Some more information on Charlotte: She´s a rock chick and she dresses like one, too. She mostly wears skinny jeans and tight shirts but she also loves to wear dresses and mini skirts. (Kind of like Ashlee Simpsons style). Charlotte is going to sing "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon in this Chapter and to give you a better impression of how I imagine what she sounds like go on youtube and listen to Pixie Lotts cover of the soung (acoustic version). .com/watch?v=y5o8L-Or0O4&feature=related

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We arrived in Nebraska at around 7pm. We checked into a motel that was within walking distance of the nightclub the victims had visited before they were killed. Once I finished unpacking I went over to the boys room. "Open up, it´s me Charlotte." I said as I knocked on the door. A minute later Dean stood in front of me wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I couldn´t help but check him out. He sure had a nice body. "Do you like what you see?" he asked me and cocked an eyebrow at me. "Maybe." I said and walked past him to sit down on one of the beds.

"Where´s Sam?" I asked. "He went to get some food and coffee." Dean answered and just then the door opened. "Hi Sam." I greeted him and he smiled. "Hey. I brought you some food in case you were hungry." he said and handed it to me. "Thanks, that is so sweet of you." I smiled and completely forgot about Dean who was still halfnaked.

I heard him mimick Sam and couldn´t help myself but laugh. "Are you jealous?" I asked Dean and of course he denied it. "I have no reason to be jealous. If you´ll excuse me, I´m going to get dressed." he said as he grabbed some clothes and retreated to the bathroom. Sam and me just looked at each other and laughed at Deans behaviour. "What´s the plan for tonight?" I asked. "We´re going to check that nighclub out and make sure no one else gets killed. Tomorrow we´ll go to the library, police station and families to get some more information."

"Okay. I´m going to get ready then. Meet you in an hour outside." I said and left. Back at my motelroom, I started to get ready for the evening. I put on some make up and tied my hair into a messy bun. I chose to wear a pair of grey skinny jeans, a black silk blouse that revealed some cleavage and black mid-high heels that enabled me to fight in case I had to.

An hour later I went outside to wait for the boys. Dean whistled as he saw me. "Seems like you like what you see, huh?" I asked him teasingly. "Maybe." he replied and winked at me. Damn, I had to give it to him. He definetely knew how to play.

10 minutes later we arrived at the nightclub. The bouncer told us that a singing contest was being held tonight and that they were still looking for contestants. "No thanks." the boys declined and we entered the club. I excused myself and signed up for the singing contest without telling the boys.

We had a couple of drinks as we observed the place for anything odd. They started the singing contest at around 9.30pm. At around 10 pm I excused myself once more to go backstage and await my turn.

I entered the stage 5 minutes later with an acoustic guitar in my hands. I sat down on the bar stool that was placed behind the microphone. I looked at Dean and Sam who stared at me in disbelief. I smiled and started playing. Shortly after I began to sing.

I've been roaming around, always looking down and all I see

Painted faces fill the places I can't reach

You know that I could use somebody

You know that I could use somebody

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak

Countless lovers undercover on the street

You know that I could use somebody

You know that I could use somebody

Someone like you

Off in the night while you live it up, I'm off to sleep

Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat

I hope it's gonna make you notice

I hope it's gonna make you notice

Someone like me

Someone like me

Someone like me, somebody

Go and let it out

Someone like you, somebody

Someone like you, somebody

Someone like you, somebody

I've been roaming around,

Always looking down and all I see

I felt overwhelmed by the crowds positive reaction. I thanked them and went back to Dean and Sam. "Wow, that was great." Sam said and smiled. "I didn´t know you could sing." Dean added. "Well there´s a lot about me you don´t know." I winked at him "So, did you see anything suspicious? Any lead on what or who we´re dealing with?" I continued. "Nope, nothing." they replied and shook their heads.

We decided to call it a night at around 1 pm. As we walked back to our motel, the streetlamps started to flicker and it got quite chilly. "Boys, looks like it´s time for some action." I announced as I pulled my shotgun out of my bag. The boys nodded and took out their guns aswell.

Out of nowhere the spirit of a young man appeared and attacked us. He disarmed the three of us and pinned us to a wall. "You cheated on me and killed me. You slut."he said as he approached me. He reached out and I saw his hand disappear into my chest. I screamed out in pain as he attempted to rip my heart out. "Ssssh, it will be over soon." he whispered into my ear and kissed me on the lips. "Let, her go you son of a bitch." I heard the boys yell.

"Focus on your gun." I heard a voice whisper in my head and I knew it was Michael. I tried to ignore the pain and focussed on the gun. All of a sudden it flew threw the air, right into my hand. I shot the spirit and he disappeared. We were now free again.

"Are you ok?" the boys asked worried. "Yes, don´t worry." I replied as I wiped my lips with a tissue. "Eeew, gross. At least we know how the ectoplasm got on the victims lips" I stated as I showed them the tissue. "I don´t think he´s going to come back. At least not now. I suggest we go to the motel and try to find out who he was and more importantly where he was buried. I so want to salt and torch that son of a bitch." I added and they nodded.

After half an hour on my laptop, I managed to find out all we needed to know. The spirit who attacked us was Dave Johnson and he was killed by his girlfriend after he caught her cheating on him. His girlfriend matched my description and the ones of all other victims. Her name was Melinda and she was a brunette in her midtwenties.

Luckily it wasn´t to hard to find out where Michael was buried. We all got into the Impala and headed to the local cemetary. 20 minutes later we finished digging up Daves grave. Just as we were about to torch him, he appeared and pinned us against a mausoleum wall. This time he went for Dean. "This is all your fault. Why did you have to steal her from me."he accused Dean. I concentrated on the iron cross on top of one of the tombstones. It came flying through the air and hit Dave, making him vanish. I quickly lit a match and threw it into the grave. Dave appeared once again but this time he was screaming in pain as he engulfed in flames.