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His breath is laboured, coming in heavy gasps.

'What is this…?!'

A sharp pain attacks his chest. His breath hitches in his throat.

His eyes sting, and a metallic taste erupts in his mouth.

He collapses onto his knees, gripping the bed sheet.

The urge to retch squirms restlessly in his stomach.

That stupid, stupid iron taste…


The breath he'd held in bursts out of his lungs as he struggles for oxygenated air.

He coughs, choking and spluttering.

He feels liquid rise in his throat.

Dizziness takes him, and he wavers.

He sways, his grip on the bed sheets slipping…

His head hits the ground and he gasps at the sharp pain in his head.

The breath catches in his oesophagus again, and coughs ensue.

The room spins around him.

What the hell was going on?!

There is a muffled sound as his vision fades. The stinging sensation in his eyes has intensified to an unbearable level.

His eyes flutter, and the world draws itself into a black mass of shadow.

The taste of metal explodes in his mouth once more.

He spasms, the pain in his chest and stomach forcing his body into pictures of distortion, complicated contorted twists further adding to his agony.

His mouth opens in a futile attempt at gathering air into his lungs.

Thick liquid streams from his mouth instead, his throat burning.

He must have been screaming or something.

People have found him.

And now, footsteps resound around him.

He can't see.

He's going numb.

The voices draw nearer, the footsteps louder.

Frantic, panicky sounds.

He still can't see.

He reaches up to touch his mouth feebly, stumbling over the other sharp features of his face clumsily.

His fingers brush against his lips, sticky, slippery.

There is another noise, like the opening of doors, but he can't be sure; the pain has drawn his attention away from whatever it is.

His lungs are ripping themselves apart, rupturing.

His heart beats painfully against his ribcage, and he feels himself being turned over.

The pain is too much for him now.

He's on fire.

And finally, he hears his name, as his eyes open to a blur of blood and worried faces.

A/N: Okay. Obviously, the one being tortured has not been identified. Truthfully, I wrote it based on one of the characters, but I leave it to you to envision who gets tortured here. ^^ Hope you enjoyed it. Read and Review? ^^