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2 Weeks Before

Emily sat back against the couch arm, her legs up on the soft fabric of the cream couch as JJ sat between them, with her head leant back against Emily's shoulder. It was a Friday night, and they had just got back from a six day case in Florida. It had been tough on the pregnant blonde, who was currently going through the worst of her morning sickness. Though she wasn't sure how it could be called morning sickness when it lasted all day!

The team had been great, making sure she had plenty of water and that she was eating well. Though none of them tried to get in between the blonde and her M&M's. Emily had tried and she had had her hand smacked for her trouble, and tears from JJ. She wasn't going to try that again anytime soon.

Luckily for the brunette, it hadn't been as bad as JJ's first pregnancy. But she hadn't been there with JJ while she was at home; Will had been there for that and now it was her turn. And she had to admit, as much as the hormones were making JJ slightly crazy and the sickness she was going through, Emily loved every minute of it.

The profiler leant forward and gently nuzzled the blonde's neck, making JJ laugh. Her hands moved round to the liaison's stomach, caressing it with her fingertips. JJ was four months along, but she was hardly showing. There was just a slight bump, which couldn't be seen under baggy clothes. The blonde's hand came up to cover the brunette's as she tilted her head, meeting Emily's gaze, and eagerly accepting the kiss that the profiler leaned down for.

"So now we know it's a girl, we should start thinking of names, don't you think?"

Emily asked softly, as she looked down to the living room floor, where Henry was playing with his toys. JJ followed her gaze before turning her head back to look at the brunette.

"Baby, we have loads of time. You really want to do it now? Naming a baby can take a long time."

"This is why we should get started now."

The brunette stated, and JJ had to agree. They had left naming Henry till the last minute, and this time she wanted to be more organised. Emily was so excited about everything, that all she could do was grin at her wife. She would humour her for the time being. After all, it was her baby too.

Emily smiled, and placed a small kiss behind JJ's ear, making the blonde laugh again. It was a particularly sensitive spot for her, and the brunette knew that. She liked to do it as much as she could, she loved to see the liaison squirm under her touch.


Emily stated, and all JJ could do was laugh, as it was obvious that the brunette had no idea where to start. It was understandable; it was a major decision to make. The kid was going to have the name for the rest of her life. It wasn't something to be made lightly.

"Well, we need it to go with Prentiss."

JJ said logically and she felt Emily smile against her neck. The brunette never thought she would have a child, especially a child with her last name. It made her love JJ even more, for allowing her to be a Prentiss. And the fact that the blonde had changed her name to it too, even though she was still known as a Jareau at work. She was legally Jennifer Ann Prentiss, but JP just didn't suit her like JJ did. Plus it would of been hard for everyone to change, but she loved Emily and she had wanted to do it for her. To reaffirm her commitment even further. Besides, Emily hardly ever called her JJ at home, just at work. At home she was Jennifer; something that no-one else had called her, not even Will. It was their own special little thing, and JJ loved that.

"That we do, is there any names you've always liked?"

Emily asked, and JJ turned to look at her again, before looking back at Henry who was running a toy car along the floor.

"Honestly, I've never thought about it."

JJ said softly, as Henry stood and ran towards them, jumping on the arm of the couch behind Emily's head, as he wrapped his little arms around her neck. The brunette chuckled, as he gave her a big kiss on the cheek .Jumping back down, he ran round and jumped on the couch to snuggle up into JJ. She kissed the top of his head before looking back up to Emily, giving her another soft kiss.

"Well, it's a girl, so that kind of narrows it down!"

Emily explained smugly, with a huge grin on her face. She started to tickle Henry and he started to squirm, but thought back to more important matters when she saw the look on JJ's face and she stopped tickling, withdrawing her hands and placing them on the blonde's hips.

"How about Elizabeth?"

JJ asked, and a frown appeared across Emily's forehead. That was her middle name, and she hated it with a passion. Obviously her m, other was very proud of her own name, to pass it on to her daughter too, even if it was just the middle name. She didn't want her daughter to have the same name.

"After my Mother?! No, thank you!"

The brunette exclaimed hard, wanting to draw a line under that name completely.

"Okay, okay. How about Paris?"

"I do not want my daughter being named after a socialite, or a country, or any other weird name. I just want her to have a normal name, something that won't get her picked on at school!"

JJ couldn't help but laugh at her wife, and though she hated to admit it, she had to agree with the brunette. They just needed a normal girl's name...like Sarah, Louise or...

"Buzz Light-year!"

Henry shouted, jumping up suddenly in front of JJ's face. His face was so serious, that the both of them had to bite their lip to stop laughing. Reaching forward, Emily ruffled his hair and pulled him closer to them, allowing her to place a kiss on his forehead.

"I don't think so Buddy, that's a boy's name. You're going to have a baby sister, so we need a girls name."

Emily explained as Henry nodded, before sitting down and sliding off the couch to go and play with his toys again. JJ turned in her wife's arms, kneeling up on her knees, as she brushed a piece of loose brunette hair behind Emily's ear. The profiler smiled gently, leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss on the blonde's lips.

"You make me so happy."

JJ murmured against Emily's lips, as her arms around the brunette's neck.

"Then it's a good job you make me happy too!"

The profiler quipped, as JJ placed a deeper kiss on her lips. A thought suddenly hit her and Emily pulled back much to the displeasure of the extremely horny JJ, who wanted Emily as soon as Henry went to bed! And that wasn't soon enough for her liking.

"I've got it!"

JJ quirked an eyebrow at her wife, waiting for her to spit it out.

"I've got a name! Olivia."

The blonde couldn't help the smile that spread across her face; it was a name that she had loved since she was little. She was going to call it Olivia if Henry had been a girl.

"It's perfect. If it's okay, I'd like her middle name to be Grace, after my sister."

The liaison whispered. Emily agreed with another gentle kiss to the blonde's lips.

"Olivia Grace Prentiss. I love it baby. I love you."

"I love you too."


Present Day

Emily placed a hand on the small of her wife's back, as she opened the door and guided her in to their house. A dim light from the lounge lit up the hallway, and she put their bags on the floor. She could hear Henry laughing, and a soft smile spread across her face. JJ's reaction was different; she frowned, pulling away from Emily and walking down the hall to their bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

The brunette let out a big sigh, running a hand through her hair. She wasn't sure what to do, either go and see JJ or go and have some fun with Henry. Remind herself that there still was good in the world, even if it wasn't shining down on them right then.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, trying to wake herself up, she walked towards the family room. Before she could even take a step in the room, she felt something slam in to her legs. Looking down, she brushed her hand over soft blonde hair, before reaching down and picking Henry up, placing him on her hip.

"Hey buddy."

She whispered, and she had to choke back the tears that she knew were building. She wasn't sure how they were going to get through this, but they had to for Henry.

"Hi Mommy!"

He greeted happily, putting his hands either side of her face and placing a kiss on her lips. Emily couldn't help but smile, the little boy always managed to cheer her up when she was having a bad day. And god, it was a bad day. Bad couple of days. It was nice to come home and see her son, though she could clearly see he was drooping, as he placed his head in the crook of her neck, his thumb in his mouth.

Emily couldn't stop the single tear that rolled down her cheek, as she kissed the little boy's hair. Looking back up, she met blue eyes which belonged to one Penelope Garcia who had a sympathetic look on her face. Emily wasn't sure she could deal with sympathy right then.

"How has he been?"

The brunette asked softly, walking forward to sit next to Garcia on the couch. Emily placed Henry in her lap, as he stayed cushioned against her chest.

"He's been as good as gold, princess. But then I wouldn't expect anything different from a gorgeous boy like him."

The profiler smiled against Henry's hair, who she knew had fallen asleep. It was so quiet that she could hear his gentle breath's. Emily was a little startled, when Garcia gently stroked her hair, and she turned to face the tech analyst.

"How's JJ?"

Garcia whispered, not wanting to wake the now sleeping baby boy. Emily glanced down the hall to their bedroom, before turning back to meet Garcia's concerned gaze.

"She keeps telling me she's okay, but she's really not."

"It's understandable. She's just going to need a bit of time."

Emily nodded, as she tightened her hold around Henry. This time she couldn't stop the sob that came. In the corner of her eye, she saw Garcia move closer to her, and she felt arms wrap around her. Keeping hold of Henry, she cried into Garcia's shoulder. The last few days she had tried so hard to keep her emotions in check, for JJ, but she couldn't keep up the charade anymore. What she was feeling, needed to escape. And crying was one of the only ways she could do it. That and beating the hell out of an UnSub.

About ten minutes later, she had calmed down a little, finally pulling herself away from Garcia's shoulder. Henry had stayed asleep during the entire thing. Garcia wiped the brunette's tears away with the pads of her thumbs, before reaching forward and placing a gentle kiss on the profiler's forehead. Emily grabbed the quirky tech's hand and squeezed it gently.

"Thank you."

She whispered, and Emily could see the tears glistening in Garcia's own eyes.

"It's no problem chick-a-dee. I'm always here, for both of you."

Garcia said sincerely, and the brunette nodded, the appreciation obvious on her face. The tech stood up, and Emily did the same, putting Henry back on her hip. The movement didn't even make him stir. The quirky blonde ran a hand through her godson's hair, before placing a kiss on Emily's nose. Smiling, she followed Garcia out to the front door.

"Keep in touch, and look after my girl, my god son, and yourself."

"I will. I promise."

Emily stood in the doorway, until Garcia had walked away. Turning back into the house, she walked towards Henry's room. She was so proud of his room. The brunette had decorated it when JJ had been working late at work, making it a surprise for the blonde. The profiler chuckled, remembering her wife's reaction.

"C'mon buddy, time for bed."

She whispered in to the sleeping boy's head. Emily placed Henry down gently on to his bed, pulling the covers up around him. She sat there for a moment, just watching him sleep as she ran a hand over his face, caressing her son's soft skin.

"I love you, so so much."

Wiping away her tears that were falling again with the back of her hand, she stood up and slowly walked away making sure his night light was on first. Stopping in the doorway, she turned back to look at him one more time before closing his door behind her.

Taking a deep breath, and composing herself she walked slowly to their bedroom. The one she shared with JJ. Opening the door slowly, she took in the sight in front of her. JJ was laid on her side, her arms wrapped round one of Emily's pillows. The brunette could tell her wife had been crying, under her eyes were red and puffy. But she couldn't blame her; it was a lot to take in.

Stepping closer, she knelt down on the bed, and crawled to her wife slowly, not bothering to change out of her clothes, as all she wanted to do was hold her wife. Lying down behind JJ, she wrapped an arm around the liaison's waist, placing a gentle kiss on the back of her head. And as the tears fell again, she felt her eyes droop, missing the sob that shook through her wife's body.


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