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Warning: Explicit material, mild dominance, and a few bad words

A/N: This is a departure from my ongoing story 'Falling". It is also my first foray into writing smut. A sequel could happen, if there is enough interest. So, let me know.

This is not a "how they got together" fic.

The Punishment of Ms. Uhura

Chapter 1 of 3

Deserted at this late hour, the brightly lit stretch of corridor seemed oddly ominous. Nyota Uhura glanced down at the PADD clutched tightly in her sweaty fingers. She reread the contents on the small screen and grimaced. She had no idea why Commander Spock required her presence in his office, or what she could have done to merit his terse order to be here. As much as she lusted after the handsome Vulcan, she hoped their meeting would not take too long. It was 2100 hours, and she had assignments that were in need of completion for tomorrow.

Amid a deep sigh, she smoothed her ponytail and quelled the nervous energy bubbling under her skin. Shoulders squared, Uhura touched the panel beside the Commander's door, stepping into his large office. The first thing she noticed was that the overhead lights were off. The only illumination came from a brushed-steel utilitarian lamp standing neatly to the right of his wide desk. The second thing she noticed was Commander Spock. Unremarkable, was not a word that came to mind whenever she saw him. His striking features and tall bearing stood out too much for that to be the case. What thoroughly hid him from her quick roving eye was the way in which he blended into the abundance of dark shadows.

He sat with his back straight, hands folded atop the surface of his desk. Even at this late hour, his uniform was as pristine as when he began his day. The only thing she could see clearly was the right side of his face. She surmised that her eyes found him then because he had shifted slightly. She wondered if he ever considered membership in Starfleet Intelligence. He would be a natural in that line of work.

"You wanted to see me, Sir?" she questioned, rather proud of how calm she sounded.

With her patented stride, Uhura stepped further into his office and stood at attention. He regarded her for a few moments, not moving, just watching with neutral dark eyes. She had seen eyes like those before, on a lion, contemplating taking down a gazelle.

"Do you know why I have summoned you here, Ms. Uhura?

His voice seemed deeper than usual, yet still even and monotone. It reached out and caressed along her skin, as if such a thing were possible. She was thankful for the padded bra under her uniform. There was absolutely no reason for him to see the effect he was having on her libido. "No Commander, I do not."

"Is that so," he said, silently rising to his feet with feline grace. "Do you recall your conversation yesterday afternoon at 1300 hours?"

Dear God, he overheard her chat with Gaila. She had only been venting her frustrations to her friend. A ritual started the first time he gave her a B+ for a project she considered close to perfect. It was not always easy working with the Vulcan Commander. If she had issues of control and perfection, then he was in a crisis. They were currently working together on a paper based on their recently completed joint research.

"I'm sorry you heard that, but it was intended to be private."

"I suggest an exercise in proper caution over future private discussions. Another superior officer might not be as lenient with you as I am."

An official reprimand on her record would not bode well for her young career. Uhura let out a relieved breath. Maybe this was not as bad as she thought. She really did need to get to her work at the Communications Lab. Looking everywhere but at him, she said, "I will be more careful, Sir. Am I dismissed?"

"No." That one word exerted more force than was necessary.

Her eyes snapped to his with surprise. Exactly what was it that he wanted from her? She sought and normally enjoyed his company. Tonight, however, his intimidating disposition sent many a mixed signal racing within her body. Perhaps she had misjudged the situation. "I don't understand," she replied with a touch of anger.

"Until you have received sufficient punishment for your misdeed, you are not allowed to leave this office."

His cold delivery coupled with his emotionless mask made her flinch. It also sent a sizzling bolt of delight to all her pleasure zones. How could he be so hot and so cold at the same time? "You're making me nervous, Commander."

"Is nervousness the only thing you feel at the moment?" He walked around his desk and came to stand between the two visitor chairs. His eyes intent on her, he added, "I can see the dilation in your pupils and hear the unevenness of your breath. What else do you feel?"


"A lie Ms. Uhura?" he questioned, tilting his head to the side.

Damn him, she fumed silently. "I don't like your implications, Sir." She placed a great deal of venom into the last word.

"What you think I imply is of no concern. I am only interested in what is fact."

"And what is fact, Commander?"

"That if I were to touch you intimately right now, my fingers would come away wet."

The PADD she had been gripping since before entering his office, slipped to the floor with a loud reverberating clang. The hairs on her arms and at the back of her neck stood in anxious excitement. This was surreal and mind boggling. What type of punishment did he have in mind for her? Moreover, why was she rooted to the spot? Mustering her tattered self-control, her eyes narrowed. "That was inappropriate."

"Really?" He inhaled deeply. "Your desire perfumes the air at this very moment."

Shit. This was not good. She really should leave his office. Instead, all she could think about was the ridiculous amount of lust that slammed into her, while his nostrils flared, and he scented the air. It was a raw, sensual, and so unexpected.

"I could have you brought up on charges. There are rules against this sort of behaviour."

"No, you will not." He pretended to contemplate the matter. "I can have Starfleet Central listen to a recording of your conversation."

He did have a point. The mortification alone would be enough to drive her into hiding for years to come. Resigning herself to her punishment, Uhura clenched her fists. "What do you want?"

A slight smirk twisted his lips, sending a streak of carnal delight to her pussy. He had her right where he wanted her and he knew it. Worst yet, he knew she wanted him. Bastard. "Please remove your underwear and come here."

It took every ounce of energy to keep her feet planted. Her brain calculated the speed needed to sprint to the door and into the hallway before he got to her, while her legs wanted very much to run to him.

"Do not make me repeat myself." The smirk vanished, and his voice cracked like a whip against willing flesh.

Uhura jumped at the sound, then slowly removed her damp panties and walked over to where he stood. Finally, close to him, she realised that the shadows not only hid parts of him, it also hid the warmth that now suffused his eyes. They watched each other quietly, her rapid heartbeat thundering around them.

He finally broke eye contact with her, moving to adjust the chair to his left. "Grasp the back of the chair and bend over. Make sure your knees are together, but slightly bent."

This was wrong on so many levels. What sort of punishment required her ass bare and in the air? Oh. Oh no, she was not going to be spanked.

"Now," he commanded, his voice was once again cold and emotionless.

Uhura did as he asked, holding on tightly to the chair, as her mind spun in circles. Who knew Vulcans could be this kinky. Then again, who knew she would enjoy a kinky Vulcan. She twitched in anticipation when his hands begin to roll her uniform upward, as if he were unwrapping a present. Truly exposed, she felt the heat of embarrassment creep up her neck and onto her face.

"You have an aesthetically agreeable posterior, Ms. Uhura." He reached out a hand and caressed her left cheek. He continued softly, "It is high and round and fetchingly fills out those dark denims you like to wear on the weekends."

His light teasing touch lulled her into a false sense of pleasurable peace. She hardly had time to register the minuscule shift in air before his palm firmly connected with the cheek he had caressed. A loud gasp left her lips as a streak of fire raced from her ass and into her entire body. It hurt.

"Refrain from moving. You only have five more to receive."

Five more, she almost did not survive the first. Desperate, she exclaimed, "Sir that hurt."

His hand was once again stroking her derriere with an occasional dip into the dark crevice. "Did it hurt or did it sting?"

She mulled over his question. His hand had stung. A lot. However, it did not hurt. Much. "It stung."

"Then you can handle the rest of your punishment."

She once again sensed a displacement in air, and his hand came down on her other cheek. Delicious fire erupted there too. She gripped the chair with white-knuckled intensity to keep from squirming. Another crack and pleasure began to coil low in her belly, as pain morphed into pleasure. Another and another, and then she shuddered with need. A final spank landed, compelling her to writhe in order to ease the throbbing ache between her legs.

His fingers were now cool, compared to her flaming skin. They commenced a gentle soothing exploration of where he had struck. With utmost reverence, he told her, "Your derriere is currently displaying an exquisite dusky rose, Ms. Uhura."

She did not answer. She was too stunned to say anything of intelligence. Her mind kept looping around two incredibly important facts: Commander Spock had just punished her with a spanking and she loved it.