A/N- I decided that I should do a fanfiction that focuses not only on Raven and Robin, but a character who I don't understand as much about. The beginning may be rough, as I am NOT a champion romance writer. We all know that Starfire would do anything to get Robin. How far would she go to eliminate the competition?

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Chapter 1: Noticing

It all began with the grasping of a shoulder. "Raven, wait," a masked boy pleaded, "I…I didn't mean to say it like that. The truth is…I um…really like you a lot." This stopped the dark girl, and she slowly turned around, eyes wide in surprise. "R-really?" His hand slid down to grasp hers. "Yes."

Lavender eyes shined and a small smile began to grow. "Robin…I really like you too." He chuckled at the small blush that came over her face.

A pair of green eyes blistered from the distance.


A day ago Robin and Raven had announced to the team of their dating. Cyborg said, "Finally!" and Beast Boy laughed. Starfire, however, kept her back to the happy couple as she huffed and quickly exited the living room. Raven started after her in worry, but Robin squeezed her hand. She looked up at him, and he whispered, "Give her time. She just needs to cool down."

But Starfire was doing anything but cooling down. She was not throwing objects, as some teenage girls would do, and she wasn't cutting photographs either. Instead she sat cross-legged on her bed, face screwed up with hate, plotting how exactly she could get her Robin back.

Raven…that little purple-haired grebnax, messing with MY Robin when he so clearly wants ME!

An actual tantrum of throwing objects was about to ensue until her thoughts were interrupted by a beep on her computer screen. "A request to do the video chatting?" she mumbled to herself, "I accept."

A window popped up onto the screen, featuring the face of someone all of the Titans feared. Starfire was horrified, "How did you come to be on this screen of computers?! Go away, bad man, now!" The villain laughed. "Starfire, I know what you want right now. And I know exactly how you can get it." His eyes narrowed, "Just follow my every instruction, and everything will be okay."


Raven was worried. After all, Starfire was her best friend, and Raven had known that she harbored a crush for Robin. In reality, everyone knew, perhaps except for Robin himself. Raven was now on the couch with Robin, his arm lazily thrown around her as they watched TV. She laid her head on his shoulder, and he kissed her forehead gently.

"What's wrong?" he prodded.

She shook her head, "I'm still worried about Starfire."

Robin sighed, "Rae, she's a big girl. She'll be fine. Bet you anything she'll be going out with Speedy or Aqualad a week from now." Raven wasn't all that convinced.

"Don't call me Rae."

Suddenly the doors to the living room opened, and the red-haired Tamaranian princess walked slowly and evenly down the steps, attempting to calm her breathing as her new instructor's voice echoed in her head, It must seem as if everything is fine. Do not give anything away. Robin and raven both tensed slightly as she approached them, for her face was drawn. Raven quickly lifted her head from Robin's shoulder.

"I am sorry for my rude behavior and wish to perhaps apologize?" She looked very sincere.

"Apology accepted, Star," Robin smiled, then gave Raven an I-told-you-she'd-come-around look. She smirked at him. Cyborg watched from the distance, making sure there would be no fighting to come.

Suggest something…like a party, or a celebration. Something outside of the tower. Alert me of your location.

"Friends, perhaps we should do the celebrating!"

Robin grinned at her, "That's a great idea. Guys, let's go out for pizza." There was a general cheer of happiness, and Raven and Robin, hands clasped, got to their feet.

"Everyone come gather in the T-Car!" Cyborg shouted gleefully.

"If you don't mind, Cyborg, Raven and I are going to use a different matter of transportation." He winked cockily at his friend, and Raven slapped his arm lightly. Starfire's eyes brightened in ferocity, and then quickly dimmed at seeing her friends' confused faces. She covered up with a quick, "We will do the meeting there, yes?" and headed off to the garage, and to Cyborg's car. Raven and Robin followed behind, though Robin had a different form of transportation in mind.

He stopped in front of his cherry red motorcycle. Raven's eyes winded. "Oh, no way."

"Oh come on," he grinned, "It'll be fun."

"Never." She crossed her arms and pouted.

Robin straddled the bike, lifting his helmet to his head. "What's the matter? Scared?"

And that was all it took.

They sped off through the night, just a red blur, Raven clutching Robin's waist with all her arrived very quickly but somehow, the T-Car had made it there before him.

"I took a super-secret shortcut!" Cyborg bragged as they all entered the pizzeria.

"What, a drive through the junkyard and used car lot?" Robin rebutted. Cyborg's grin fell. "Damn you, you little spiky-haired…"

"I heard that!" he called. All five of the Titans chose the table and were about to take their seats until their communicators beeped. Raven grasped at her flashing brooch.

"Titans, celebrating has to wait. Trouble."

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