I looked up at my best friend with a sad expression. "But Bewa-boo do you have to move?" he asked quietly. I sighed and nodded "Yes Emmy-Bear I do" I said as I absently toyed with the necklace around my neck it was half a rock Emmett and I had found on the beach a year ago on the day before my 5th birthday Emmett wore the other half and neither of us ever took it off. "BELLA come on its time to go" my mom called to me "Otay mommy one sec" I called back as I turned to be swept up into one of Emmett's Bear hugs. "Good-bye Bewa don't forget 'bout me…and don't ever take off your necklace" he whispered as he put my feet back on the ground "Kk Emmy bye" I said as a traitor tear slide down my cheek I turned and got into the car that was taking us to the airport. After I sat down and got buckled in I looked out the window and waved as the car pulled away. Emmett and I have been friends since we were 3 when I rode my tricycle into a ditch and Emmett helped me pull it out. I was sad that I might not ever be able to see him again and with that thought I fell asleep.

(Bella's POV)

13 Years down the road…

"Bells if you don't get that beautiful butt out of that bed in the next 10 seconds im gonna break down this door" Rosalie my best friend of 12 years hollered. "Ok fine im up im up" I mumbled as I opened the door I gave Rose a once over taking in her long tan legs in her denim short shorts and her simple red tank top that rested perfectly on her curves her blonde hair was done up in a messy ponytail with little ringlets of bangs framing her face. "Oh my goodness Bella its time to go its already 7 I want to get on the road so we will get there and decent time" she said as she dragged me down the stairs of my moms house and into the driveway we had packed and said our good-byes last night before we had gone to bed. I climbed into the car and we started our journey from phoenix Arizona to Stanford university in California.

The drive was long and tiring but we finally pulled up to a huge campus and it was amazing I couldn't believe how nice it was. I climbed out and just stared in awe I was going to be living here for well hopefully awhile. "Hey" Rose called "yeah?" I replied "Why don't you go find the front office and grab our room info while I start to unload the truck" she suggested.

"Ok sounds good I will be back soon" I said with a smile I was clumsy so lifting big heavy things probably wouldn't go to well for me.

The halls were completely empty well they were until I turned the corner to find a HUGE muscular guy making out with a tall redhead. I came to halt with a soft gasp the guy was lifting his head but before I got a look I turned on my heel ad headed the other direction.

I heard footsteps behind me but refused to turn around until I felt a warm hand rest on my shoulder and tug me around to face the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen in my life.

"Hey beautiful you new?" he said with a smile he had the most am-wait Bella you cant think that he was just kissing his I assume girlfriend. "Yes" I said shortly as I shrugged off his hand and turned to walk away but only got a few steps when I felt his arm wrap itself around my waist as he began walking at my pace.

"Why so cold babe?" he said in a silky smooth voice that I ignored.


I said " One im not your 'babe', two keep your hands to yourself" I said doing a little twirl to free myself of his arms but of Corse being me I tripped over air but before I hit the ground I felt two warm arms pull me to a rock hard chest to steady me "and three can you tell me where I can find the main office?" I asked breathlessly our faces only a few inches apart.

He looked stunned for a few seconds but then let out a deep rich laugh "Yeah down that hall and to the right, first door on your left" he pointed out to me and I walked toward it leaving him standing in the hallway.

(Emmett's POV)

I was making out with Victoria when I heard footsteps but I didn't stop until I heard a soft gasp I quickly looked up to see a flash of long mahogany before it whipped around a corner. I fallowed don't ask why cause I couldn't tell you I just did when I turned the corner I saw a girl with long brown hair that fell halfway down her back she was wearing a tight black t-shirt and I pair of light blue skinny jeans. I reached out with a hand on the shoulder to stop her.

She turned to me and I was speechless she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life I quickly snapped out of my thoughts "Hey beautiful you new?" I said with my heart stopping smile "Yes" she said her voice was so sweet and lovely I almost didn't notice the ice in it. Almost. She shrugged off my hand and started to walked away.

I was stunned for a second never in my life had any girl ever been immune to my charm NEVER!!! I took the two steps between us and wrapped my arm around her small waist and I couldn't help but feel how right it was.

"Why so cold babe?" I asked smoothly. "Sorry?" she asked me in shock but before I could say anything she continued "One im not your 'babe', Two keep your hands off me" she said as she twirled out of my arms only to fall but before she could hit the ground I caught her against my chest. Oh she felt so good like she belonged right here in my ar-wow Emmett don't get to strung up over a girl.

"And three" she said "can you where I can find the main office?" and for the third time today I was stunned she was right here in my arms and all she wanted was to know where the main office was…THE OFFICE. I just looked at her and chuckled "Yeah down that hall and to your right, the first door on your left".

I watched her until she was around the corner than I turned the other direction heading back to the dorm I shared with my best friend and brother all the while daydreaming about the brunette angel I met today and how by the end of the week she was gonna be eating out of the palm of my hand.