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He can't move.
He can't breathe.
He can't see.
He can't hear.

He can only feel.

Feel the needles puncturing his skin, poking into his veins.

And he detests it.

The numb is unnerving.

He, who is so used to being useful, mobile, strong, invincible.

The one always to the rescue.

Rendered useless, helpless, inert, vulnerable.

Two extremes.

He tries again, for the countless useless time.

His limbs do not budge.

He struggles to see.
His eyes burn when he feels the air rush on them as he opens them.

And he still can't see.

He's distraught.

He feels others' hands on him.

'Don't touch me!'

But they can't hear him.
His throat is stuck.
He can't speak.

Why isn't the damned flower working?

He isn't healing like he normally would.
His senses are not returning like they should.

He's pathetic.

His soul distorts, mutates.

He's going insane.

He's immobile.
He can't do anything.

But he needs to find that person.
He can't stop now.

He can't die.

He won't become a vegetable.

More hands grasp him, pulling his limbs this way and that.

He doesn't know which is which anymore.

He can't see.

Pain explodes in his mind, a numbing headache.

'Stop touching me!'

Invisible hands continue to poke and prod him.

So pitiful.

He's confused.

The voice laughs, snickers.
It plays with his mind, the hand that grasps him, prevents his movement.

Mocking his immobility.

It whispers in his ears.

You can't move.

His mind screams in protest.

Invisible fingers, delicate, elegant.
They trace his lips, push a strand of hair away from his face.

He can't see.
But he can feel.

You're afraid.

No. NO!

You. Can't. Move.

It leers, and he screams.

How is it all he can hear in this dark endless void, where he lies motionless, senseless, useless, is that leering voice.
Mocking him.

Toying with him?

How is this happening?

You're so cute.

Stop it.

So adorable.


And now I'll make you mine.


He does not know why he refuses.
But the voice.

It's dangerous.

Finally the world collapses from inside, and he screams for the last time, choking to breathe.

He has lost.

Invisible lips press down on his own.

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