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I sit on the cool grass of the lawn. The golden sun shines through the trees as I look up at the clear blue sky. In the distance, I can hear the shouts and laughs of my children as they play with their father and cousins in the grass around Moonacre Mansion. Five years have passed since my wedding day, and much has changed in this time.

After the events that took place on my wedding day, Coeur De Noir was exiled from Moonacre Valley along with Rachael and his few other supporters. No new dangers presented themselves, and my painting of the first Moon Princess is still. The valley is at peace at last, and this time it seems to be lasting.

At the wedding feast, Loveday announced that she was pregnant. I had never seen Uncle Benjamin as happy. She gave birth to a baby girl who they named Minette, and who they dote on. Soon after, she became pregnant again, this time with a boy who they called Benjamin after his father. They couldn't be happier.

Moonacre Mansion is still theirs, and the people of the valley are content to let Uncle Benjamin and Loveday rule, giving me and Robin the freedom we desire. Robin and I have moved into the De Noir castle. It is a much more welcoming place than it once was, and we have made a comfortable home here.

Robin and I passed many happy days together, and I became pregnant in the second year of our marriage. Throughout my pregnancy he was extremely attentive, fulfilling my every whim and desire. He was also very protective, and

When the birthing time came for me, Robin was there to hold my hand. The labour was long and hard, but well worth it. At the eighth bell on that warm spring night, I gave birth to two beautiful girls. We named our daughters Lyanna and Alleyne. Lyanna means shining light, and Alleyne means precious awakening. They have Robin's black curls, and my blue eyes, and they are perfect. I am pregnant again but, this time, I believe that my child is a boy. If I am correct, we will name him Darris, which means iron-strong.

A shadow crosses my face, and I turn to see Robin sitting down next to me. He is slightly out of breath and disheveled, his hair falling in his eyes, hat in his hands. I brush some of the strands off his forehead, and he leans in to give me a kiss. As his lips press against mine, I smile.

When my father died all those years ago, I never imagined that my life would turn out the way it did. Now, I would not change these experiences for the world. I am loved by my husband and my family, and I love them in return. That is all I could ever have wished for. All is well.