Hello Big brother


Akane was going to kill him.

there was no other option.

Ranma looked down at the young girl in his arms. asleep, she did not look like the demon spit fire he knew her to be. To be jumped by that many thugs and to do that much damage to them, with only hand to hand combat and no martial arts?

but then her 'brother' was stabbed in the back. Ranma tried to help, but was only able to help the girl when he was asked to accept the girl as his sister. "your Oath on it."

'My Oath, your Blood, a bound no man may break.'

Akane was going to kill him for sure.


She was steamed

that two timing playboy was not at home, but his floozies had not seen him either. He was not due to see his mother for another week. That meant he was hiding from her.

She would teach him the error of her ways...

She stomped by the scene of thirty goons sprawled out over a three block stretch, and the police that were slowly collecting the bodies. She completely failed to notice the small group across the street muttering in Italian. two men, two girls caring small hard cases, and a Woman, holding a silk wrapped bundle. that does not mean that she was over looked her self.


translated to 'Japanese'

"Are you certain that this was caused by one of your girls? This is above and beyond what normally goes down here."

"Senora Saotome. Just what are you asking?"

"Did you of your 'girls'," she paused to look at the girls beside her, "'Do' this. Those who live in this district could have done this, but they only kill as a last resort. Half the damage done here is to cripple your opponent so you can finish him off later. Those who live here, would just pound you into the ground, and then offer you tea to talk about what style you practice or to tell you to stay out."

"Yes, this is the work of our advance team. Our Handler is among the dead, knifed in the back. The operative is missing. and the never leave their handler if there is any sign of danger. Infact the only time you see them apart is when they are in the home compound."

Seeing some striding by under a full head of steam, Nodoka frown...

then one of the policemen call out to Nodoka. after a few back and forth bursts of the local language.

"Your 'Handler' was held by someone larger then your missing girl when he died. there is a void in the blood he coughed up." She turned to look after the power walking girl. "I think I might know where she will end up this evening. Let me handle the details of where to send the body of your 'friend' then we will look for your missing girl."


The young girl snuggled closer to his chest as he roof hopped to the office of one doctor Tofu Ono. With the death of her 'brother' she went insane and killed everyone around her. She tried to attack Ranma but he slide around her morning mist over the pond. Three times he tapped her 'points' to render her unconscious. three times it failed. Finally he punched her square between the eyes, out like a light.

"Hey Doc, Got a new one for you."

"Ranma, ok, room two please." He adjusted his glasses and peered down at the girl Ranma laid out. "Lets see what we got. Oh dear... oh dear...Where did you say you found this girl?"

"I didn't.