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I strolled through the empty Cullen house. Everyone was playing baseball, and the house was eerily quiet. Jacob and Seth had asked me to go play but I had declined. I couldn't stand to see those perfect vampires talk and laugh with each other about how perfect their lives are while mine is in tatters. Seth couldn't understand my dislike of the Cullen's. I couldn't understand how he could forget that they were the reason we were monsters. I was in an awful mood today.

I was passing a room when I noticed the grand piano inside. The room was bare apart from the piano, the walls painted white, and a simple futon in the corner. Hesitantly I walked into the room, ignoring the awful smell, and sat at the bench. Slowly I lifted the lid and ran my fingers over the ivory keys. There were books of sheet music on top of the piano and I grabbed one and opened it up.

At first my fingers were awkward and the piano twanged at my mistakes. I hadn't played the piano since I became a wolf. As I warmed more into the music, my eyes scanning the notes as I played, my fingers became more confident. I was nearly at the end when I smelt it. The sweet scent of a vampire, and I knew this scent well. I ceased playing, feeling awkward at being caught so vulnerable.

"I never knew that you played," a male voice commented lightly, and I turned to see Edward Cullen standing in the doorway, a smile of appreciation on his lips, "Seth and Jacob never mentioned it."

"People forgot a lot of things about me," I replied softly knowing he would hear anyway, and then I turned back to the sheet of music and closed the book, "its better that way."

I sensed rather than heard Edward moving towards me. Vampires were so light on their feet. He leant over to see what I was playing and pointed at the book.

"Better that they forget you were talented?" he asked, complimenting me at the same time. Any other girl would have blushed and giggled, but I was Leah Clearwater.

"Better that they forget that I was once happy and nice, that I laughed and cried, because they won't be so disappointed when they realize exactly how far I've fallen away from her," I whispered nodding my head.

I wasn't sure whether I was trying to convince myself or him. Edward opened up to a new song and I stiffened as Edward sat next to me on the piano bench, facing the keys. Ever so slowly his hands reached out and began to play. I looked at the music; it was a duet. I lifted my hands, and then set them back down in my lap hesitantly.

"You don't have to be the way you are," Edward murmured to me and I stole a glance at him. His gaze was focused on the music. I turned back to the piano and placed my fingers on the keys, letting them hover there.

"Yes I do, I have to be strong for my brother, for my mother, for my pack," I told Edward strongly and Edward hummed but didn't say anything else straight away. He finally spoke again some bars in the music later.

"Maybe the old you wasn't who you were meant to be," Edward offered the suggestion then he looked over at me, his eyes appreciative, "I happen to like you as you are now, a little sarcastic, loyal and determined."

As the music moved to a crescendo I joined in, completing the duet. When we hit the final note I was almost sad that it was over. I hadn't felt so at peace with myself in a long time.

"Do you believe there is an afterlife for creatures like us? A heaven?" I asked Edward hesitantly and he shook his head.

"No," he answered quickly, but then looked at me and amended his reply, "At least not for me."

The question of where I would go when I died had been bothering me for days, especially since today was the same day that my father had died two years ago. Someday when I got tired of living, or if I fell in battle, I would die and I had a hard time believing that there would be a place in heaven for someone as bitter and twisted as I was. Edward was right; monsters like us didn't go to heaven. We were damned.

"I hope when I die I get a little glimpse of heaven, so that I can see my dad again, even for a second," I said wistfully, then I turned to him dismissing the conversation and raised an eyebrow, "Why aren't you at the game?"

"Seth was worried about you, I told him that I would look for you, and see if you were alright," Edward answered my questions simply, his smooth voice reverberating in the room. His voice was so warm and welcoming. Jacob had told me that's how they preyed on humans, vampires lured the humans in with their sweet voices and pretty faces. Edward smirked as he read my thoughts.

"It's true, everything about me draws humans in," Edward agreed running a hand through his bronzed hair, "It's a curse. Having the humans always wanting to be so close to us makes it harder to resist their blood."

"Does it hurt? The thirst?" I asked curiously and Edward smiled at me shrugging.

"Its bearable," he responded then his expression turned serious, "I would prefer to keep my humanity than give into the other side of me."

I glanced down at the piano keys. Edward had this way of making me be honest with myself. He was always so calm and collected while I was a hothead; he forced me to think before I acted.

"It's my birthday, they forgot, but its ok," I murmured brushing a stray hair behind my ear.

My refusal to go to the game had nothing to do with how I felt about the Cullen's, Edward had known that all along, he just wanted me to admit it. The truth was that the Cullen's were my family, and my brother and Alpha and family had forgotten my birthday. This knowledge hurt. I felt a tingle as Edward's cold finger tilted my head so that I could look up into his honey coloured eyes. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of his lopsided grin that told me he hadn't forgotten at all.

"Happy Birthday Leah," Edward whispered his cool breath on my face and I smiled.

"Thank you Edward," I said breathlessly and then I leant in and pressed my lips to his on a spur of the moment decision.

I shivered with surprise at how cold his lips felt on mine, but it didn't feel awful, in fact, it felt wonderful, like we evened each other out. I expected him to pull away with disgust but instead his cool hands captured my face between them as he deepened the kiss, his tongue swirling into my mouth. We kissed each other hungrily before I pulled away staring at him in shock.

"You kissed me back," I gasped, pleasantly surprised by the fact. I hadn't been expecting him to kiss me back.

"I'm going to hell anyway," Edward shrugged, giving a charming smile and I smiled back warmly.

Edward stood and held a hand out his hand to me and I accepted it, allowing him to pull me to my feet. I tucked my hand in the crook of his arm and then allowed him to lead me back down the stairs. I couldn't turn my eyes from his. Belatedly I realized Edward was trying to get me into his Volvo and I frowned in confusion.

"Where are we going?"

"Always so inquisitive," Edward chuckled, and then he opened the car door, "I'm driving you home."

"I can just run," I declined his offer and Edward rolled his eyes at me.

"Leah, let me drive you home," Edward paused and added as an afterthought, "Please."

Reluctantly I got into the car and Edward got in the drivers side. I hated to be a bother but the look on Edward's face made me feel like I wasn't a bother at all. The next thing I knew we were flying towards La Push at speeds that made my heart start to pound. Or it could have been the handsome vampire sitting next to me who was resting his ice cold hand on my thigh.

"Are we going to talk about the kiss? We've been friends since..." I broke off wondering if it was still painful for him to talk about what had happened a little over two years ago, but Edward just smiled shaking his head at me and I blurted out, "We've never done that before and you're not saying anything and I'm very close to freaking out."

"I don't regret it Leah if that is what you were wondering," Edward was quick to assure me.

That was what I was wondering and he knew it. The constriction in my chest abated slightly. I wondered when this had happened; when I had started feeling this way about Edward Cullen, but then I realized I didn't care when it happened. All that mattered was that this was how I felt, and Edward possibly felt the same way.

"I do feel the same way," Edward's voice interrupted my thoughts and I smacked him on the arm playfully, slightly embarrassed.

"Stop reading my thoughts," I hissed at him, but I was too shy to make my words threatening.

Edward squeezed my leg but said nothing more as we pulled up to my mom's house. I hadn't been here in years. Jacob, Seth and I had gone with the Cullen's when they moved from Forks about ten years ago. We were back now visiting Charlie and my mom. The Cullen's were allowed on our lands; Sam had given them the okay just for the weekend. Edward helped me out of the car, dropping a fond kiss on my forehead as he silently led me up the porch to my mom's house.

It was so dark inside. Charlie and mom were out at dinner tonight, and everyone else would still be playing baseball. I narrowed my eyes warningly at Edward. If Edward was thinking he was somehow getting lucky, he was severely mistaken. I may potentially be in love with him, but I wasn't easy. Edward burst into laughter at that thought as he opened up the door and pushed me inside.


My family and friends all jumped out of the darkness screaming as the lights flicked on. I couldn't stop the look of wonderment that took over me. They had done all this for me; they had planned this party for me. I turned to Edward, who had a look of mischief on his face.

"You knew!" I accused him, my face of surprise turning into a glare and Edward chuckled sliding his arm around my shoulders. A camera flash went off in front of my face, and I glared at Alice who innocently placed the camera she had been holding behind her back.

"I'm sure you didn't mind us sending Edward to get you while we set up for the party Leah," Alice was grinning evilly then she winked lewdly, "Because I just had a vision of Edward wearing a nice tuxedo in the near future."

I blushed as red as I could when I realized exactly what she was insinuating. I glanced up at Edward to see his reaction, but he was just smiling with content, his arm still wrapped around my shoulders. At my expression he leant down and kissed my temple.

"It's about time you two got together," Renesmee huffed folding her arms across her chest decidedly and the others in the room added their firm agreement. Carlisle and Esme were clinking glasses with my mom and Charlie, thought Carlisle and Esme obviously didn't drink. The four seemed proud as punch about Edward and I.

"Tell me about it; I don't think Jasper could stand anymore sexual tension," Rosalie chortled from where she stood wrapped in Emmett's big arms and Alice giggled behind her hand nuzzling into Jasper's side.

"Being in a room with them together was unbearable," Jasper admitted teasingly and I flicked him the finger in response, causing him to laugh.

I looked at their smiling, almost knowing faces. Esme and Carlisle. Charlie and my mom. Rosalie and Emmett. Jasper and Alice. Bella and Jacob. Seth and Renesmee.

Two years ago Renesmee reached full growth and announced to her shocked family that she was in love with Seth, and that while Jacob would always be her imprint, she needed him only as a brother. Jacob had been heartbroken and Bella had taken it upon herself to help him heal, feeling guilty that her daughter had broken his heart just like Bella had done all those years ago. In that time, armed with the knowledge that his imprint wouldn't want him as a lover, Jacob fell in love with Bella again and this time Jacob's feelings were reciprocated. Jacob's unwavering adoration had been difficult to resist and Bella had finally given in. Bella and Edward divorced nearly three years ago now, and soon after the divorce Bella and Jacob were married.

After all the fuss of becoming a vampire, Bella had ended up with the shape-shifter.

That had left Edward and I the odd ones out in the strange family that we had become, so it was only natural that we would drift to each other. Our friendship had been unexpected, at least to us.

Apparently everyone knew that we belonged together except us and now we had realized it too. Rosalie, Alice, Bella and Renesmee all crowded around me giggling and talking and I glanced over at Edward who smiled charmingly at me while Seth, Emmett, Jasper and Jacob congratulated him.

Maybe I didn't need an afterlife; I could have an eternity with Edward instead, I'd be happy with that.

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