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Chapter 12: Epilogue

It was really foolish to think that things would have ever been the same. Raven and Robin had completely returned to one another, perhaps bonded even more strongly than before, but despite all attempts at friendliness, Raven and Starfire could no longer connect. Raven regretted their distance, but she knew it was impossible to change. Starfire could never undo what she had done. And while Raven held no hostility towards the alien, they were irreversibly distant.

The tower was empty, and it was raining lightly outside. With the other three titans at the movie theater, Raven and Robin felt comfortable enough to sit on the couch in the control room and watch a movie of their own.

But they weren't paying much attention to the movie anyway, as these things normally go.

Raven was sitting right beside Robin, her head resting cautiously on his shoulder. Their hands were laced over their laps and they both looked right into the eyes of the other, completely oblivious to the flickering television screen.

"How are you feeling, Rae?"

She laughed softly. "Robin, stop that. It's been months."

"I'm just worried about you." He playfully poked her in the side, but she wouldn't be distracted.

"There's nothing to be worried about. We haven't seen Slade or Red X in a long time, Starfire's going out with Aqualad- you need to stop worrying so much."

He smirked and pressed his lips to her forehead. She didn't smile, but she inched just a little bit closer to him, and he noticed.

"There's nothing wrong with being careful. I don't want anything else to happen," he murmured.



"Shut up."

He was about to protest, but suddenly she was kissing him, her hands running through his hair, and he forgot any sort of argument. One arm wrapped around her waist and the other held her chin as he gently pushed her back onto the couch. Raven broke the kiss and looked at him, his face only inches from hers. Her eyes were shining.

"If this is too much, or too fast-," Robin started.

She pulled his face down and kissed him again, and he moved both of his hands up and down her entire body. He could feel her shivering under him, and he put his lips at her ear.

"Raven…," he breathed, "I love you. I love you so much."

She smiled; a genuine smile. She whispered seductively, "Why are you wasting time talking about it, Boy Wonder?"

He felt a rumble deep inside and he lifted her from the couch, pressing her against the wall. He kissed and bit at her neck, pinning her wrists above her head. She was whimpering and moaning softly and he couldn't stand it anymore. He swept her legs out from under her and carried her down the hallway. There was hardly even time to worry about her consent- he already knew that he had it, and she was putty in his arms. He had made Raven weak. It was a pretty exhilarating thought.

In the elevator he pushed her against the wall again and they ground against each other, kisses still deep and violent. They stopped at her bedroom, and Robin pushed her onto the bed and he was touching her and she was touching him and they smiled.

Meanwhile, the other titans sat at the pizza place, arguing over the benefits of pepperoni and mustard as toppings. The waitress was growing increasingly nervous, but the patrons were almost used to it at this point.

Starfire's hair was shorter but her outfit was longer- something inside of her seemed to have prompted a need for modesty. She had grown both outside and inside, and anyone could notice. However, only the titans knew why. Aqualad sat at her left, listening to her description of underwater fungi, and occasionally throwing in his own knowledge of the subject.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were ever the same- full of jokes, simultaneously irritating and loveable. They had changed as well though, but no one knew. Everyone changes over time, because it's inevitable and often inconspicuous.

Red X was sitting in an apartment thirty miles away from Jump, his mask nowhere to be found, rolling a cigarette. There was a girl in his bedroom, but he didn't plan on doing anything to her. She just couldn't drive home as drunk as she had been at the club. It wasn't right. He didn't like hurting girls much anymore, or seeing them get hurt. He just always thought of her when he had to do something and it stopped him. As a result, he hadn't spoken to Slade since their previous encounter.

Slade was watching the titans, as he always did. He had less access to the titans' cameras than before due to Cyborg's security upgrades, and he couldn't see into Raven's room, but he was waiting for his moment. Even he didn't know when he would make his next move, but it would happen.

He determined himself to be the predator and the titans to be the prey.

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