Well, people seemed to like TwiChat, Chapter One, so I decided to write another! Attempt another that is.. :/ Hope it meets your standards!









gentlemanlion has signed in.

shopaholicinheavan has signed in.

gentlemanlion: Hello, Alice.

grizzlyman has signed in.

Grizzlyman: oh shit, Edward, I did something really bad….

Gentlemanlion: what are you talking about?

painfulcolors has signed in.

painfulcolors: what is wrong with Bella? Her emotions are all over the place…

gentlemanlion: What did you do Emmett?

clumsylamb has signed in.


gentlemanlion: Bella? Love?

Clumsylamb: hehehe, Eddymunchkin!

Grizzlyman: Eddymunchkin? LMAO!

Clumsylamb: Emmypoo!


Gentlemanlion: Bella? Are you ok? Emmett, what did you do? Stop singing "White and Nerdy" in your head!

Grizzlyman: they see me mowing, my front lawn…..

Painfulcolors: She feels like a 12 year-old on cocaine!

clumsylamb: Why didn't the melons get married?

Gentlemanlion: Are you sure you're ok, Bells?

clumsylamb: Why didn't the melons get married?

Gentlemanlion: *sighs* I don't know, Isabella, why?

Clumsylamb: Because they cantaloupe!


Clumsylamb: get it? Get it? Cantaloupe! Like, can't elope…

Clumsylamb: What do you get when you cross a tyrannosaurus rex with fireworks?

Shopaholicinheavan: Emmett, please tell me that you did not give Bella drugs…

Grizzlyman: not exactly

Painfulcolors: if she gets withdrawls, will I feel the symptoms?

Getnelmanlion: Emmett, I am going to rip you apart, what did you do?

Clumsylamb: DINO-MITE! Hahahaha

Clumsylamb: Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

Gentlemanlion: *growls* Emmett

Grizzlyman: Fine, fine! I only gave her a couple of Monsters……

Shopaholicinheavan:………oh hell

Painfulcolors: Monsters….as in energy drinks? As in…lots of caffeine?

Gentlemanlion: Why? Why would you do that? Have you never experienced Bella on caffeine before? It does not go to well with her, and she will get a massive headache later, thanks to you, Emmett. I'm going to dismember you.

Clumsylamb: Because he felt crummy. Hahahaha….

Clumsylamb:…. My head hurts…

Gentlemanlion: Bella, love, maybe you should go lay down. I'm coming to get you.

Gentlemanlion signed off.

Clumsylamb signed off.

Shopaholicinheavan: Emmett, you are an idiot.

Painfulcolors: Damn it, I've managed to get her headache, thanks a lot, Emmett.

Shopaholicinheaven signed off

Painfulcolors signed off.

Grizzlyman: guys?

Grizzlyman: come on, guys, don't be mad!

Grizzlyman:……. :'(

Grizzlyman has signed off.

I wrote this in less than 5 minutes, so lol. Tell me what you think! Better or worse than the first one?