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"O.k., so where is Wheeler Hall"? Annabelle mumbled as she looks at the map of the campus. "Mother of God, this place is huge"! She exclaims. As she continues to walk around the campus, she begins to notice that a lot of the buildings look alike; white painted brick with walls of windows and the entryways are those big wooden doors like the ones you would thing would only be reserved for castles with moats around them.

She did however manage to find the dining hall, the bookstore as well as the music building, the only important places she thought. She knew her first couple of years at Cal-Berkeley she had to take classes from other fields such as English, math, and science before she could totally focus her studies in music. Annabelle only arrived on campus Saturday afternoon so she spent the rest of the day unpacking then Sunday was spent shopping for necessities for her dorm room and classes.

Annabelle's mother is California Senator Victoria Tillman. Her mother insisted she attend a more prestigious as well as private school, but Annabelle wanted to have a real college experience. Well, that and the fact that it took her attending three different high schools before she actually graduated due to her rebellious activities, her favorite being coming to school drunk. This didn't fare too well with the more prestigious universities no matter who her mother was. So they came to an agreement that she could attend Cal, stay in the dorms her freshman year and experience true college life.

Before her last semester of high school Annabelle went to rehab, of course it didn't take until the second time through. She would still find ways to hook up with her friends from her previous high school to soothe her need for, as she called it, "liquid heaven".

Senator Tillman was not the most caring person in the world, so when Annabelle was found blacked out on the Sunset Strip from a night of bingeing on vodka and Red Bulls, Senator Tillman stood over her in the hospital bed she was occupying after having her stomach pumped and said, "How dare you embarrass me like that, if you think I'm going to sit by and watch you smear my good name and career you've got another thing coming"! During her rant, Senator Tillman was sure to put emphasis on every word both vocally and physically by waving her arms and toward the end, pointing her finger in Annabelle's face as if to let her know that she was serious.

At that point, Annabelle couldn't even respond as she watched her mother walk away, again like she has done so frequently since Annabelle was ten years old.

The year Annabelle turned ten was also the same year her father died from wounds he acquired after his Cessna crashed into the Santa Monica Mountains during his flight from San Francisco back to Los Angeles. Her father, Alexander Tillman, was there attending the funeral of a fellow airline pilot whose plane went down after take off over the Pacific Ocean due to seagulls getting sucked into the engines. No one survived that flight, but more than that, Annabelle's father didn't want to be a pilot anymore. That flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles was going to be his last before stepping into the next best thing; at least he thought so, to be an airplane mechanic. It would still allow him to be around planes big and small, feel like he was doing something productive as well as be home more with his family. As it unfortunately turned out, for the Senator and her daughter, it was not only his last flight, it was his last anything.

The bell in the tower near the student union was just about to sound one last time signaling nine o'clock. Students began scurrying to their first, well some their second, class of the day. Annabelle decided that she should probably get moving, but her choice of footwear on this perfectly sunny day didn't allow her much freedom to do anything but flop along at a semi-trot.

She soon found herself in the hallway leading to her first class. After a few paces she could hear the professor begin the "Welcome to English 101" speech. As soon as she came through the doorway, a couple of students started to snicker, gaining the professor's attention. Now noticing the student in front of her and her disregard for promptness stated "May I help you Ms"?.. Waiting for an answer, the professor didn't even look up from her notes, "Tillman" Annabelle sheepishly stated.

"Ms. Tillman please find a seat and now that you know where this classroom is located, I expect you won't be late again" the professor stated loud enough for the first five rows of students to hear.

Annabelle timidly whispered, "Sorry", to the professor and turned and began to climb the steps to find a seat when she heard "Annabelle, hey"! Annabelle looked up to see a beaming dark haired girl smiling widely while waving at her. Annabelle grinned with a knowing smile and began to shuffle over a few students in the row that contained a familiar face from her not so innocent past.

To continue or not to continue, that is the question…. Well? J