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Synopsis: Bella Swan is in Forks for summer vacation, when she lands a job in bar called 'Volteris' she realises there is more to the bar than the dress code. ExB


Authors Note:

It was heavy, the chip on my shoulder. My mother had sent me to Forks for the summer vacation, and regardless I wasn't looking forward to it. My friends were all back in Phoenix. Forks, with a population of just a little over three thousand.

The weather was a fraction of the warmth I was used to back home, especially for summer. What was a summer without sunshine, by the pool? There wouldn't be any of that here, there would only be the joys of a summer job and spending time with Charlie. He's my father, my parents split up when I was younger and have led their own lives. His in Forks, my mothers Phoenix. Every summer I would spend time with Charlie but it ceased when I was eight and I was never sure why.

"Bells?" a voice called softly bringing me out of my thoughts to discover that the car I was riding in had stopped, we'd arrived. Quickly gathering my bag and my guitar I stepped out of the car, Charlie leaning on the side of the car as I took in my surroundings, everything was the same as I had remembered it.

The white timber walls, the dark windows, the roof was the same darkness I remembered. Surrounding shrubs had gone after all these years, but that wasn't a surprise. Charlie wasn't really a gardener. Walking up the short steps to the verandah and into the house I made my up to my room, the staircase was designated with photos of myself growing up over the years. The ones mum had sent him every few months.

My bedroom, still the same just like everything else. Even the drawing I did the last summer I was here. Myself, Charlie and a girl I had met. Her name was Angela, we met at the youth group and in that short time we had become the best of friends. As my thoughts strayed to that summer I couldn't help but wonder if she still lived here, whether she was the same? Charlie joined me shortly after dropping my suitcase on the floor with a smile.

"The saleswoman helped me with the bedsheets, I figured the last ones you had were a bit childish," He spoke softly. The childish bedsheets he was referring to was my bright pink with 'Hello Kitty' on them. "I'll be downstairs if you need me." That was another thing I loved about my father. He didn't hover, he knew when I needed to be left alone. We were alike in a lot of ways really, and this was one of those things.

Pulling my bag and guitar up onto the bed which I took a seat on and opening it found my favourite book up the top. Wuthering Heights. My favourite book, it wasn't so much the characters I enjoyed, but the story. The experiences of Catherine with Heathcliff and at a later extent Edgar. Beneath were some clothes which I brought with me, no doubt that ones in the drawers by the cupboard wouldn't fit me any more.

Picking up a photo frame from my bag I placed it beside my bed, before picking up another bag and slipping it open revealing my laptop. The one thing I refused to leave Phoenix without, placing it on the desk beside the modem and hooking it up promptly. I waited a few seconds for it to connect only for the modem to continue flashing and beeping. Of-course, with a population of Forks, I should have known that they wouldn't be up to the speed of cable internet yet.

I turned my attention back to unpacking, quickly placing my guitar beside the small television that adjourned the table across from my bed. After I finished putting away my clothes I quickly flipped open my laptop again, finally a signal. I opened up my email, clicking away as two new emails popped up, one was my subscription to Youtube and the other was from my mother, I clicked on it.


Just send me an email when you get this message to let me know you get there safely. Phil and I have gone down to Florida for the holidays. We miss you.


I rolled my eyes, she worried to much. It's not like anything could possibly happen between the airport and here especially with Charlie picking me up. I quickly typed a response before shutting it shut and making my way downstairs for some daddy-daughter time.

The next two days went by fast as I settled into a routine different to that of Phoenix. I had decided before I left that I would get a summer job, the extra money would help for college in the long run and also give me something to do. I brushed my hair back, pulling a headband from my drawer and placing it softly on my head. I wore a pair of jeans with a simple shirt and a jacket. It was rather cold out but I didn't want to look too formal. Making my way downstairs I could smell bacon and eggs and I wasn't disappointed when Charlie placed a plate in front of me. He wasn't really a cook from what I could remember but I guess he had to learn after being alone so much.

"Looks great dad," I answered picking up my fork and giving it a taste. It was great, he'd definitely improved his cooked skills. He took a seat across from me and we continued our breakfast.

"So what are the plans for today?" Charlie asked taking a slice of bacon in his mouth.

"Job hunting," I spoke softly, "Anywhere here you would recommend?" He smiled briefly.

"You could try Newtons," He answered, "It's a camping shop," He must have noticed my shocked expression because he quickly continued. "I know your not into that thing, but the retail experience will be good for you." I looked down at my plate, he was right. In a few years time no one would really care whether you worked at a law firm or a McDonald's store it was all experience.

"I'll give it a try," I smiled at him once more before getting to my feet and clearing the table.

"Oh Bells," He whispered as he got to his feet. "I have a little welcome home present for you," his smile grew wider as he signalled for me to follow him. He took me to the verandah , covering my eyes as he did so.

"Dad," I teased, "You know I don't like surprises."

"Let me have this," Charlie chuckled before removing his hands from my eyes. It took about thirty seconds for my vision to crystallise before I realised what he had surprised me. Sitting in the driveway beside his cruiser was a red truck, from the logos I could tell it was a Chevrolet g Pick-up. "Jacob fixed it up for you," His voice had excitement radiating throughout it.

"Jacob?" I asked confused.

"He was your best friend when your mum and I were together," Charlie said looking down, a hint of sadness now appearing in his voice. I frowned, I hated bringing up these sorts of feelings in him. I turned my body around to face him and gave him a hug. The truck was a great gift, and something I really needed.

"It's beautiful," I answered, "Thank you so much." He dangled the keys in front of me. I leapt off the ground and grabbed the keys. His smile broadening. "I should go,"

"I'll bring dinner home, how does Chinese sound?" I nodded. "About seven?" I nodded again. I ran into the house grabbed my bag and then climbed into my new truck. Pushing it into drive and driving to Newtons, the first place I was going to look for that summer job.