Character List


Charlotte 'Charlie' Monroe

Charlie's the optimistic one of the group, always there with a smile and a helpful suggestion. She's surprisingly very stong both physically and emotionally. Charlie's a bit of a geek, she has received high marks at all of her other schools and has decided Blue Water High will be no exception. She likes to be the best she can be at everything she tries and doesn't give up at anything until she tries. She pushes herself too hard at times.

Charlie's loves acting and is disapointed that due to her training schedule she can only be a part time member of the drama club.

She's not very good at reading social cues which sometimes results in some awkward situations

She's a blonde with blue eye and most people would pick her as being the most attractive one of the girls not that she knows it

Because of her positive attitude and tendency to day dream she is often mistaken as being an airhead.

She has an identical twin sister called Rebecca.

Lucinda Tyler

Lucinda or 'Elle' or 'Luci' is the most confident one of the group. She seems to be a natural at everything she tries. She get's along easily with almost everyone and is probably the most popular one of the group. She has great fashion sense and comes from a rich family. She's the best cook in the house, she loves cooking but hates cleaning up. She's a messy person but not a slob.

Lucinda's often intimadates people with her confidence.

She can play the guitar and has been playing it since she was eight.

Her parents are seperated and she has two protective older brothers.

She's a brunette with brown eyes.

Gabriella 'Gabby' Jones

Gabriella makes it clear from the beginning that she's there to win. She's a nice girl although she seems rather frosty on the surface. She loves playing practical jokes and throws great parties. She's the wild one of the group. She loves ice cream and gelato. She's very talkative and tends to ramble. She's very headstrong and opinionated.

She's an only child.

She's a very good dancer.

Gabby's good at Art and English at school but is not very good at any other school subjects

She's a girly girl and loves her clothes and make up collection.

She's a brunette with green eyes


Jordan Marks

Jordan is a bit of a goof. He doesn't seem to focus on anything much. He sometimes annoys people with his jokes. He is not a morning person and likes to sleep in. He is not very confident in his abilities. Although he does not seems it he is very smart

Jordan doesn't really think about his decisions before he makes them.

He entered the competition as a dare, not thinking that he was good enough to make it in. Now that he is in, he really wants to win.

He is distant from his parents as they were never home when he was a child

He has an older sister

He can skateboard.

Luke Johnson

Luke seems very cultured compared to the others. He's surfed all over the world and knows a lot of people. He's the most focused out of the guys, pro surfing is all he ever wanted to do. He is an only child and not used to sharing a house with so many people. His father died when he was four.

He's very close with his mother.

He has trouble understanding when he is at his limit which often leads to trouble.

He pushes himself very hard.

He is pretty average at school.

Luke is a very selfless person, he puts others before himself

Jayson Baker

Jayson is a very technical person. He likes everything to be perfect. He's good at science and has little patience. He doesn't like not knowing what to do. He has a fear of being trapped underwater. He has a very annoying habits like making too much noise when others are trying to sleep or blurting out the wrong thing at the wrong time.

He has two older sisters

He can be a bit impulsive

Jayson doesn't always understand why other don't think like him

He is very buisness minded


The boys share one room, Jordan has the top bunk, Jayson has the bottom bunk and Luke has the single bed.

The girls also share one room: Charlie with the top bunk, Lucinda with the bottom and Gabby with the single bed

Mike and Corey share the remaining room as they both work there, they are both in Year Twelve while the others are in Year Ten

Mike, Corey, Amy and Rachel will be returning