Date Started: May 16th, 2011
Date Finished: May 18th, 2011

Summary: A lone digimon known as Natsu is drawn towards Daisuke. Daisuke sets out to find her missing human partner, but isn't prepared for the other mysteries that surround this very human-like digimon.

Almost Human

Chapter 5 – Lonely Girl

After Taichi-san and the other guests left the previous evening, Takeru took the time to show me some of his writings. Most of his unfinished manuscripts were not all that lengthy, the majority being mere cliff notes or bulleted points, but there was still plenty of written prose, and it was all based on his experiences as a Chosen Child. He wanted to help me understand the Chosen, who they were and what their responsibilities were.

That was my first time learning something about Yamato-san. Takeru told me of an older brother who did everything he could to keep both Takeru and his friends safe from harm whilst trapped in the Digital World of their youth.

He had then shown me one of his completed short stories. It was to be part of a published anthology as soon as several other works became ready as well. This story told the tale of two sidekicks that had gotten stranded on route to helping the hero in a losing battle against a terrifying evil. During their journey the two sidekicks discover the secret to bringing forth a majestic golden artifact. It is this golden artifact that then becomes the hero's key to victory.

The story felt almost nostalgic, familiar even. As if I had somehow experienced it myself. It was a strange feeling.

My curiosity now grows. Why is there such a strong feeling of familiarity when I recall Takeru's tale? Have I lived yet another, even earlier, life? One possibly before I had met Daisuke in that cold frozen world?

Natsu sat on her bed, her elbows propped up on the windowsill, resting on her hands as she stared outwards, watching with interest the view of the deep blue night sky. She had missed the sunrise the previous morning, and had awoken early this day in order to not repeat the same mistake. She had felt quite empty these past few days, but now, seeing the sun slowly rising out of the horizon proved to be a grand euphoric feeling. It managed to fill her heart with warmth.

She had a fascinating sight before her. It was golden, that was the word for it. This was a rare, perfect dawn and it warmed her soul with a dazzling glow of joy. Much of the life she recalled was spent in a darkness, eagerly awaiting her rebirth, and now she desperately wanted to see this golden day before her.

The lustrous sun had finally fully risen, and Natsu rose from her seat, leaving the sight behind her and exiting the room. She passed completely by Takeru's door, paused at his mother's for a brief listen at the happenings inside, and continued towards the living room. She sat on the sofa, and turned on the television.

It wasn't too long before she heard a door creak open behind her, and she stood up and turned just in time for Takeru to exit and join her. "You're up early," he said, still in his pajamas and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Natsu merely nodded in reply. Her eyes traced after Takeru as he entered into the bathroom and let loose the running water. She patiently waited for him to finish, becoming nearly mesmerized by the brushstrokes as he brushed his teeth.

"Your mother creates fascinating sounds in her sleep," Natsu said.

The brushstrokes immediately stopped. Takeru glanced at her with a raised brow, the sound of the water becoming potent in the brief silence that followed. "Does she now?" Takeru finally settled on his choice of words, risking a glance towards his mother's room and giving a look that said he really didn't want to know.

"Indeed," Natsu answered without regard to his expression, "A fascinating sound with every breath."

"Oh, she was snoring?" he nearly smiled. "It would probably be best not to tell her that."

"Why is that?" Natsu wondered.

Any answer Takeru would have offered was cut short by a loud knock at their apartment door. "Hold that thought," he said, and moved to answer the door.

The door opened, and Natsu heard the words before she even saw the figure that had spoken them. "Are you insane?" the voice at the door yelled at Takeru. "Where is she?"

Natsu peeked to the side, hoping to get a better look. The figure she saw was a near replica of Takeru, a blond young man with a similar hair style. Albeit he was without a doubt several years the elder of the pair, it was the large scowl on his face that differentiated him from the younger. He had on a simple sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans, his clothing telling of the rather warm spring weather now outside.

"Yamato, I thought we agreed to talk to them about this quietly," another voice spoke up. Her eyes trailed downwards from Yamato's scowl onto the voice of reason. The digimon stood beside him, his full height not even reaching up to Yamato's waist.

"Are you insane?" she heard Yamato repeat, more quietly this time, but the anger was still clear in his voice.

She heard Takeru sigh in reply, "Something troubling you, Niisan?"

"I'm going to kill Taichi when I see him," Yamato said. He stared down Takeru as he continued to speak, "And you, too. I can't believe the two of you agreed to let that thing live here."

"If you're talking about Nat-chan," Takeru began coolly, "Perhaps you'd like to speak to her directly?"

He stepped aside, both revealing her to his brother and letting the pair of them inside. He motioned to both parties, standing in the middle as their in-between. "Nat-chan, this is Gabumon, and my older brother Yamato."

She fought against the urge to take a step back in worry, and managed a short bow in greeting, never letting her eyes off the older brother. She took in a breath, the silence following proving too much for her to handle. Finally she broke it by asking possibly the worst question possible. "Should I call you Niisan as well?

"Why are you here?" Yamato immediately ignored her and began his own barrage of questions, each one expressing his anger more so than the last. "Why are you bothering my family? Why are you bothering Daisuke? What's your purpose being in the human world? Why -"

"That's enough," Takeru cut in, "I don't know what's gotten into you, but Natsu is no threat. She gets along great with everyone, and even mom's taken a liking to her, so what's the problem?"

"Wake up, Takeru," Yamato said. "Mom thought you bought home a girlfriend. She wouldn't stop telling me about it until she finally found out the truth. And now I'm sure she's just worried about what would happen if her attitude toward this dangerous beast suddenly changed."

Natsu's eyes went wide. "Is that… true?" she asked, turning to Takeru.

Takeru shook his head. "Of course not," he replied. He faced his brother, "And keep it down, both mom and Patamon are still asleep."

"Whatever," Yamato scoffed. His eyes traveled to Natsu. "I don't know what it is you've got planned, but I won't let you hurt anyone – especially not Daisuke, and especially not again."

Natsu frowned. "I have no intentions to bring harm upon Daisuke, or even anyone else for that matter."

Gabumon tugged at his partner's sleeve for his attention. "She doesn't appear to be lying."

"Yeah, I'm sure," Yamato muttered. His glare didn't fade. "How convenient is it?" he asked. "That you have no memory of anything that happened in that previous world you trapped Daisuke in?"

"We don't know that she was the cause," Takeru stepped in to her defence. "We weren't there, and not even Daisuke or Mimi can know for sure."

"I didn't trap anyone!" Natsu insisted.

"It was only when you died that they were all released," said Yamato. "Daisuke told us everything that happened. You wanted him to abandon the others to be with you."

Natsu felt a knot tie up in her throat. This was not something Mimi had mentioned when they had discussed Natsu's previous life. She looked away from Yamato in shame.

"I don't know how you seduced everyone," Yamato said, eyes narrowed. "But I see the real you, and I don't trust you one bit. You're nothing but a siren, yet another creature of the Dark Ocean made only in an attempt to soil Daisuke's traits."

"Niisan, that's enough already," Takeru frowned. "I'm sure she's not what you think she is."

Yamato ignored him. "But I'm going to warn you right now, that Daisuke will never abandon his friends no matter what you tempt him with and no matter how fragile he might appear. You're attempting a fool's errand."

The door from Natsuko's room pried open, and the older woman stepped out of her bedroom, still only dressed in a nightgown, arms stretching outwards and letting out a loud yawn. She turned to the foursome standing apart in pairs in the living room. She quirked a brow in their direction. "Oh, Yamato, you're here? What's all the commotion about?"

"We were just leaving," Yamato announced. He turned his back his mother and exited the apartment. Gabumon remained only a second longer to shrug apologetically before hurrying off after his partner.

Takeru sighed. "Nat-chan, are you alright?"

She didn't face him. "I want to throw up."

"Oh dear, it'll be alright," Natsuko pulled her in for a hug, softly patting her back. "I know my eldest knows to be rather rude at times, but he'll come around, alright?"

"He said some rather nasty things to her," Takeru frowned.

"And why did you let him?" his mother asked.

Takeru looked downcast. "Because it was him. If it was Hikari or Ken or even Sora-san with those exact same words, I wouldn't have been able to say anything to stop them either."

Natsuko mused for a moment, and then nodded. "I see," she looked down at Natsu, still in her arms, "Nat-chan, go to Yamato, will you?"

Natsu blinked upwards. "But why? He hates me."

"He doesn't understand you," Natsuko replied. "He has been through a rough experience, and somehow you remind him of it. But the more he'll get to know you, the less he will be able to relate that experience towards you. Do you understand, sweetie?"

"I think so," Natsu nodded. She carefully broke their embrace, and with one last encouraging smile from Natsuko, exited the apartment to look for Yamato.

A difficult experience has befallen me. I've met someone who has exclaimed immediate dislike towards me. Takeru's older brother believes me to be a demon, a creature of a place he called the Dark Ocean. The denizens there are apparently digital creatures such as myself and are not fully digimon.

Is this then what I truly am? Is this part of the past life I do not remember? Is this Dark Ocean the world I am to call home?

I find the thought terribly disgusting. I do not wish it to be so. The familiarity is not there, and above all I would never wish any harm to come to Daisuke, or anyone else that I've met thus far. They have all been wonderful people, and have made me feel welcome in their lives many times over.

I feel that Yamato-san's words are accusatory. They are blasphemous and slanderous.

He is wrong. He must be wrong. I refuse to accept that I am the evil he believes me to be.

Daisuke was in near disbelief. Koushiro had answers. The many questions he had regarding both Natsu and the frozen world he had met her in, they would all be answered. The code retrieved from her fingernail had all the clues, and Koushiro had solved the puzzle. His curiosity wouldn't allow him to wait any longer for the answers.

He gripped his digivice, hand outstretched towards the television that acted as the gateway between worlds. "We're going through," he announced to Koushiro, who appeared on the other end.

The redhead nodded, and Daisuke saw him backing away in the television screen. V-mon hopped in first, disappearing within the blink of an eye. Daisuke stepped forward, and he immediately frowned when he noticed the images on the screen of V-mon and Koushiro had frozen.

He glanced around, more irritated than worried or frightened. "You've been spying on me for quite some time now," his hands curled into fists, "Show yourself!" he demanded to the empty air.

There was rustling in the trees. Daisuke immediately turned to face it. "I'm not here to play games," he said.

The rustling appeared behind him this time. Daisuke spun around instantly, and nearly jumped backwards in surprise at the sight before him.

A middle-aged man, standing tall and covered in the traditional hooded robes of the Digital World's Order of Guardians, stood in front of him. The man stared down at the shorter Daisuke, his expression stoic and unrevealing.

The frown on Daisuke's face deepened. He matched his gaze to the new arrival. "Which one are you?" Daisuke finally asked.

"I'm Gennai," the man replied. "The original. And I think it's time the two of us had a nice little talk regarding your 'Natsu-san,' don't you agree, Daisuke-kun?"

There was a dead silence as Daisuke contemplated the words. He tried to shake away the surprise that this was once again about Natsu. He should have seen it coming. Perhaps Gennai would know what she was. Perhaps he would know why the Digital World rejected her. Daisuke wanted those answers.

"I'm listening," Daisuke said. "What can you tell me about her?"

"Your Natsu-san has become a digital fault," Gennai began. "Her code is carrying an irregularity."

Daisuke raised a brow. His questions piled one atop the other. "What does that mean? How do we fix her? What's wrong with her, exactly?"

"When digimon are created," Gennai continued, "They take on magnificent forms directly out of human imagination. The Digital World exists on a boundary between a purely digital and mystical plane of existence.

"Your Natsu-san," Gennai's stoic voice persisted, "Is a digital being whose form has stopped short of becoming magnificent. Her form has instead become that of a human."

"You're still not telling me what's wrong with her," Daisuke said. His eyes narrowed briefly. He suddenly wasn't very fond of where this discussion was going.

Gennai let out a breath, his sigh the first emotion he had shown since he had begun speaking. "The Digital Gods, along with the Order, claim her to be infected. Viral, if you will. This virus is forcing her into a human form, hence the fault, and it has been decided that she is to cease to exist in order to prevent the spread of this virus."

Daisuke tried to laugh. "What is that? You're joking right?"

The grim face he received in response cut away any attempt at humor. "I assure you, this is no jest."

Daisuke's expression immediately fell. "You're the ones who sent that Kentarumon."

His chest tightened when Gennai didn't deny the accusation. "Indeed. We were still unsure what your Natsu-san was at the time, but what was meant to be a simple retrieval back then has by now turned into something much more fatal.

"There were other attempts, too, of course. The data chips are defensive weapons of the digital world, able to transcend the digital barrier. They seek out rogue digital elements to force a permanent deletion. It is rather curious that your Natsu-san managed to survive them.

"And when we witnessed the resistance you Chosen offered towards the attempts, it had been decided that the next one would come when resistance was not an available option."

The claw that had earlier reached into Daisuke's chest clenched directly over his heart as the realization came. His eyes widened involuntarily as he stated the obvious. "You're attacking now."

He turned back to the television, and made a sprint for the screen hoping for all he could that he would make it through, and hoping that Gennai was not still preventing his return to the human world. His digivice gripped tightly in his hands, the screen came to life in front of him, and he immediately vanished into it.

"Daisuke, what happened?" His eyes snapped open. He was lying on his back on the floor, the clear view of the ceiling above him. The faces of V-mon and Koushiro were looking down on him. He wasn't quite sure which one of them had spoken. His head was still spinning and his heart was rapidly pounding.

He sat straight up as soon as he recovered his bearings. He was in Koushiro's study. "I can't stay here," he said. "V-mon, we've gotta go to Takeru's right now. Nat-chan's in trouble."

Rising to his feet, he moved for the exit. He grabbed V-mon by the arm and half-dragged the confused digimon along with him.

"Wait a second," Koushiro interrupted. "What do you mean you have to leave? What happened back there? You dropped off the face of two worlds for a good ten minutes there."

Daisuke grunted, exiting the room and making for the main door. "Gennai decided to keep me around for some company. I'll explain later."

Right as he opened the doorway, Ken appeared on the other side with Wormmon on his shoulder. His knuckle was raised in the air in preparation to knock. He blinked in surprise at Daisuke's sudden appearance, but didn't have much time to react in any other way as Daisuke grabbed him with his other arm and started hauling both him and V-mon down the hallway.

Daisuke glanced back in time to see Ken tossing something to Koushiro with his free hand. He shrugged it off, not decreasing his pace. He spoke as Ken turned back around. "Nice timing there, I'm going to need your help."

It hadn't taken long for Natsu to catch up to Yamato and Gabumon. She found them at the base of the building, just exiting the front doors as she appeared from the stairwell. They had casually taken the elevator, whilst she had raced down to find them. Luckily she had made good time. She had walked up to them timidly, falling in pace just behind them without saying even a word.

It was Gabumon that noticed her first, and he alerted his partner to her presence.

Yamato stopped in his tracks. They were in the middle of the street on this early morning. He leaned back against the wall of a nearby building, his hands crossed over his chest as he stared her down. "Well, what is it? Why are you following me?"

"I…" she began, but didn't really know how to continue.

"I don't have all day," Yamato said. "I've got practice with my band soon. If you were looking to strike when my back was turned, you've missed your opportunity."

"I would never!" Natsu insisted.

"Maybe we should give her a chance," Gabumon suggested. "She doesn't seem like a threat."

"Not many digimon do," Yamato said. His eyes narrowed towards Natsu. "What is it you want?"

Natsu frowned. "What I wish is for you to stop being so cruel towards me. I have done nothing to antagonize you."

"Your very being here antagonizes me," Yamato countered. "Maybe I asked the wrong question. Here's another one: what is it you want in this world? Why exactly are you here?"

Natsu nearly recoiled at the question. She recalled on her first day in this world Daisuke asking similar questions of her. He wanted to know why she was here, and at the time she had no other answer for him save that she was here in this world simply because Daisuke was here as well. She had not needed nor wanted anything else at the time other than to remain near him. Yet here she was being asked the very same question, and very aware that Yamato would not be satisfied with her previous answer. Perhaps in the end that didn't matter, for during the days she had spent in this world, she had experienced much of both good and ill and now had a different answer to offer.

"Companionship," she voiced. Her answer came out in a near whisper, barely audible to even her own ears, but she was certain Yamato had heard it. "I may have come here for Daisuke, but I have found so much more."

Yamato blinked in confusion, having not expected such an answer. "What?"

"I've always felt so very alone," Natsu confessed. "Mimi-san told me about my past life in that other world. I was alone even there, but I have found so much here. There is much more here to experience. I want to have tea with Iori-kun again. I want to see more of the city with Daisuke. I want to go to the parks again with Takeru. I want to make omelets with Natsuko-san again," her eyes began to moisten. "I want to feel part of a family. I want to have friends. I want to see Koushiro-san, Jyou-san, and Mimi-san again. And I want to be your friend as well."

"I've heard enough," Yamato turned to leave. When he noticed his partner hadn't yet joined him, he paused and called out to him. "C'mon, Gabumon, we're going to be late if you don't hurry up."

"I believe you, Natsu-san," Gabumon told her before running off to catch up with his partner.

Natsu reached out for them with an outstretched arm. "Yamato-san, wait."

She only made it a step forward before a hand landed on her shoulder, holding her back. She gasped aloud, startled. Both Yamato and Gabumon had stopped up ahead, turning back to see what had caused her to cry out. She glanced back at the figure that held her. Her eyes widened at the angelic figure before her.

"Takeru didn't really think we would attack her, did he?" she could hear Yamato wondering out loud.

The Angemon's hand lowered from her shoulder, and gripped against her wrist. "By demand of the Order, you are to come with me."

"I don't think that's Patamon," Gabumon warned. The pair slowly made their way closer. From the local pedestrians, a small crowd seemed to be forming, observing the happenings.

"You there, Angemon," Yamato called out. "What business do you have with this girl?"

His grip tightened over her wrist, and she winced in pain. "This creature is to come with me."

"We can't let this happen," Gabumon urged his partner in hushed whispers.

"That girl is dangerous," Yamato said. "I wouldn't want to have her out of my sight."

"You are Chosen," the Angemon said. "You are more than welcome to accompany me back to the Order."

"Yamato-san, please help me," Natsu called out. She attempted to break away from the Angemon's hold, but her struggles proved useless as she was lifted airborne by the single hand the Angemon held her with. It hurt her, and his grip tightened further against her.

"I insist," Yamato maintained, nearly cringing at the sight before him. "I believe that she would be under better supervision here in the human world where the Chosen are all able to keep an eye on her."

The Angemon raised his staff with his free hand, pointing it threateningly at the pair. "I'm afraid you misunderstand," he declared. "You see, this is not a negotiation."

"Yamato," Gabumon called to his partner. "She is not Daisuke's cave. You do realize this, don't you?"

Yamato nodded to his partner. He reached down at his waist, grabbing hold at the digivice that clung to his belt. He called out to the Angemon, "I will not back down. The girl remains with us. Gabumon and I are more than prepared to fight over this."

"The Order will not stop until this one is dead."

"So be it," Yamato said, his digivice blaring to life and Gabumon immediately being engulfed in the brilliant radiance of evolutionary light.

The light proved blinding for even Natsu, but she couldn't dare to look away. From within the evolutionary pillar emerged a large canine creature that charged with full force at the Angemon. The canine collided into the Angemon and sent them both crashing into the pavement. The crowd immediately began to scatter, quickly noticing that the standoff had escalated with a violent force.

The charge forced the Angemon to release his hold, and Natsu quickly collapsed to the ground, having lost the feeling in her legs. She didn't even attempt to rise, instead using all her might to keep at bay the spasms and shudders that tempted to overwhelm her.

Yamato was then near her, bending down and offering a hand to help her to her feet. "Are you alright?" he asked.

She considered briefly, "I am uninjured."

"That's good," Yamato said. "Because if that Angemon is anywhere near as strong as Patamon, I don't think Garurumon will be able to hold him off for long. We'll need to get out of here."

She took hold of the offered hand, and when Yamato pulled her up she was quickly back on her feet. "Thank you for helping me, Yamato-san."

He shrugged. "Either way I looked at it, you were the one that was the captive and I was the only one around able to help."

"Should we call for help instead, then?" Natsu offered.

"Just about every Chosen aside from Daisuke and Koushiro lives on this block. If they're far enough that they can't hear the commotion caused by the battle, my calling them won't bring them here before the fight is over."

As if on cue, a large explosion rocked the street as Garurumon collided with a parked vehicle and the Angemon shot holy attacks at him immediately after. Garurumon emerged from the wreckage, slightly singed but still well enough recovered.

"I see," Natsu said. She let go of his hand and turned away from him ever so slightly. "Where shall we go?"

Her motions didn't escape Yamato's notice. "You're afraid of me," he said.

"Perhaps, a little," Natsu acknowledged. "I did want you to be a friend. Perhaps also even a brother to me like you are to Takeru. I am disappointed to say you did not meet my expectations."

Yamato sighed. "I suppose I owe you an apology then. I looked at you and the first thing I saw was... well that's not important. What is important is that others saw differently, and I couldn't understand why."

"Yamato-san!" twin voices called out to him from above. He looked upwards in time to see Imperialdramon devolving and Daisuke and Ken landing beside him and Natsu, their descent slowed by XV-mon and Stingmon.

"We got here as fast as we could," Daisuke began, jumping off XV-mon. "And – whoa there–"

"Daisuke!" he was interrupted by Natsu, who immediately ran in to embrace him in a joyful reunion.

He tried to smile down at her, but V-mon's words echoed in his mind. "Hey there, Nat-chan. It's good to see you again, too."

"I missed you, Daisuke."

He nodded to her, wrapping his arms around her in turn. He turned to Yamato and Ken, but the pair had already decided to resolve the battle on their own, leading XV-mon and Stingmon in to support Garurumon. Together the three digimon surrounded the Angemon, forcing him on the defensive.

"The Order will not stop!" the Angemon declared, furious at the circumstances. "You may have driven me back this time, but higher powers than you want that creature dead, and they will see to it that they get what they want." As his words ended, a rip opened within the empty space behind him. He stepped backwards into the portal, and both instantly vanished.

Natsu shivered in Daisuke's arms. "Please don't let them take me," she pleaded.

Daisuke was firm with his resolve. He nodded to her, "You'll be safe. I promise."

It is 17 degrees Celsius. Wind is clocked at 9 km/h coming from the north. Humidity is 63%. Visibility is approximately 7.9 kilometers. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

I do not understand what any of this means, but the man on the television that provided the above information exclaimed that it would be a 'great day.'

He is a filthy liar.

XV-mon and Stingmon landed to a crowd of spectators gawking at their flight near Koushiro's terrace. They let their partners off and following that had right away devolved. It had been a long morning for Daisuke, and he was eager to finally learn what Koushiro had found out. It was time to exchange notes and hopefully find out exactly why the Digital Gods and Gennai's Order were so interested in Natsu.

He found the entrance to Koushiro's apartment to be left unlocked, and both he and Ken helped themselves inside. Their partners followed right behind them.

Koushiro emerged from his study, having heard the door opening. He acknowledged both of them. "I take it Natsu-san is safe for now?"

"For now," Daisuke agreed.

"Have you finished with my crest yet, Koushiro-san?" Ken asked.

Daisuke's brows shot up in bewilderment. "Your crest?" he wondered aloud. "What was he doing with your crest?"

Koushiro motioned for them to follow. "It was a suspicion at first, but it's become pretty much fact now. Come inside, I'll show you what I've discovered."

They followed as Koushiro led them into his study. The digimon moved to join Tentomon as Koushiro sat at his desk and loaded several computer programs. "The last time you were here, Daisuke, I told you that I recognized Natsu's code. That I was certain I'd seen something similar before, but that I just couldn't quite place where that was."

"So you remembered where you'd seen it?" Daisuke asked.

"Yes," Koushiro answered. "The signature is very similar to the code I analyzed when I discovered Ken's old base couldn't sustain itself without its power source."

While Ken seemed to fidget, Daisuke prompted for more information. "Alright, and?"

"Well, for starters," Koushiro said, turning back to the computer monitor. He loaded up a file, "This is Natsu-san's code, as retrieved from her fingernail." He then brought up a second file. "And this is the code I just retrieved from Ken's Crest of Kindness."

Daisuke's brows ruffled. There was clearly no way he could understand the alphanumeric characters of the Digital World presented in front of him, but it didn't take a genius to notice the obvious.

"They're exactly the same," Ken observed. "Why is that? And more importantly, how is that possible?"

"Personally I wish I had another Crest to retrieve code from," Koushiro began, rubbing at his chin in thought. "But that's unfortunately impossible at this point. About the only thing we can conclude is that Natsu-san is the living embodiment of either a Crest in general, or the Crest of Kindness specifically."

"Koushiro," Daisuke hardened. "I hope you realize this hardly answered even one damn thing."

Chapter Notes:
- The short story mentioned in Natsu's first monologue is Takeru's retelling of events that occurred on his end during the third movie, "Digimon Hurricane Touchdown / Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digimentals." These events are completely unknown to us, as Takeru and Hikari's story cuts off when their train stops, and they do not appear again until the climactic battle at the end of the movie.
- Niisan: Japanese for "older brother," not quite as cutesy as "Oniichan"
- Siren: Creatures of Greek Mythology that used their voice to seduce sailors, leading them to their deaths. Natsu's voice "seduced" Daisuke in the Drama CD, leading him directly into her isolated and distorted world.
- The cave Gabumon refers to is the one that trapped Yamato and Sora during their first adventure at the time of the Dark Master's saga.
- The Crest of Kindness was, in the form of a golden digimental, the power source for the Kaiser's floating fortress.