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Ty Lee: Okay, who is this barbaric slut-whore that you're cheating on me with?

Does she go to our school? Oh, you better hope she doesn't go to our school. I'm calling you.

A few seconds later, Zuko's phone rang and he reluctantly picked it up.

"Mai, would you listen to me for a second?" Zuko pleaded.

"No, Zuko. You listen to me. If you are cheating on me, let's make a couple things clear. First of all, I will find you. Then I will tie you down and sever any protruding appendages, understand? That means all fingers, toes, arms, legs, and that one area that you really hope I better not cut off."

Zuko cringed as his eyes flickered worriedly to his precious lower area. He knew how capable she was of fulfilling that threat.

"Mai, I-"

"And then," She cut him off, "I will cook you alive and feed you to Azula's mongoose dragon-"

"Wait, she still has that?" Zuko said in disbelief. Ozai had told her to get rid of it years ago.

Mai ignored Zuko's comment and continued. "Then I will make my way to hell and bring you back to life just so I can murder you again. Do I make myself absolutely clear?" She hissed. Zuko gulped at the coldness of her tone. Alone in the darkness of his room, Mai's threat was a lot more terrifying than if had he been in the company of someone else, or if the lights were on.

"But Mai…""Answer my question, Zuko!"

"Yes. Very clear. But I'm not-"

"Do you know that you cheating on me would break my heart?" Mai suddenly said.


"You know I'd do anything for you, right?" Mai told him, a little too emotionlessly.

"So if you just tell me her name, we can resolve this issue quickly and somewhat painlessly."

"MAI! I am not cheating on you!" Zuko half-yelled into his phone.

Another silence.

"Fine," She responded, her tone harder than before. "Don't tell me your little slut-whore's name. But Zuko, you and I are now walking on thin ice."

She hung up, leaving Zuko shocked and slightly relieved. Why did the world hate him? Did he do anything wrong? Not that he remembered…Although maybe stealing Jet's phone and swapping all his contacts wasn't the act of a saint…Okay, I promise Universe, that I'll tell Jet what happened as soon as I can. Actually…Why not now?

Zuko reached for his phone and sent Jet a quick text.Hey I swapped all your contacts on your phone a few weeks ago. Sorry.

He set down his phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Now all is right in the world.

Zuko's POV

I was just on the verge of sleep when my phone buzzed from the nightstand.

What the hell, dude! It's like 3 a.m! And yeah, I know. I fucking texted my mom instead of this girl I met…Long story. I'm going to fucking kill you, bastard.

Awesome. Now there's two people that want to kill me.I put his phone down again and decided not to reply. There really was no use in apologizing again. After all, the only way Jet forgives someone is after a little revenge.

I turned back to my computer and was just about to turn it off when I discovered another chat box waiting to be replied to.

Ty Lee: wow, Mai's rly mad…

Am I ever going to get any sleep tonight?

Zuko: Ty Lee, I'm really not in the mood right now…

Ty Lee: Sry Zuko, but cheating is not nice.


Ty Lee: Oh…then y didnt u say so?

Oh Agni…fuck my life…

Ty Lee: I gotta go. Mai says I cant talk 2 u nemore. Bye!

Zuko fell back onto his pillow. What the hell just happened in the last half hour?

Katara's POV

Katara: I'm back…

Zuko: What happened?

Katara: Oh, my dad doesn't trust me anymore.

Zuko: Apparently neither does my girlfriend.

My eyes widened as a sharp ache filled my chest. Zuko has a girlfriend?

Katara: You never told me you had a girlfriend!

Zuko (not noticing anything wrong): Oh yeah, her name is Mai. She thinks I'm cheating on her or some shit.

Mai? That sophomore that Ty Lee keeps telling me about? The rich spoiled brat that's in Azula's little posse? What the hell? Why her? Why her? That little voice in my head teased me. As opposed to who? You? I sighed dejectedly. Of course I didn't think a guy like him would go for a freshman. Well then again, why not? Jet's one year older than me, and we were together for a while before that one incident…

At that moment, I had a sudden epiphany. Zuko went to the same school as me! Of course! Why didn't I see it before? It was just a couple of days ago that he mentioned his psychopath sister. That must've been Azula! She's his little sister! Of course, I didn't know any other psychopath with an older brother. Actually, I didn't know any other psychopath. Period. Then Mai's a sophmore, just like Zuko, and that's how they know each other. It's a wonder I've never heard of him before.

Zuko's POV

Zuko: Hello?

Katara: Oh sorry. I was just thinking…Do you go BMA? Bending Masters Academy?

Oh no. Not another creepy stalker lunatic!

Zuko: Uh…How did you know that?

Katara: Only because I go there, too!

Oh thank Agni. I don't have to move again…Or have my name changed to "Junior" again

Zuko: Really? I've never seen you around. Or Sokka for that matter. I think I would've remembered.

Katara: Probably because Sokka's not a bender. He only got in because he's got mad strategy skills. And his boomerang and sword skills were an added bonus. Don't tell him I said that. He's already got a major ego ever since Suki agreed to be his girlfriend.

Zuko: Suki goes to BMA, too? Who else goes that I don't know about?

Katara: Toph. She got voted Best Bender last year. She's the only metalbender in the world!

Zuko: How'd she learn to do that?

Katara: She ran away from home and got kidnapped in a metal box.

Zuko: Wow. Impressive.

Katara: No doubt about it.

I yawned and was reminded of how late it was.

Katara: I think I need to go to sleep now or else it'll throw off my whole eating schedule and sleeping schedule and all that crap.

Zuko: No don't go! Not yet.

Shit. Why'd I type that? It sounds like something from a cheesy old romance movie. Delete…delete…Take it back…take it back…I've never done anything wrong! Please, universe, just this once!

Katara: Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow. Preferably when I'm fully awake.

Hm…That wasn't as bad as it could've been.

Zuko: Okay. And when will that be?

Katara: After I come back from the library. Probably around five.

Zuko: Why the library?

Katara: Because I need to finish the stupid summer reading assignment.

Zuko: Damn! I didn't even start that yet!

Katara: Then why don't you come with me? We only have a couple of weeks until school starts again.

Zuko: Sure. Wan Shi Tong's Library, right?

Katara: Yup. See you there at around two, okay?

Zuko: Okay. Goodnight.

Katara: Goodnight!

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