Prince of Tennis- 100

#7- Chopsticks

It was lunch time and the rookie of Seigaku's tennis team was eating his bento under a blooming sakura tree with his boyfriend at his side. Both of them enjoyed the moment of peace and calm since both their mornings have been anything but.

They were chatting with each other when Ryoma accidentally dropped his chopsticks. "I dropped it," he said in slight apprehension.

"Yes, yes you did," Tezuka said in an amused tone one would use with a child before standing up. Ryoma raised an eyebrow in question and asked, "Hey, where are you going?"

Tezuka got the fallen chopstick before replying, "I'm going to get you another set. I have another one in my locker," he said before Ryoma stopped him in his tracks. "Wait, it's alright. Let's just share."

The captain looked at him questioningly. Sharing utensils was like… a romantic thing in their book. The couple was not used to doing sappy romantic things and just eating under this tree, eating lunch together was about the most romantic thing they had ever done. "Share?" he asked dumbly, moving back to sit beside he boy again.

"Yeah," the younger of the two reached over Tezuka's bento and grabbed the senior's chopsticks. "Share," he repeated as he waved the chopsticks in the air, setting his dirty ones in the cloth that wrapped the lunch box. "Don't you want to? Besides, it saves the energy you'll use to get those new chopsticks."

Leaning back against the tree, he placed his bento again on his lap and replied, "Okay. Whatever you want, Ryoma."

The rookie just smirked at him before picking up an egg roll from the senior's bento and said quirkily, "Say 'ahh' Kunimitsu…" he lifted the food to the brunette's lips and the senior took it begrudgingly. Tezuka munched the food somewhat aggressively and said to the rookie as soon as he swallowed it, "You know Ryoma-"

Ryoma gave a 'tsk', 'tsk' sound as he wagged his finger in front of Tezuka's face. "Ah, no talking when your mouth is full…" he said mischievously and pushed another egg roll into the senior's mouth.

"Eat up, dear."

"This isn't funny Ryoma," he growled before the boy stuffed another piece of food down his throat.

The boy rookie only laughed at him before eating his own bento. The rest of lunch was left with a comfortable atmosphere.

A/N: I think this is kinda... off?