Okay so I'm a complete moron and should probably figure shit out before I do something. I'm changing things up a little here because for some reason nothing is showing up on my other profile so ignore the last A/N and read this one. :)

Everything is posted on this Profile now. So check it out.

I made a community for the contest that way all of you can go there and read when we have entries. Here is the link so you can keep a check on it (remove spaces):

http:/ www. fanfiction. net/community/ Sexual_Position_Contest/ 86855/

Christine30974 as been kind enough to offer her banner making skills. Thank you so much hun.

Rules for the Sexual Positions Contest:

1. Choose at least one position, more if you want

2. Any pairing and any plot, the smuttier the better though. Not opposed to threesomes nor slash.

3. Any length

4. Submissions will be accepted until November 30th. Voting will start December 1st and run to December 10th.

5. Winners will be chosen by the readers in a blind poll and there will also be a judge's pick. They will be announced on December 12th.

6. Please add a header to the top including your author's name, pairing, and sexual position

To submit add to your own stories and send me a PM so I can add it to the community.


For the Blind Poll votes:

First place will be three one-shots of your choice. Any pairing and any plot. They can all be same pairing or each one different.

Second place will be two one-shots.

Third place will be one.

All these will be done by me.

However please do not pick a slash or femslash pairing because I have no clue how to go about writing one of those. I'm not opposed to threesomes though. And yes I will, even though I will cringe through it, write an Edward/Bella or Alice/Jasper pairing if you want. Please also no Jacob I just really can't write him that way.

For Judge's Pick:

A banner by Christine30974 and a one shot of your choice from me

I hope a lot of you put something toward this because I think it will be fun to see what all of you come up with.

An actual update for this story will be out soon. Hopefully.