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"Where do we go now?" Dylan asked.

"We visit the teacher." Alex said. The angels got in the car and drove towards the school the girls were at. "Nasty looking place." Dylan noted.

"Does it look like your old school?" Alex asked.

"No, it looks like they actually like learning here." Dylan said. The angels all started laughing and walked into the school. Nathalie walked up to the reception. "I'm looking for a Mr. Cortez?"

"Ooh, the Spanish teacher. He's in the last classroom in that hall." The receptionist said, pointing to a hallway. Nathalie shrugged and walked ahead of the others. Alex walked into the classroom without knocking. "Mr. Cortez, we need to talk." The whole class started jeering and the teacher followed Alex out of class. "What is going on?" He asked her. "We are investigating the possible kidnapping of Demetra Harley, she was one of your students."

"Miss Harley, yes I remember her and her strange disappearance. Do you think I had something to do with this?"

"We have our reasons to suspect it."

"I have nothing to do with this. I saw the tape of the kidnapping on the police station. I just know that the guy is the boyfriend of one of the Devils."

"The Devils?" Nathalie asked.

"They are some sort of gang. They call themselves the Free Devils. If hell exists, they came from it."

"And you think this gang is behind the kidnapping?" Alex asked.

"Pretty sure. I just don't know what they want with Demetra."

"Thank you Mr. Cortez. Where can we find these Devils?"

"The Misdeed Drift. The local bar downtown."

At the Misdeed Drift.

"Spread out and keep your ears open. We are looking for a group of people calling themselves Devils." Alex said. Dylan and Nathalie nodded and walked off. Dylan walks up to the bar and orders a drink. Nathalie sits at a table near a group of strange looking guys. Alex stands near a door at the back of the bar. "So, what are you doing here? Haven't seen you around before." A hot guy asks Dylan as he sits next to her. "Just came to town, thought I'd get to know the people." Dylan lies.

"If you're any good you should go to the other bar. This is the lair of the beast."

"What do you mean?" Dylan asks, pretending to be confused.

"This is the place where the Free Devils party. They don't tolerate fools. They will be here any moment now."

"The Free Devils?" Dylan asked, pulling her blond wig.

"Yeah, three guys and their girlfriends. Everybody knows they are absolutely lethal but the cops have nothing on them. They are harder to catch than smoke is."

Nathalie is talking to a girl who seems a little nervous. "What's got you so nervous?" She asks.

"The Devils are coming. If it weren't for Jason I wouldn't be here."

"Who is Jason."

"My boyfriends. I made a deal with them. They would get him back to me for cash. Of course I paid them. I just want to get Jason and get out."

"They are going to bust him out of jail?"

"No his old gang had him hostage, cops would do nothing saying he was a gang member that was just hanging with friends."

"So you went to these Devils?"

"They were the only ones that could help."

Alex is watching Dylan and Nathalie talk as a guy walks up to her. "Hey can I get you a drink?"

"No." She says.

"Do you want…"


"Maybe I can…"


"Shall I get you…"


The guy walks away disappointed as the door opens. A blond woman with high heels walks in on the arm of a dangerous looking tall dark-haired man. They are followed by an Asian woman who looks like she would kill you for looking at her in the wrong way. She is followed by a tall, olive skinned man who looks like he fights on a regular basis. All of them look absolutely lethal and dangerous. Trailing behind them is a young man, looking nervous and a bit pale. The girl that was talking to Nathalie quickly walks up to him and drags him out of the bar. The newcomers don't even look back. Another man walks in. Tall, blond, skinnier than his friends and looking truly frightening without his most obvious feature. On the left side of his neck is a huge scar like somebody tried to cut his throat from both right to left as from up and down resulting in a huge diagonal scar.

"It looks like one of the she-Devils is missing." The man noted to Dylan.


"There is always six of them. The three woman and the three man. The blond one with the scar in his neck is the boyfriend of the missing Devil."

"Is his name Sergey Locovic?"

"That's one of his names. His real name is known only inside that cozy little group."

"Hey!" Natalie said as she joined Dylan. "Having a nice time?"

"Yeah, this guy is really nice."

Nathalie smiled at the guy.

"I'm sorry but we've got to go. Alex just told me Charlie has some new information."

"I'm sorry but we've to go." Dylan said and she and Nathalie quickly followed Alex out the bar.

"Charlie called. Sergey has an alibi. Apparently he was at this pub that night. They have over a dozen witnesses."

"I know. The guy I was talking to told me that the man with the scar is Sergey."

"But there was no scar on the tape." Nathalie objected.

"He must have hired somebody else." Alex said. At that moment a group of guys walked past, including a blond man whose posture matched the one they saw on the video perfectly. The angels walk after the group, completely silent. The men walk into an old building and one of them looks around before closing the door.

"It looks like we found our guy." Nathalie whispered and they stalked to the door. They open it up and walk inside. "Now this is something you don't see every day." Alex says as they walk into an old theater. The angels walk onto the stage and make their way backstage. A girl is tied on a chair. Demetra Harley. She looks panicky and scared. "It's ok. We're here to save you." Nathalie tells the girls as she cuts the ropes that bind her to the chair. "Where are those guys?" Demetra asks, looking around panicky. "My friends will find them." Nathalie assures her.

Alex and Dylan walk into a dressing room where they hear voices. They see blondy and the other man sitting around a poker table. There is another door on the other side of the dressing room. Alex is about to kick in the door when the door opposite to theirs is kicked open by the blond woman from the bar. The Asian woman comes in next. The blond woman pulls out a sword which is obviously blunt. One of the man laughs and attacks her. The blond Devil hits the man with the sword and the Angels see the electric current pass through his body. The Asian woman fights hand to hand in a way that impresses even the Angels. "What are they?" Alex asks Dylan. "How about skilled fighters who like technology and martial arts."

"That might be it."

"Should we go in?"

"Yes." Alex says and they burst into the room. They fight of a few of the man while the Devils deal with the others. When all the man are down the blonde one looks at the Angels calculation. "Do we?"

"Let them be." The Asian woman says. "They have as much need for secrecy as we do."

The Devils turned around and run away. Dylan and Alex run back to Nathalie and Demetra. "What happened?" Nathalie asks as she sees the faces of her fellow Angels. "We saw the Devils fight. They are nearly better than we are." Alex explains.

"And they cheat." Dylan adds, explaining about the electric swords. "Wow!" Nathalie says. "It's cool and all but why would they let you go like that? It doesn't make sense."

"Can I go home now?" Demetra asks them, bringing them back to the present.

"Yes." Alex says and they take Demetra back to her parents. After Demetra thanked them a lot for their help in freeing her they went back to the agency. They told Bosley and Charlie all about the so called Devils and decided they needed to know more.

"We have to find out why they blocked us." Alex said.

"What they are doing in their free time." Dylan added.

"And how to stop them, just in case." Nathalie finished.

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