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Charlottes car: 67 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, grey with black racing stripes

I based Charlottes looks on Kate Beckinsale.

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Death had always been around me and after seeing so many people die, I couldn´t help but wonder how my life would end.

There I was, lying in a pool of my own blood that kept flowing out of my battered and broken body. I was in pain but as strange as it might sound, I was happy and content. My death wasn´t going to be in vain, I was dying in the process of saving someone elses life.

I felt cold and I knew it would just be a matter of minutes until the end, my end.

The guy I had saved minutes ago was now leaning over me and I gathered all my strength and smiled at him.

"I´m glad you´re ok. Go now. Find a safe place to stay at." I said and started coughing up more blood.

He looked at me in amazement. "You´re about to die and all you care about is my wellbeing and safety? Not many would sacrifice themselves for a stranger."

"What can I say, I´m not like the others." I smiled once again.

He placed a hand on my cheek and smiled. "You are the one." he whispered. I looked at him confused. "Charlotte, what if you wouldn´t have to die? I can save you." he added without taking his eyes off me.

"Who or what are you?" I asked.

"I´m Michael and I´m an angel of the lord. I don´t have much time for explanations now but I promise you will get the answers to your questions in time. I´ve been looking for you for a long time and I´m here to give you a choice that not many people get. Do you want to live?"

I was too weak to speak so I just nodded. My eyelids got heavier and my pulse slowed down. Just as I was about to surrender to death, I felt something soft against my lips. "Drink, my child." I heard Michael whisper and did as he told me to. My body was getting warmer, my pulse was going back to normal and I felt an incredible power flowing through my veins. My eyes flung open and I discovered that I had Michaels wrist pressed against my mouth and I was drinking his blood.

I was shocked and wanted to pull away but he stopped me. "It´s ok, keep on drinking. You will need the strength to fulfill your destiny." he said and for some reason I couldn´t help myself but obey his words.

A little while later, I was sitting on a deserted beach. The sand was white and the water crystal clear. "How did I get here?"I mumbled to myself because last time I checked I was about to die in some abandoned warehouse in New York.

I heard steps behind me and turned around to discover that it was Michael. He smiled and sat down next to me. "Is this a dream?" I asked and he nodded.

"This is the only safe place where we can talk. I can´t stay too long and explain everything in detail but I need you to trust me."

"Ok." I agreed.

"Lilith, the demon that killed your parents, is trying to free Lucifer by breaking the 66 seals. Word has it that some angels have joined forces with her and they are now after me. I need to disappear off the radar for a while until I´ve identified the traitors." he explained and I nodded, letting him know that I was taking all the information in.

"I was sent to earth to find a human worthy to receive my blood and therefore inherit part of my powers. I chose you because I sensed your pure heart and good nature. You will play a keypart in this war between good and evil. I`m sorry that you´ll have to figure your new powers out yourself but I´m certain you won´t disappoint me. Whatever you do, just trust your instincts."he continued and squeezed my hand gently.

"Now go and find Dean Winchester and protect him with your life. I have to go now, I don´t want to endanger you." He stood up and handed me a necklace. "Wear this necklace at all time. It will prevent angels from finding out that we have a bloodbond. Dean is under the charge of an angel called Castiel. He knows about you and you can trust him." With those last words he vanished into thin air.

I woke up to find myself lying on a huge bed in a very fancy looking hotelroom. My bags and all other belongings were neatly stashed beside my bed. I looked down at myself and to my suprise I was dressed in my pyjamas. I took them off and headed towards the giant mirror. I stood there in my underwear and examined my body. There was not a single scratch on me and even my old scars were gone. I was as good as new.

I went to the bathroom and took a long shower. I put on some tights, a miniskirt, a longsleeved black top and brown suede boots.

I took my bags and checked out of the hotel that was in the heart of Manhattan.

The man at the reception handed me my car keys and directed me to my car. Just like me, my car looked better than ever before. I silently thanked Michael and smiled. I got behind the steeringwheel of my beloved 67 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and smiled as I heard the motor roar to life.

I embarked on my mission which was to find Dean Winchester and protect him.