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Ugh, shopping. Did we really have to? I hated to go shopping when I was human; I detested it. I'm glad that trait of myself had carried over into my new life. But, I did have to admit I needed to go shopping. I had no clothes, no jewelry, no books, nothing. Okay, so I guess shopping today was a must.

"It won't be that bad Bella, the guys can come with us! They need stuff too." Alice said, she must have known exactly what I was thinking. And I did have to admit, it would be better if Edward was there with me.

I looked down to him, and he gave me my favorite crooked smile.

"Hey you guys are going to need something to need something to drive." Carlisle said. Then he reached into his pocket and out a key in Edward's hand. "It's my car. Have fun. And be careful and control yourselves with the humans around. If you come even come close to an accident, come home immediately." He was serious, but he tried to give us his best smile. "Also, you might want to wear contacts for a little while until your eyes aren't as red anymore. They're in the bathroom."

We all walked over to the bathroom next to the living room, and Alice opened the little closet on the wall. She handed us each a contact case. Without even looking at the contact, I shoved it into my eye and blinked. They were a little hard to see through, but it was manageable. I put the other one in, and looked over towards Edward and gasped at what I saw. His eyes were green again, thanks to the contacts. He looked so great.

"Your green eyes are back." I said, and smiled.

He stroked my cheek. "So are your brown ones." Ah, so that's what color the contacts were.

We all walked out of the house to the garage on the opposite side. When we reached it, and opened the door, our mouths dropped.

Sitting in the garage that could fit about 20 cars, there were only 2. The first was a small black Mercedes that looked like it could reach speeds way over the limit. The car was probably worth more than most peoples houses. The second car was a silver Lexus SUV that was probably meant for us. When Edward hit the button on the keys, the car gave a little beeping sound and the headlights flashed. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice climbed into the back while Edward got into the driver's seat and I got into the passenger.

He started the car and smiled; Edward had always loved fast cars, even when we were human. And that hadn't even changed with the accident.

We pulled out of the garage and drove down the long path that seemed to be the Cullen's driveway. When we reached the end, we were on a highway surrounded by forest. I saw a sign said "Exiting Forks". Forks? Where were we?

"Edward, where are we?" I said, very confused.

He took my hand after he heard the distress in my voice and rubbed soothing circles on my hand with his thumb. "We're in Washington. A small town named Forks actually."

Wow. Washington. We had lived all the way on the east coast and now we were all the way on the west. They had taken us all that way after the accident? I wonder how they had managed that…

"In Carlisle's mind, the reason was because we sparkle in the sunlight, and being in Washington, the sun doesn't come out a lot, so we can be out during the day without people knowing we are different. I guess we will have to see that for ourselves wont we?" then he looked over at me and smiled.

"We sparkle in the sun?" Alice said from the backseat.

"Yes, all vampires do." He responded.

I shivered slightly at "vampire" and Edward starting rubbing circles on my hand again. He was right; we would have to see that for ourselves. I had to see Edward sparkle. That would probably make him look 100 times more beautiful.

Edward traveled a little over the speed limit, and we made it to Seattle in a little less than a half an hour. We arrived at a mall and I could smell the delicious humans before we even parked the car. As soon as Edward parked the car, the smell became ten times stronger. I know everyone felt the same because none of us breathed or moved.

I decided that I should speak first. "Maybe this was a mistake." I said almost silently, yet I knew they would hear me.

Nobody moved for a few minutes but then I heard someone breathe in the backseat and turned around with my eyes wide. Alice was bringing quick breaths in through her mouth and nose. She seemed to be having a little trouble with it, but she was doing it… so I decided to try myself.

I took a deep breath through my nose and it felt like a match sparked in my throat. It hurt like nothing else. However, it was controllable. The hurt didn't make me want to want to drink the unsuspecting humans dry; it made me want to resist them and what I was more. I kept breathing to get used to the smell, and somewhere in the middle of my thinking, everyone else started breathing too.

I looked over at Edward, and his eyes were closed in concentration as he breathed in and out. When I took his hand, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I know he was having a lot of difficulty with this, but I would never let him do something he would regret later.

I turned to everyone in the back and it looked like they were supporting each other too. Alice and Jasper were wrapped in each other's arms, with Jasper's head on Alice's shoulder; I didn't need Edward to know what Jasper was thinking, and he was having a lot more difficulty with this than the rest of us.

Rosalie and Emmett were holding hands, looking lovingly into each other's eyes. I realized why Edward was disgusted this morning when he heard their thoughts; it was almost too much to bear just looking at them.

Alice opened her eyes and looked at us. "No, we can do this. Everything will be okay. I can tell."

We all seemed convinced by her words, except for Jasper. He looked worriedly into her eyes and she stroked his cheek comfortingly. I could tell how worried she was about him.

We exited the car and Edward hit the car alarm to lock it. As we started to walk towards the mall, the smell only got stronger. It was hard, and it didn't help that the humans were all gawking at us like we had 4 heads. I realized it was probably because of the beauty. I mean what would you do if you saw 6 beautiful strangers looking as if they were in pain? I probably would have stared too.

We walked through the mall, stopping at stores that Alice pulled us into, or ones that we just wanted to stop at, like a book store and a pet shop. However, Alice was Alice and she made us go into most of the stores and try on 600 different things. I had to admit I liked most of the clothes that I got, because of how good they looked on me now. And by the time we were almost done, we had to have about 50 bags. Then it was the guys turn. We walked into Express, and Alice threw random things she found at Jasper, Emmett and Edward, and then pushed them into dressing rooms. We waited outside.

"I'm so happy for you Bella, I always knew Edward and you would be together." Alice said as we were waiting outside.

"I'm very happy for me too." I laughed. "As I always knew Japser and you would always be together. I am very happy for both of you."

I pulled both of them in a hug, and this was the closest I had ever felt to both of them; even when we were human.

"Who knew we would have to become vampires before we could be with our soul mates." Rosalie said, and then giggled.

We separated from our embrace and Alice and I shared a wary glance before looking around the store to make sure no one heard what Rosalie said. All to be found were guys gawking at us, so we were safe.

Just then, the guys walked out of the dressing room in new clothes. Emmett and Jasper were there, but, all I saw was Edward. He was in dress pants, a white shirt, a suit jacket, and sunglasses. He looked like a male model. And it was amazing to know he was MINE. I was with him forever and there was nobody to separate us. I would not let that happen, and neither would he. We were bonded for eternity, and I was too strong to be taken from Edward's side. I walked up to him, and kissed him with all the passion I had in my body. He responded, and soon I was forgetting where we were. I heard someone clear their throat and I looked over to see Emmett laughing. I looked down in embarrassment, but Edward lifted my chin and kissed my cheek and I felt like a teenager in love again.

We went to a few more stores, and the guys got more things. I wondered how we were paying for all of this suddenly when Alice was at the cashier.

"Alice, how have we been paying for all of this?"

She smiled, and put a platinum credit card on her chest, close to her heart. "Thank god for credit."

I giggled and said "Carlisle?"

She nodded, and handed the card to the cashier to pay. "I guess you really roll up the dough after you live for almost 400 years."

After that, we were finished. Thank god, I thought it was never going to end. It felt like we had been shopping forever, and my suspicions were confirmed when we walked outside, and it was pitch black.

We put all the bags in the back of the car, and they barely fit. Edward drove again, and it took us a little more than half an hour to get back to Forks. When we got back to the house, Edward parked the car in front of the house and we took our bags to our new cottage while the others took theirs to the main house and their rooms.

Once we had put our new clothes in the huge closet in the cottage along with the others that were already there, we made our way back. We walked into the living room, and Carlisle and Esme were on the couch. Carlisle had his head in a very big book and Esme was on a laptop. I heard the others upstairs, putting away their things.

Edward sat on the couch and I sat on his lap. He took the remote from the table, and started flipping through the channels on the big screen TV.