It was a bright warm summer's day. Walking along in the street was a young white woman or as the white people were known a Nought. She had light brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. Holding in one hand she had a bag of shopping, in the other she was holding her sons hand, his skin was darker than his mothers but not as dark as Cross's skin. He had darker blue eyes and black hair. It was obvious they were related but in a way … they looked nothing alike. Although the woman wore quite a baggy top the bump underneath was quite obvious.


I walked along trying to control my son and make sure I didn't drop my bag. My son Jamie wanted to run around like a mad man but I had to hold his hand as we walked along in the busy streets, cars flying past and a mixture of Noughts and Crosses jostling along. I caught a few dirty looks made towards myself and my son but I was determined to ignore them and get through to the park for a sit down while Jamie let off his energy. I walked towards the traffic lights and I stood as Jamie excitedly pressed the button and waited by my side. The light turned from green to amber to red and the walk sign shone. Jamie and I made our way over the road and into the park. We walked into the playground and I let go of Jamie's hand, "Now I want you to stay where I can see you okay?" I told him, "Yes Mummy!" Jamie replied before shooting off like a rocket. I smiled gently before resting down on a park bench holding my back. I dropped the bag onto the ground and held my stomach feeling the growing child inside of me kicking. I laughed as I felt it kick again.

Jamie looked over at me and ran over "Mummy? Why are you laughing?" he asked curiously, looking around as I was attracting some attention. I took his hand I rested it on my stomach as the child kicked yet again. Jamie's eyes widened and his lips broke into a massive smile and rested his head gently on the stomach, whispering as if he was talking to the baby. "Yes she's great you don't have to worry, I will look out for you" he whispered. "Jamie what are you doing?" I asked inquisitively. "The baby asked me if you was a good mother and he or she also said that he quite liked it in there and wasn't sure if he or she wanted to come out so I told them you was great and I'll look after them." He grinned before running off. I smiled again as I watched my son climb on the frames and hang on the monkey bars. "Jamie? How would you like to feed the ducks later?" I called over to him, his face lit up and he nodded vigorously. "Good cause I have some bread we can give them." I smiled as Jamie started to play with some of the other children in the park.

Jamie played for a good twenty minutes before he returned and asked if we could feed the ducks now. I smiled and stood up carefully, picking up my bag of shopping and taking his open hand. We spent a few minutes feeding the ducks, geese and swans before walking out of the park and walking out into the busy street and towards home. We walked and walked, me ignoring some dirty looks again until we reached our doorstep. I slipped the key into the lock and opened the door to our home, I dropped my keys on the counter of the kitchen as I started to put my shopping away of some bread, a carton of milk, some biscuits and a new brush. I sighed quietly as I walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa putting my feet up and turning on the television while watching, through the corner of my eye, Jamie playing in the corner with his toys. He looked so happy, without a care in the world. He was lucky, he didn't know much about the life I used have to lead… If falling for a Cross wasn't enough… I have had his child and I'm having his second… Just as I thought of him, Jason made an appearance through the door, "Charlotte? Are you home?" he called. "I'm in here." I answered from the lounge, I looked back to see him appear in the doorway smiling at me. "How was your day at work?" I asked. "Fine, it was fine." He replied smiling, I looked at him suspiciously "What are you smiling at?" I asked, "Just admiring your beauty…" he replied. I blushed as Jamie looked around, "DADDY!!" he yelled before running into his father's open arms, "Hey son!" Jason replied lifting his son into the air as Jamie squealed with delight. "I have a surprise for you… it's in the car" Jason smiled. I got up and followed my two boys out into the front yard towards the car. Jason walked to the boot of the car and opened it. Leaping out was a beautiful dog, its tail was wagging as it leapt up on its hind legs into the arms of Jason, attempting to lick his face.

"Her name's Tamira" Jason introduced as the dog got down and sniffed Jamie's hand, "She's beautiful" I commented, "I got her from the rescue, I was got a call that one of the dogs had been in the wars so I called round and caught sight of this beauty and couldn't resist taking her home." Jason explained to me. If you haven't guessed already, my partner is a vet, he'd be my husband but it's against the law for Noughts and Crosses to marry… he's a well built man, very handsome, his dark brown eyes irresistibly nice, full of love and trust. He had black hair just like Jamie's. "Can we keep her mummy??" Jamie begged, "Pretty pleeease??" he gave me the baby eyes which I'm sure he knew I couldn't resist. I averted my eyes to Jason who smiled at me gently, the gentle smile which still melt my insides, the smile which made me fall in love with him the second I met him. I let out a fake frustrated sigh, "I suppose so." I replied and smiled. "Yay!" Jamie exclaimed and ran inside with his new friend. Jason opened his hand for me to take which I did and together we walked inside. I stayed in my daydreams of memories for most of the day.