His Dream Girl

Summary : "Sharpay, this girl that you picked for me, if you didn't notice, is NOTHING like the kind of girl I described to you" "Sometimes Bolton, you find what you're looking for in the person you never would've thought you would" TxG


"You told her she wasn't as great as you thought she was?!!" screeched Sharpay, fuming.


"And then you left her in the restaurant you drove her to?!" she interrupted attracting the attention of the other students in the room.

"She dumped her drink on me. In front of everyone!" Troy retorted, smiling falsely to their spectator hoping they would stop glaring at him.

"She had to walk 3 hours IN THE FUCKING RAIN, Bolton!"

"She could've just called someone. Besides, did she tell you that she KICKED me hard in the GROIN? And do I need to remind you that she is the freaking captain of the soccer team???"

"Oh so since she kicked your male anatomy that gives you the right to left her to die?"

"Stop being so overdramatic Sharpay" he sighed, not wanting to argue anymore.

"You know what you're fucking problem is Bolton?" she said ignoring him.

"No, but I have a feeling you're about to tell me"

"You're too fucking picky! Yeah, that's right, you heard me right."

"… what do you mean picky? Like not eat everything my mom cooks?"

"More like hard to please or judgemental or narrow-minded, take your pick" Sharpay explained, rolling her eyes at his ignorance.

"I am not hard to please nor judgemental and certainly not picky"

"Huh uh, this coming from the guy that has rejected all the girls I've match him with only because they were lacking one tiny description he told me to look for in a girl."

"I don't know what you're talking about"

"Okay, let's recap shall we. Girl number one, I presented her to you and you choked on your drink 'cause you thought she was the one. The day after, you rejected her because she wasn't overly talkative. Girl number two, I send you two on a blind date, you texted me 5 minutes later telling me you had escaped the restaurant from the bathroom window because she wasn't into art. Girl number three, your neighbour, I knocked on her door while you were getting your mail only dressed in your boxer. You looked in her eyes for a split second and told her, you found her eyes not the right color. She moved the week after. Do I need to continue?"

"… No, it's okay." He responded, his face growing hot.

"Are you sure 'cause there's seven more that I can remind you of." She said smirking at his embarrassed expression.

"No really, I remember. But you know what, this whole situation where I reject girls, you make it seem like I'm the bad guy, when actually this is all your fault"

"I know that you're not entirely the smartest guy in school, not even close, and I know that sometimes you have trouble voicing what you want to say, but how the hell is it my fault?"

"Well, you're the one that wants to find me the perfect girl. You're the one that keeps on selecting girls that don't have all the qualification I'm asking for. I mean it's not that hard to find a blonde, tall, green eye, confident, funny, overly talkative, over the top kind of girl, now is it" Troy explained innocently.

"You do know that you're going into school court during lunch right? And you do know that I'm the one that is supposed to represent you and possibly save your ass?" Sharpay hissed darkly. "So if you continue treating me like I'm your fucking servant I think I'm gonna switch sides in the middle of it and make sure you get the worst punishment possible."

Troy gulped and stayed silent the rest of the morning, knowing he had a lot of sucking up to do if he wanted to have a chance against the girl he had rejected the day previous.

Swallowing harshly, Troy felt like he was about to shit in his pants. Sitting at the table in front of the judge's bench (not quite sure if that one's right; it's the elevated platform they sit on) he waited anxiously for his representative, Sharpay. Looking at the table beside his, his eyes met briefly the ones belonging to the other representative on this case. She glared at him and went back to talking to the girl beside her.

"I don't know how I'm going to be able to get you out of this Bolton. Gabriella Montez' the one representing your victim" Sharpay remarked making him jump, having not realise that she was sitting beside him.

"Um, is she good?" he ask nervously.

"Are you kidding me? The girl's a fucking beast! She's captain of the debate team, she's on the school's paper and she just received a scholarship from Standford to study law. The girl's a fucking legend." She described her eyes full of admiration for the girl on the other side of the room.

Troy's stomach dropped. He knew he was screwed.

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