(Bella's POV)

Edward opened the door of his silver Volvo so I could climb in. Hmm I thought to my self he is a gentleman as Edward made his way around the front of the car to the driver's side. "So Edward" I said as he started the engine "tell me a little about your self "

"Uh well I am studying to become a doctor" I nodded my head with approval "you?" he asked politely

"Im studying to become a journalist" I said with a small smile "So where did you grow up?"

He laughed "I have lived in a small town all my life you have probably never heard of it, it's called forks its near por-" I cut him off "What!!!! Forks?" he nodded "I used to live there when I was really little" I said excitedly "but then I had to move"

"Oh where did you move to?" he asked curiously "Arizona" I answered with a frown.

I was thinking about my home and all the friends I left behind. "Why?"

"Well because my parents split up and my mom and I left" I said "Im sorry" he said sincerely I laughed it's not your fault.

"Well it's a small town what's your dad's name?" "Charlie, Charlie Swan" I answered he hit the breaks and gave me a wide eyes "what?!' I asked alarmed "You're Charlie's daughter?" I nodded my head "You're the chiefs daughter" he asked again.

Oh I got it it was all about my dad being policeman. "Isn't he like gonna come after me with a shotgun or something?" he asked scared.

I couldn't help it I burst out into a fit of giggles and the thought of Charlie chasing Edward around the yard with a shotgun. "Its…Ok Edward…ill protect you" I managed to get out between giggles as he stared driving again.

When I finally stopped Edward asked me what my full name was "Isabella Marie Swan but don't ever call me Isabella only Bella…Yours?" I asked

"Well my real name is Edward Anthony Masen but I go Edward Anthony Cullen" "Why Cullen" I thought out loud a little confused.

"Because Masen was my parents name but after Esme and Carlisle adopted me I changed my name to there name it just seemed right "O Edward im sorry I never knew you were adopted" I said softly he just shrugged.

"Hey uh are you and rose sisters?" he asked lightly I let out a little laugh "Nope just best friends since I moved" then it dawned on me "You wouldn't happen to be wearing a necklace would you?"

"Um no why?" he said confused "No reason" after that there was comfortable silence.

"Ok we are here" Edward said cheerily. I looked up to see the doors of an Italian restaurant called Luna Bella as he opened my door so I could get out. He held his arm out to me "Shall we?" he asked "We shall" I answered using a fake British accent as we walked through the doors.

(Emmett's POV in the meantime)

As I watched their car pull away I felt my fists clench with anger. The one girl I really want Edward gets. Great. I mean what does she see in him anyway he's scrawny and pale when I am ripped and tan. He plays the piano I mean come on! I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard a shrill shriek split the air behind me I whirled around just in time to catch the flying form hurling its way toward me.

"Emmy kin's" I heard Laura attempt to purr in my ear "That was some kiss you pulled back there I always knew you loved me". I was stunned in disgust, love? "Uh sorry to ruin your pathetic little fantasies Laura but I don't love you and to tell you the truth I would be quite happy if you would just leave me alone and never talk to me again k? I said cheerfully.

"It's Lauran not Laura!" she squealed as she turned and walked away. Whatever I thought to myself as I walked towards my dorm room. I was gonna wait until Eddie got home then…then what? Beat him to a bloody pulp? Tell him how I feel? I had no idea good thing I had some time to think about it.

(Edwards POV)

The date went great we talked all about our families and forks. I had a good time and was a little sad when I realized I had to take her home but I couldn't help but feel like we were just friends on a casual "date" sure we laughed and talked but not anything in a romantic way I thought as I turned off the car and went to open her door. As we walked there was a nice silence…well until we reached her door. Ok here you go Edward I silently coached myself just kiss her see if there is sparks if so then ask for another date and if not well than…don't I thought sadly.

I leaned in and her lips met mine they were warm and soft but there was no response no sparks at all I felt my heart sink she obviously didn't feel the same way.

I pulled away "I'm so sor-" she started but I cut her off "its ok Bella" I said not that big of a deal all it means is that we are better as just friends…we can be friends right?" I asked panic clear in my voice.

She laughed "Of course Edward we can be friends" I smiled a nice smile "Good ok well I should get going Bella have a good afternoon" I said lightly as I turned to walk away I noticed she was absently toying with a necklace around her neck it looked kind of familiar but I don't know where I have seen it before….

I opened the door to my dorm and immediately saw Emmett's large form sitting on the couch he was looking right at me. I headed for my room trying to make a run for it but he caught me "Hey Edward can I uh…maybe talk to you?" he asked. Oh no here we go I thought to myself as I turned around to see Emmett patting the seat next to him on our huge couch suddenly making it look small.

"Yeah sure" I said as I took the seat he was offering "What do you want to talk about?"

"Well I really really like Bella and I want a chance to show her that Edward I don't want to play her I just want to…love her. Please. I know that you like her and all but…I don't know I just-""ok Emmett you can have your chance Bella and I are just friends but please don't do this unless you really like her because she is a real sweet girl Em and I don't want to see her hurt our have her hate me cause im related to you"

I said seriously as I got up to walk away "And by the way I just dropped her off back at her dorm she's probably still there why don't you go and apologize for what you did this morning I know she was upset about the whole Lauran thing' I called back over my shoulder I almost immediately heard the door close.

(Emmett's POV)

I walked out of the dorm just as Edward stopped talking. I had to make her understand that I was truly sorry and that she needed to know I really did like her. I felt butterflies leap to life in my stomach what if she didn't feel the same way. No she had to fell the same was I knocked on her door 3 times before I heard a soft "Im coming" here it comes Emmett there's no running now… yes there is a thought and turned to run right as the door opened and all my thoughts went out the window when I saw my angel standing there in a pair of almost no existent denim short shorts and a dark blue long sleeve shirt with a low scooped neck.

Her hair was wet from a shower and pulled back into a messy bun at the top of her head.

"Hey" I said "Um hey" she said a little coolly "Bella I really want to talk to you a regular conversation I wont be rude and cocky I just need you to listen for a few seconds" I said hastily. It took I second for her to think about it.

"Ok I have a half hour before my next class" She said as she opened the door so I could get by her.

I took one look around her living room and loved it the walls were light blue and a bright lime green. On one wall there was a whole shelf full of books and a small desk with a lap top sitting on it and on another a large l-shaped couch on the 3 was a small fireplace a rocking chair and another shelf but this one smaller stocked with movies and on the last there was a large plasma TV.

I followed her to a couch and sat down I took one looked into her expecting eyes and melted. I couldn't stop my tongue it all came out.

"Bella Im sorry for what I did today I know you must think the worst of me and you have every right to I just needed you to know that I really like you and that I wont play you I am fully willing to change for you…if you are willing to give me a chance" I asked hopefully.

"Uh Emmett I forgive you but I think I need some time to think about it ok?" she said looking like she felt bad but I was as happy as could be she forgave me a chance and was gonna think about it my heart leaped for joy.

I smiled "Its ok Bella just let me know as soon as you can" I said as I gave her a quick huge and before she could protest I was out the door I jogged all the way to the track and started running my victory lap.