A/N: When I use stars [*], It means it's a flashback. Understand? I changed the schooling years to American terms. I used quote marks for quotes I got from any of Twilight books. Sorry it took to long to write and all that - This was probably the hardest chapter I had to write. I also changed the age that Bella moved away when she was younger from 7 to 10. The title of this chapter came from Before the Worst by The Script. It basically explains this chapter. I apologise for the language I used, I mean, I did this at about midnight… Haha. Reviews are love.

Chapter 3 – Before The Worst [Bella P.O.V]


Everybody remembers their childhood crush, or you could call it love. It imprints on your heart; it could be filled with heartbreak or passionate kisses but no matter what, it will stay with you forever. Edward Cullen had filled this position all throughout my life until I reached high school [Year 9], that's where all my life came crashing down.

Everything that we ever had seemed as if never existed. One question that remained with me throughout the years that we barely spoke was, 'What happened between us?'

I hadn't done anything wrong, I didn't say anything wrong; I couldn't even name one thing that could explain while he was giving me the complete silent treatment and never returning any of my calls - This occurred soon after we both began high school in Forks and New York.

I remember the day I got told I was moving away from Forks when I was 10, Renee and Charlie decided it was time to be going their own way. Charlie was working at the police station and Renee was getting out and about living her dream of a professional photographer.

The painful tears that streamed down my cheeks as I left Forks, Edward biting his lip so he didn't break out into a cry, all the memories I had in those ten years of my life… Gone.

Of course it wasn't gone completely, I would spend every summer with Charlie. I would go over The Cullen's house to be babysat by Esme whenever my father was working… which was nearly every single day, but I didn't mind. And all those months I was always from Edward and the rest of the Cullen's; I would send over fifty emails a day and numerous calls.

Life in New York was basically was wild… and weird. Renee was thrilled bringing in thousands of dollars and creating a name for herself in photography, she would continually ask me if I wanted to try out modeling - I was described to have the looks to fit a model: long, wavy hair, chocolate-brown eyes and a healthy body. Although, I couldn't imagine myself dealing with a bunch of b!tches; And oh, Did I mention I wasn't even able to walk in flip flops, Let alone heels.

I made a lot of friends in New York, despite the fact I never fit in like Cake was to Fat kid. I dated a few boys in New York; but I soon gave up after I realised you can't even have a romantic relationship with them because all they seemed to want was to f-ck.

I managed to work my way throughout the rest of primary school, middle school and high school getting A+ on every single report, even in Gym. It was in high school that Edward cut any form of contact with me. It confused me. Like, what did I do wrong?

The first day of high school was the day I realised I was in love with Edward Cullen.


And here I was; after nearly twenty minutes of debating with Alice whether I should go or not, Jasper finally eased the tension by saying Edward was mature enough to look after me, He was 17 after all. And there I was sitting next to Edward Cullen is his silver Volvo. Oh, Joy. I thought quietly to myself.

All I knew was I was going to find out what exactly that Edward Cullen is hiding from me.

C/S: It's a flashback about Bella and Edward's 'love' history. How Bella moved to New York with Renee after a quiet divorce; once they both reached high school – Edward gave Bella the silent treatment. And the ending is just a paragraph of them driving to a party Bella has to go to.