Well, it finally happen, someone destroyed the world. And it wasn't global warming, global war, or any of the big things that would normally be blamed for something like this.

It was Angel.

That's right, Angel.

Hi, my name is Maximum Ride, and right now I'm in a cell in the dungeon of Queen Angel.

I don't even know how it happened either. One minute we were just doing the normal things the Flock does; running from evil minds that want to destroy us, saving the world at the same time, starving, and the next thing Angel goes around controlling Erasers and soldiers and police and whatever else have you and assassinates the President of the United States.

Long story short, she demolished the other world governments and declared herself Queen. he now controls the world with her vast army of mind controlled soldiers.

Needless to say the rest of the Flock and I tried to stop her, but in the end we couldn't do it.

And most the Flock ended up joining her!

Total was the first; she promised him that she would have a free and open society for Canine kind. He is now her Prime Minister.

She made Nudge her fashion consultant. I couldn't believe that Nudge was actually that crazy about fashion that she would actually side with Little Miss Dictator.

Iggy became her head cook, on the promise that she would find some way to cure his blindness.

Gazzy was a little harder to convince, even though he was her own brother. In the end, he was lured in with unlimited explosives and total control over all video-games.

Fang was the only one besides me who wasn't lured in by Angel's promises of power. She had him put in a room filled entirely with talking, pink stuffed animals. (Trust me, if you know Fang, this was the worst kind of torture you could imagine.)

As for me, she stuck me down here with no food or water about two weeks ago. She said she had something planned for me.

Wait, someones coming. It's Angel, it must be time for that "special surprise" she had planned for me.

She opens the door on my cell with her mind and comes in.

"You should have made me leader when you had the chance," she says icily, and I suddenly can't breath. As I drop to the floor, clutching my throat, the last thing I saw was her walking away with Celeste dragging on the ground.


I woke up with a start, panting heavily. That had been the third night in a row that I'd had that dream, that nightmare.

I looked over at the branch where Angel was sleeping and sighed in relief. She was just sleeping there, Total sleeping at her head and holding Celeste in her arms. She didn't look at all like she was going to suddenly decide to take over the world.

I let out a sigh of relief. Of course she wasn't going to take over the world, I thought to myself. I'd just as soon as kick her butt before she even got half that far.

As I lay back down to go to sleep, I thought to myself, "It's only a dream, Max, it could never really happen."

Could it?