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His life is such an oxymoron! (okay, so the word might have just sunken in at some point at one of his psychology lectures) He was the example, if not the King of the concept 'enjoy life in college - drink whatever you want, hang out with whoever you want, and do whatever you want'. His life was supposed to be free and easy (less like a tampon commercial, but more like a beer ad) Instead, here he was again, trapped in another crazy love triangle that is fitting for the scripts of Bold and the Beautiful (he doesn't watch soaps... that much) And the most popular entity of this said love triangle? Casey Cartwright! She was just... everywhere. And we are not talking about stalking here, people. We are talking about randomly enjoying oneself with a few buddies, drinking themselves into a stupor, or simply doing something monumentally stupid, recording it all the while for the enjoyment of others, when suddenly... Wham! She's there! And she's looking at him, and he can't stop himself from looking at her. And they are just standing there.. looking at each other.. and it's so... familiar, and right, and wrong, and scary and.. not.

"I heard you're dating again." She was smiling that fake smile his way. He never liked that smile.

"Yeah. I am." His smile was also fake. No point not being equal, now is there?

She was looking at everyone else above his shoulder, her eyes avoiding his. "That's good. Thing's are going back to...normal."

He nodded. His throat felt clogged all of a sudden.

"Um.." She was fidgety. "Is it anyone I... know?"

Suddenly, it all made sense. She was jealous, although she would never admit it. The good angel beside his shoulder snapped at his always prominent devil internally, for enjoying her jealousy. "No. Not really." He shrugged.

"Oh." She was surprised. They were supposed to be friends after all, and friends share everything including the secret of the best nail polish remover ever!

His coffee was burning his hand. "Well, I better get going then." He gestured to the building behind the blond. Startled, her eyes widened as if she was suddenly aware that she was blocking his entrance. "Socrates waits for no man." He raised the cup in a way that (he hoped) was comical, tilting his head in an effort to keep the conversation light.

"Yeah. You're right. Sorry. I..." She stopped her nervous chatter to take a deep breath and smile at him. (Genuinely this time) "I just wanted to say, happy birthday, Cap."

His eyes widened as she placed her hand against his chest, leaned up on her toes and pecked him lightly on his cheek, her lips barely grazing the corner of his lips. His eyes closed involuntarily, and it took all of of the self control he possessed not to move that inch towards her and kiss her fully on her lips. As she moved back, he smiled. Not that hard when you've had over a year to prepare the right smile to give your ex-girlfriend.

"Thanks. A year older, a year wiser is what Beaver always says." He looked up confused. "Although he personally sees himself as a twelve year old."

She let out a light laugh. "I'll see you around then."

He nodded again, not liking the opportunity to say good bye. "Yeah. See you around."

With a last small smile, she turned around and walked away.

It took a fellow senior to bump into him, nearly spilling his coffee, for his trance to break. His eyes finally falling away from her barely visible form. Taking a sip of his scalding hot drink, he intentionally tried to break the spell she easily cast over him. He was back where he started. In a love triangle including Casey, himself and the flavour of the month. Unfortunately this time, his flavour of the month was a blow up doll named Pamela Anderson. Casey should never know that he had no one else in his life beside her ever influential presence. He was going to get over her this semester. And if a rumour he started about seeing someone was going to help him stay away from her, then so be it.

Casey Cartwright was going to be flushed out of his system once and for all.