defeated. Now if only we knew what it was then we could just be done with this whole ordeal."

"But we do know what it is A.J," Trixie said with a grin. "It's his stethoscope, don't you remember in his office of the women and the boy. The boy was smiling and had a stethoscope in his hand; that little boy has to be him. I'm willing to bet that stethoscope around his neck is the exact same one from the picture as well."

Dr. Death's composure didn't change as Trixie gave her speech, it didn't even change as Trixie grabbed the stethoscope off of his neck. The only response that he gave as Trixie held the item above the acid-bath was the cryptic words, "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise." As the stethoscope hit the acid Dr. Death then began to scream out in pain as half of his body began to corrode. Most of the gang just watched, others looked away. No one said a word, until Dr. Death's entire body vanished. Trixie then looked down at the acid bath and to her surprise saw the stethoscope still intact and the acid now water.

Trixie grabbed the stethoscope out of the bath and walked over to the baby blanket that was on the ground behind the now empty chair. "These should come in handy for the next one. Although it still doesn't help us find away out of here," Trixie said to herself as she grabbed the baby blanket.

"This might be a long-shot Trix, but maybe we could follow the exit signs," Timmy said with a smile as he pointed at the exit sign arrow that was above the door to leave the room.

Trixie just stuck her tongue out at the boy before before saying, "Since you're such a smart guy Timmy, next time you save yourself!"

The gang all laughed as they began walking in the direction the arrow was pointing.

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