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Chad POV

-RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING- Hmmm I wonder who that could be.

"CDC here what can you do for me" I said into the phone.

"Mr. Cooper?" I heard.

"Yeah that's me." I said.

"Um, do you know a Ms. Sonny Munroe?" asked the guy on the other end.

"Yeah. I know a Sonny Munroe." I answered

"Well she's in the hospital right now and she's asking for you. Please hurry over she doesn't have much longer to live. Her last request is to see you." I was horrified. My Sonny? IN THE HOSPITAL?!?!

I jumped into my car and rushed over the hospital. As soon as I got to Sonny's room I went and sat by her bed. Apparently she'd been in a car accident.


"Chad. I just wanted to tell you before I die. I Lo—"but she never finished her sentence because right then she died. In the middle of a sentence.

"No Sonny! Don't go! I Love you!" I said to her pale face. No response. I couldn't believe it. Sonny had died, and I'd never once held her in my arms, or kissed her. All because of the stupid feud. I'd never told her I loved her because I was too afraid of my cast.

"NOOOOO SONNY!!!!!!!!!!!" I woke up in my bed screaming. I sighed in relief. It was just a dream. Oh no but what if it comes true? I have to tell Sonny how I feel about her today! ASAP!

SWACSWAC -at the studio- SWACSWAC

As soon as lunch came around, I went up to Sonny in the line in the caf.

"Hey Sonny, I- Um wanna tell you something… in private." I said receiving glares from Nady and Grico or whatever their names were.

"Umm… sure?" she said hesitantly. I took her out to a bench in the garden behind the studio.

"Sonny, I had a dream last night that made me realize something. I realize now that I should live today like there's no tomorrow so… I love you." I said and kissed her gently.

"Oh Chad! I love you to!" she said throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me again. Now this is how it should be. Thank God it was just a dream!


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