Summary: Bella moves back to Forks after ten years – now, she's seventeen. After her mother, Renee, is due to remarry her ex-husband, Charlie. With the wedding of the year on the way, Bella soon falls into a wild lifestyle filled with alcohol, parties and hanging out with the wrong crowd, a way to forget about all her insecurities and life problems. When her life starts to go in a downward spiral; who will finally come to her rescue?– OOC, AU, M-Rated.

A/N: This is a fan fic I've wanted write for a few weeks now. This is all human, but I probably will introduce vampires and werewolves – and all that later in the book. The characters may be different. This is Australian spelling. This is my first fan fic ever, so don't be too hard on me. I also have a lot of ideas for the story just need to write them. Reviews are love. This was a very a small chapter, I apologise...

Chapter 1 – Mysteries come in small boxes [Bella P.O.V]
Light streamed through my windows as I fluttered my eyelid open. I took a glance at my clock. It was Saturday - 9:15am, I groaned. A strong headache hit in from last night's hung-over; I could barely remember what had happened last night. A typical Bella's night out, I call it.

I slowly sat up while somebody cleared their throat; I quickly looked around the room to see brown eyes looking at me. It was Alice. There she sat in my childhood rocking chair as if she was still my childhood friend surrounded by my childhood possessions. Yet, I should have jumped to my feet and gave her a hug; although, she hadn't been much of a friend to me since I moved back to Forks. Spending all of her lunchtime with her little bunch of friends huddled in the corner of the cafeteria.

I sat there blankly analyzing her face until I finally realised it was time I should reply.
"What the f-ck are you doing here?" I whispered harshly.
She shot me a warning glance, "Excuse your language Miss Swan. And well, you tell me, Why am I here?"
"I don't really give a sh!t", I said with a sigh.
"Then why ask?"
I tried to steady myself as I replied, "You're pissing me off with you and your smart-ass question and answers".
She chuckled while she said, "I can't help it you need to grow a brain".
That I laughed at but the silence soon began; we soon ended up stared blankly at each until Alice finally stood up; and took a seat across from me cross-legged on my bed.
"Bella, you have to stop living a wild lifestyle like yours. You're very lucky Charlie and Renee are out of to—"
I interrupted her as I yelled "Don't you dare bring Charlie or Renee into this!"
"Okay, Look. Why don't you come over my house tonight for dinner with the family? If this is what it takes to get you to live a normal life that doesn't consist of the occasional hookups or alcohol, then I'll take it. I want the real Bella back", she said.