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A Grim Life
Harry Potter/Naruto
by Shinji the Good Sharer

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story. If you think I do then you're out of your mind. This is a free fanfic and will NOT in ANY WAY generate money for my personal use. Flames will be used to burn the hair of Dumbledore's ass.

On the Loose

Name: Uchiha-Potter Harry
Age: 200,000
DoB: July 31, 198,000 B.C.
Eyes: Black [Normal] Red [Sharingan]
Hair: Black
Rank: U-Rank Chuunin [Konoha]
Assigned Team: Team 7 Sensei – Hatake Kakashi
- Uzumaki Naruto [Chuunin]
- Haruno Sakura [Genin]
- Uchiha Sasuke [Genin]

Harry sighed as he looked at his new identification card. Anko had it put together for him using a picture she took during the end of his birthday party. "I look drunk." He muttered to Fleur who giggled.

"You WERE drunk 'arry. I 'ave ze 'and prints from where you spanked my be'ind to prove zis fact." The quarter-veela teased making him blush.

Grumbling to himself Harry glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. "I didn't hear you complaining. It was your idea that everyone except me get spankings." He prodded at his girlfriend who flushed with a dreamy smile.

The day before, Harry had gotten his Hogwarts letter. He had all the books but he was running out of parchment and potions ingredients. He also wanted to order a few more books and scrolls if there were any he didn't have. His last purchase would be some owl treats for Hedwig since he was running low on those too.

Normally, Harry would let Nippy do these errands since she often liked to do so in order to spend time with Dobby. However this was a chance for Harry to spend time with Fleur alone and he didn't get to as often as he wanted to with her working on the club in Konoha so often. Using the floo they arrived in the Leaky Cauldron. After a quick greeting to Tom, Harry led Fleur into the alley.

Diagon alley wasn't very impressive. In fact, compared to Konoha's streets ever since Harry's company took over the trade in the village it was down right pathetic. It did, however, have a sort of rustic charm and several shops that wouldn't be useful or popular in Konoha. Ollivander's for example or a magical artifact shop. Though several magical children had been found in Konoha, most under the age of enrollment for magical schools, it was a very small percentage and not enough to make such a shop marketable.

Fleur happily walked on Harry's arm as he restocked on the potions supplies for his portable potions lab. The magical stationary store was also a place they stopped. Harry bought plenty of parchment and several bottles of ink before they left. They stopped when the Weasley's arrived. Ginny glared at Fleur when she noticed her on Harry's arm. "Harry, who is this… girl?" the little redhead asked while her brothers drooled.

Ron apparently paid attention to certain things that the girls of Gryffindor said when he realized just who he was staring at. "That… That's Fleur Isabelle Delacour! She's the French veela model from Teen witch magazine!" When everyone looked at him oddly the boy flushed. "It helps me get advice on talking to girls." Nobody seemed inclined to believe him.

"You never told me you were a model." Harry said calmly in his monotone. He looked at Fleur pointedly.

Blushing heavily, Fleur kissed his cheek. "You did not ask if I was ze model." She teased while lacing her fingers with his. "Is it so to 'orrible find out zat your girlfriend is ze model?"

"Fair enough." Harry said as he led her around the Weasleys. "So… Isabelle?" he asked making Fleur glare at him much to his entertainment. A deep growling from a black dog interrupted their walk down the alley.

End Prologue


Hokage – Fire Shadow
Sennin – Legendary Ninja
Jutsu – Technique
ANBU – Black Ops
Jōunin – Elite Ninja
Chūunin – Average or Journeyman Ninja
Genin – Trainee Ninja
Shinobi – Male Ninja
Kunoichi – Female Ninja
Genjutsu – Illusion Shill
Ninjutsu – Ninja Skill
Taijutsu – Body Skill
Kenjutsu – Sword Skill
Kinjutsu – Forbidden Skill

Author's Notes:
There's the Prologue, and Chapter 1 is right behind it. Well, here's the first chapter of the this Sharingan!Harry book. I'm actually really surprised how well this is turning out.