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PREVIOUSLY ON: The Royal Treatment:

I watched as Jasper got out of the car, and quickly ran to my side. I was just about to get out of the car when Jasper had his hand awaiting me, very much like that first day we met, and he helped me out of the car. I smiled my thanks, and got ready to bust through the doors of the place that we were at. It looked like that one castle that the evil which, Maleficent or what ever her name was, the chick from Sleeping Beauty lived in. It looked out of place for being in China. I giggled softly for a moment before I straightened out my emotions and put on a straight face. Jasper and I stepped together and we busted down the doors and shouted…."Haaaay!"

Okay, I'm joking. We didn't shout anything, but we did bust down the doors. I would have had to say that the looks on the faces of the vampires that we passed were hilarious. It ranged from shock, to envy, to awe, to rage. "Oops," I muttered.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" someone yelled at us.

NOW ON: The Royal Treatment:

"Who the fuck are we? I am Izzy, the QUEEN of vampires…ring a bell?" I asked them, sarcastically in their tongue. "Now, I believe that you are holding some of my family hostage, who tried to recruit you to join forces to take down the damn Volturi, but seeing as you have held them hostage, you shall all die. Get it? Got it? Good." I said.

"Who is the blonde standing next to you? Why is he covered in so many scars?" the leader asked.

"He's covered in so many scars because he fought in the southern wars. His name will strike fear into anyone that hears it. He's been mistakenly known as Ares, and his best friend, his brother, who you are holding against his will along with that of his wife, has called him 'The God of War.' Does that name ring any bells?" I asked, and loved as he started to quake with fear along with the rest of the coven. "Now, I suggest that you get Peter, Charlotte, and the human that you stuck them in with out of their cell now. And if they are or have been harmed, your death will be prolonged to where it's so painfully slow, that you will be begging for death before it's ready to be bestowed upon you," I growled out, and watched approvingly as four of the covenants went to get Peter, Char, and the human girl. Jasper was looking at me longingly, asking when to attack, and I smirked at him.

Just a few more minutes Jazzy dear, I told him through his thoughts. He looked at me wide-eyed for a moment before he started to jump and giggle excitedly.

Peter, hand the human off to Charlotte while we fight. Tell Char to protect the girl to the best of her ability. She will become very important in the future. Tell Char to take her outside to my car. The keys are on the front left hand side tire, under the tire guard, I sent to Peter before I even saw him, and I just know that his ass is nodding his head. Not even 10 seconds later, I see only two of the covenants returning along with the three that are my family. I raise an eyebrow at Peter while he smiles sheepishly, causing me to laugh. I see Charlotte with a beautiful human girl cradled in her arms, and an adoring look in her eyes. She looks up and winks at me before quickly rushing outside as best as she can.

In English, I say, "Now my dear brothers, it's time to fight," and we launched ourselves at the vampires standing in front of us. Occasionally I used my powers to freeze them while slowly setting them on fire, but for the most part, I joined in with Jasper and Peter slowly ripping them apart, making them feel the pain that they went through with their transformations and waiting to burn them all.

The first twenty or so, tried to fight back, but they were resigned to their fate, as they knew what was coming for them. The rest, about thirty, all see what is coming for them, and they put up more of a fight then the first of their coven, but they end up being ripped and shredded to pieces. Mates attempting to avenge each other, but having their heads ripped off and their bodies ripped to pieces, 'siblings' sobbing as they attacked, not knowing anything but the pain.

Soon enough, it was three against three. Jasper and Peter quickly attacked the two on the outside, leaving the leader to me.

"Isn't this fun?" I asked him, speaking in Chinese, loving the anger that he was sending out. Oh if only he knew, his fighting was getting sloppier and he was starting to fight with the rage and predictability of a newborn. "Oh…your fighting skills suck you know, maybe you should learn how to fight better in your next life unless you go to hell," I said, smirking and taunting him. I was about to end him when Peter and Jasper ripped his arms off, taking away my fun. Then the head, and we burned his ass.

"Sorry Darlin, but we need to hurry up here," Jasper said.

"Oh, alright, but we need to figure out what to do with the girl, she's the emperors daughter, but she's supposed to be Marcus's mate," I said, thoughtfully.

"What about calling Stephen and Vlad, Marcus, Didyme, Jane, and Alec?" Jazzy asked me.

"That's not a bad idea, I own a house here in China that we can go to, and Char can get her some more clothes while I make the necessary calls. I'll tell Marcus that he 'needs to check up on the China coven' and he can take another 'honeymoon' with Didyme while they're here and they can bring Jane and Alec for protection…" I said, trailing off into my own thoughts.

"Okay Darlin, but lets get outside, Char's starting to worry," Jasper said, before walking over to me and wrapping me up in his comforting embrace. "You didn't get hurt did you?" he asked me, looking me over for any damage.

"Not at all, what about you?" I asked, checking him over.

"I'm fine, but I think Peter got bitten, or snapped at," Jasper said, laughing.

"Eh, he deserves it, getting him and Char into trouble," I muttered under my breath which caused Jasper to laugh even more and Peter to pout.

"I wasn't trying to, really Izzy, but I didn't think that it would be helpful to learn the correct language, and when I tried using hand signals, they thought that I was calling for back up," Peter said.

"Oh, I know, that's why it's funny," I muttered darkly before smiling brightly at him.

"Char, are you okay?" I heard Jasper ask as we got outside, and I barely heard her response because I had my head tilted to the side, staring at Qui Yan in wonder. When she started to follow Char into the car, I made Peter sit in the back with them while Jasper and I got in the front.

"What's your name?" she asked me in Chinese.

"Bella, and Jasper is the one sitting next to me, while Charlotte and Peter are in the back with you. Do you mind if we take you to a safe house so you can get cleaned up and changed into nicer clothes?" I asked her, confusing the hell out of everyone but her.

"Please, and some food would be nice, I only got a slice of bread and a glass of dirty water a day," she said looking down.

"Darlin, she's ashamed of something," Jasper told me at vampire speed.

"What do you want to eat? We still have a few hours before we get to the safe house," I told her.

"Anything is fine, I'm not too picky," she said, glancing up at me. I pulled into the nearest fast food place, and asked her what she wanted, but she said the same thing, so I ended up ordering one of everything, and got some crazy looks from everyone that worked there, and even some from Peter and Jasper.

"What?" I asked them, glaring at Peter some.

"You do realize that we won't be able to eat any of this stuff right?" Peter asked me.

"Yes, I do realize that, but she said that they've been giving her dirty water and a piece of bread daily and that was it. Look at her, she's skin and bones, she needs all the food that she can get, plus Marcus will kill me when he realizes that and if I haven't done anything. And she's going to need some new clothes too, so we're going to have to shop when we get to the safe house," I said angrily. I felt Jasper sending out love and lust, but it didn't help much. "Not now Major. Now, someone find my phone, call Stephen or Vladimir, and update them on the situation then call Marcus and tell him too," I ordered.

"Yes ma'am," Jasper said as the guy that I ordered the food from gave it all to me.

"Thank you," I said to them both before sending the food back to Qui Yan, or Mandy as Peter calls her and speeding off again as Jasper made the calls. I shot a wave of remorse to Jasper and Peter for yelling at them and Peter ignored me, but Jazzy acknowledged it by squeezing the hand that he was holding.