Prince of Tennis- 100

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#1- Stern

Many people think that buchou never smiles and that he will never soften up. Many people think of the reason why I even went out with him in the first place. They said he wasn't going to be a good boyfriend for me and that our relationship would go nowhere.

But buchou did something that made them all change their minds and saw buchou like the best boyfriend that he is. Some angry rival school that we beat once before decided to take their revenge on me for pulverizing them with my Twist Serve. It wasn't my fault they couldn't dodge a ball that was heading for their face.

They ganged up on me because for them I seemed like the most vulnerable from all of the Regulars of Seigaku. They were beating me up pretty badly when the sempai-tachi arrived to save me. They got a good beating from the regulars and I could note on some point that my boyfriend was really, really, really angry.

The other regulars scared the wits out of them and only a few had actually punched them in the face. Inui-sempai had forced-fed them with the new Special Revised Inui Juice Neo 4.0 and I watched on as the rival school died pitifully on the spot. They all thought that Inui was the one who made the most damage but when I was being tended by Oishi-senpai and Kikumaru-senpai, I heard them complain about buchou that he didn't even do a single thing even if he was boyfriend.

But that was where they were wrong. From what I remembered, the people who beat me up were around 30 and actually took turns in hitting me. Sempai-tachi only got around about 10 of them and most of them were actually knocked out by Inui-sempai's Juice. It was Kunimitsu who beat the crap out of the remaining bullies, using his godly karate moves on the bullies ruthlessly and severely.

That was the last time they talked badly of buchou seeing the many injuries the rival school got, they deemed him as a worthy enough boyfriend. But if that wasn't enough, Kunimitsu actually carried me all the way to the hospital and made sure that the doctor treated me well, making sure I won't get hurt anymore. He was gentle and caring, a side my sempai-tachi had never seen and it made them slack-jawed and embarrassed having thought of the captain as an incapable lover.

I giggled as I stroked Karupin's fur and Kunimitsu looked at me from the book he was reading.

"Why are you laughing?" he asked, his poker face remained intact but I could see sparks of worry in his eyes. Really, he's much of a worrywart as Oishi-mama is.

"Nothing, I was just thinking how severe you are at doing everything. Always so stern," I said, scooting closer to him that made Karupin jump from my lap to scurry of somewhere in our apartment and made Kunimitsu place his book somewhere else. I giggled again; he must've seen the look on my face.

"…that even I can't handle it when we play in bed…"

I couldn't remember exactly what happened after that but I did remember was that after it all, I lay spent and tired in Kunimitsu's arms after receiving the intensity of his love.

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