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Nodoka just smiled and rose to her feet. "This way please." as she led the way to the dojo. Akane followed at the heels of the gajin outsiders.

Once in the dojo, Nodoka knelt along the far wall where she could see everything.

the guys just leaned against the wall, with their respective girl kneeling at their feet. Rita knelt at Nodoka's left, as Akane dropped on her right.

As she waited, Nodoka's mind cast itself back, back to the time when she had lost all hope of finding her son. Four years gone, an old schoolmate called out of the blue. Seeing as that her home life was in trouble, would she, Nodoka, be interested in traveling to Italy, in the name of the Prime Minister ? no real power, but able to improve trade relations.

Nodoka knew that she was the smoke screen, but seeing that she needed money to pay for the bills that Genma kept sending her... Nodoka went to Italy. Met many new friends, and tripped over a special child welfare program.

Twenty men, armed with guns, knives, and such, surrounded the house she was staying in. She and a mousy brunette by the name of Henrietta stood over a downed man for two hours of heavy fighting, until the local Army showed up, with Nodoka's handler.

The whole night was swept under the rug.

The SWA saw in Nodoka an ally that could help if they needed to run from Italy.

Japan saw her as the head 'recruiter' should Japan try for a similar project...

Nodoka saw a chance to look for her wayward son...

Having just found her son, she was surprised to her Jose's brother. That he and a friend were bringing their sisters to Tokyo, looking for a third friend. She would have to tell Ranma the full story later.

Nabiki ran into the room, carrying a few small vid cameras, and a small pack that clattered with extra vid film. Rita quickly moved to help Nabiki set up. One camera was in front of Nodoka, Another in the far Corner. a third was placed opposite the guys from Italy. with everything set up, Rita returned to Nodoka's side. where Nabiki settled against the far wall.

Suddenly the doors slid open with great force.

"Here's Ranma!"

Ranma entered as he lived, the center of Attention. draped over one arm was a busty purple haired Chinese girl carrying a pet carrier. Held lovingly in the other arm was a pretty young, proper Japanese maiden, wearing a kimono and proper blush. on his heels were a long haired girl in boys clothes and what looked like a trained monkey on a stick.

"Ranma, you Perv!" Akane snarled, coiling to spring, but Nodoka put her hand on the girls arm.

"Not Now. Ranma is playing a game"

"What?" Akane hissed.

"I heard about some of his adventures. Even after buying the whole story from your sister, I did not believe the truth of some of them. When I told him what I thought of this mess, he promised that if given the chance, he would prove the whole thing. This is that chance. He even bet me, that if this not the most screwed up life I have ever met, he would marry my choice of the girls he sets before me. "

Ranma quickly looked about. seeing that all was in place, 'Kami help me' he took a deep breath. "Elder, Would you please join Nabiki on the side-lines." he waited while the elder pogo-ed over to the corner where the middle Tendo waited.

"Mother-sama, Elder-san, Ladies, Visitors from a far. These last twelve years have the best years of my life, they have been the worst years of my life. Two days after my fifth birthday, my father steals me away from my home, from my mother. We spent the next ten years training me to be the best at unarmed combat. By all the Gods Above us, He did it. All I have left to learn are skills that no unarmed master knows.

"On this ten year journey, I met Ukyo." He released the two he was holding and took the long haired girl into his arms. "In my youth, I thought she was a guy. She is my best friend, first and foremost." he kissed her, a quick peck on the lips. "only you can lower the position you hold in my eye. Do nothing, and you will never fall from my heart."

Akane growled deeply in her throat.

Stepping away, he took Shampoo in his arms, setting off the duck in the plastic box. "Just before I ended my journey, I and my father blundered into life a Warrior Goddess. In our pride and ignorance, we ate of her bounty. Then to add injury to insult, I defeated her, in front of her people." taking her chin between thumb and forefinger, he lifted her face to peer into her eyes. "She is beautiful, fierce, and sexy as they get. If there was no risk to honor, I would have broken this little kitten in, and sent her home. Only to follow a week later to break her in again, in front of the whole village." he kissed her deeply on the lips.

Akane growled deeper, louder. the old ghoul chuckled as the duck went ballistic.

He then turned to the 'proper maiden' and kissed her check, causing her to blush even further. "Konatsu is the latest to be drawn into the web that is my Life. In many ways, it would solve so many of my problems if she was chosen."

He turned as Kasumi entered the dojo carrying a tray of cups and a pot of tea. "I will not include Kasumi-sama, as she is an angel to have taken in my and my troublesome father, with not even a frown. She also has chosen a Male of her own, and is waiting for him to realize that she is waiting for him." He stepped to her side, and kissed her cheek.

"Now for the two who own me." the spite in his voice crackled. "the one who held my heart in her hand, who had but to ask, and I would destroy all that stood between us. Tendo Akane. A gorilla tomboy who thinks that she is a princess."

Akane growled and charged. Ranma grabbed her leading fist, stopping her cold. a twist and she was on her back staring at the ceiling.

"There was a time that I would have risked even my honor to be with her." Ranma walked away from her, towards his mother. "I said I would marry the one you chose, Mother. Please understand that if you choose either Kasumi or Akane, I will walk away from you and all of them."

Akane rose from the floor behind him and attacked again. This time drawing her Mallet from no where. Ranma, having locked eyes with his mother, just smirked. Little Rita had seen Akane raging, drawing the mallet and that Ranma was ignoring the temper-tantrum of the NWC princess. As the mallet had started to descend, the little cyborg moved.

With the speed and grace borne of science, this little girl had moved from a kneeling position over twelve feet away, to catch the descending hammer, inverted the hammer with the Aggressor, and pinned the larger target in place with her toe.

in other words; catch dropping hammer, slam Akane into floor, step on Akane...

"Rita-chan." Ranma leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Please return to mom's side."

As the young girl returned to her seat, he turned to Nabiki. "Nabiki-chan. Join me, please." the girl stood slowly and picked her way to the pig tailed youth. Taking her hand, "Tendo Nabiki, since the first day I arrived here, she has been a thorn in my side, and as of a few weeks ago, a thorn in my heart. She has charged me, blackmailed me, taken my picture to sell to the others at school. she has interfered with me at every level and has made a profit while doing it. She is my manager. for the short time we were engaged, she made sure I had time to spend with all my girls. she now takes care of all my money issues, and only at a five percent interest fee."

Nabiki snarled at the low percent she was getting from Ranma, only to yip when he pinched her butt. he then kissed her on the lips.

Ranma stepped to beside the pet carrier, and squatting down, opened the cage door and grabbed the duck's neck, just under the head. Slowly pulling the bird from the cage, tucking his other arm about the body to trap the wings down. he lifted the duck into sight, and adjusted the glasses on the duck's bill. "Control is the name of the game. Can you beat me at my own game?" he whispered, "What if the prize is Shampoo?"

the duck froze. "ack?"

"Without attacking, or lying. Can you see a way to force the issue so that Mother needs to choose that I end up with one of these ladies in such a way that forces Shampoo into your arms? or is the Master of Hidden Weapons too blind to play this game?" Ranma whispered. "Or is subtlety not a hidden weapon you are a master of?"

He set the duck next to Kasumi. the duck bumped the hand holding the teapot, and suddenly there was a tall long haired guy with glasses, and just his pants.

"Is that a challenge?" at Ranma's nod a flick of the wrist, and Moose had hit Ranma in the face with a water balloon.

Need to recenter my mind, this story was shelved, not forgotten.