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Cam is not an overtly sympathetic person. She's surprised to feel so awful for Doctor Brennan. Booth was alive, and aside from a soon bruised jaw, unharmed. He is wondering why Brennan wasn't crying at the funeral. Cam has an idea at why. She doubts the lady scientist truly can say why. However logical she was, she has the guilt of him taking a bullet for her. She is a rational person who shot Pam without another thought. She buried herself in work since all her other activities: fieldwork, talking, lunch even, revolved around Booth. She didn't cry because she didn't feel she deserved to. She blamed herself. She feels he's not truly hers to grieve for. She had not cried, but she had become thinner in those two weeks. She had snapped at Cam a few times. She had wanted Booth to be hers. Cam had waltzed in and challenged her in her own domain when she met her. She had slept with someone's best friend. How insult to injury is that? Cam wasn't the type to feel totally guilty, and here she was. Brennan had latched onto work as a distraction after the shooting. She sure has hell must have done that before. Cam had trespassed in her second home and seduced the main pillar away, until Brennan feared things would collapse on her. She hadn't meant to but that's what she did. If she was Brennan, she would have been hostile too. She knew it was a while ago, but she still regrets having that fling. She never thought her boy toy was someone's way to survive. She knows the doctor is angry to not have been told the truth. Somehow Cam knows that's not all. Brennan's mad at herself because she has discovered that she leans on something that isn't permanent. She is mad at herself for being helpless without this man. She hates that she's glad he's still here to be her pillar.

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